11 Replies to “Ordinary People”

  1. Did anyone else think he looked kind of stoned and that is was weird how he kept looking up beyond the seating?

    1. This was NBC, did anyone expect anything else?
      President Trump knew exactly what he was letting himself in for. He walked into the trap with eyes wide open, and was prepared for it. And in so doing, he managed to reach the voters despite the worst censorship against him in the nation’s history. They never laid a glove on him, and he emerged with a lot more people voting for him.

      1. I commented on Epoch Times that after dealing with the corrupt MSM, everyone knows that President Trump has proven he can take on Xi, Putin, Kim, the Ayatollah and Little Potato.

        Biden, on the other hand, would mush up like used toilet paper. Kameltoe would try her “proven” “give head to get ahead” manoeuvre. Not that it would work.

  2. Unbiased CNN just cut away from Trump’s speech to seniors, because as the host explained, its all lies.

    1. Kenji@3:38 pm…..read a comment on another board that sums up my feelings about Guthrie and her shrieking attack…..;”makes me want to send her a toaster for her bathtub”….

  3. Watched Biden until I couldn’t handle it anymore. He was driving all over the bloody rpad with his answers.
    The people asking questions were obviously going “What the F— is he saying???”
    His meds were obviously wearing thin and “the moderator” had given up listening.
    Sad really, cause these Dem Bastards know and don’t care that he he won’t make it to Jan 20.

  4. Who really wants to be associated with this corruptocrat under these conditions? No sense of shame, clearly.