16 Replies to “I, Joe Biden”

  1. Joe Biden would support anything if Joe Biden got a vote out of it.

    A sad day in America if he ever gets elected.

    1. Depends what he gets declared for! I for one would raise a glass or two if he was declared insane before November 3rd.

  2. Lying Lisa Laflamme listed ludicrous lessons lately:
    Boring Biden best bet.
    Positively precise polls President.

    Aarrugh! Like Elvis…
    I want to shoot my TV …Bang! Bang!

  3. Not only is Biden suffering from dementia he is also an immoral democrat. Just as those in congress how many think it is ok for an 8 years old to change gender.

  4. We are creating a society where the rights of the child is more important than proper parenting dictated by our governments.
    What are you in jail for?
    I would let my kid change his own identity as I am teaching him into adulthood life skills…

    1. The message where Hunter exposed that Joe has taken a 50% cut and that he, Hunter had supported the family for the previous thirty years was revealing. I think he’s been abused and controlled all his life, too weak to break away. He wanted out either by drugs or discovery. I don’t believe he “forgot” to collect the laptops.

  5. During the ACB confirmation hearing there was a lot of questioning – mostly stupid and irrelevant – from a senator chris coons. He was the guy standing to one side while biden groped his wife at his appointment announcement by obozo. At least he kept his kids away.
    And that, folks, is what it takes to be a “success” in politics for some people.

  6. When the dimocrats in the House of Reps passed that bill that said abortion up to and including birth was just dandy, I was stunned. And then they all cheered and clapped. That’s the moment when I realized that the spirit of Hitler was alive and well in the US. Now, slo-jo says that those who escaped the abortionists knife must be protected from commonsense? Please go and vote. This is important. If you have no time to vote, you had best buy ammo.

  7. I was unable to get to Sleepy Joe’s scripted response. The scripted question from the liberal bitch made me puke and I had to shut it off.

  8. the women asking this question is not an American…her accent indicates she emigrated from Europe sometime during her life.