28 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Fans”

  1. Would be really great if someone could inform them that the sars-cov2 is not killing everyone on the planet but idiotic government actions just might.

  2. How about commit to review govt spending with an eye to a 5% cut. End routine increases in departmental spending and allow civilian review of all spending. Crowd-source the audit process. Lefties will out the corporate welfare and potential crony-capitalism. Right side can look for wasteful programs from their angle. Best of both worlds.

      1. Don’t want to scare them. a 5% cut that might actually happen is better than a 50% that never will. I’d settle for about 30% over a 5-7 year span.

  3. The only thing that could convince me to vote for the Sask Party:

    Commit to building nuclear power, and commit to using the not withstanding clause to get it done within 4 years time.

    Other than that? No point voting NDP lite, when I can just have the real thing.

    1. Considering that Saskatchewan hosts about 30% (or more) of the known world reserves of Uranium (high grade reserves, too) , just a 4-5 hour drive north of Moe, what’s the holdup?

  4. Are there bigger things afoot that Canadians should be looking at?

    Trudeau is urging countries to protect 30% of their land.
    “Trudeau urges largest countries in the world to support UN biodiversity plan”

    Canada is a total of 3,855,000 sq. miles
    If protected land will be 30% of the total then it will be about 1,156,500 sq. miles

    Comparative Sizes
    Alberta is 6.6 % of the total land or 255,541 sq. miles
    Saskatchewan is 6.5% of the total or 251, 700 sq. miles
    Louisiana Purchase was 827,000 sq. miles or 21.7% of the total USA which is 3,796,927 sq. miles

    Anyway you look at this it would be the biggest theft of land in the world’s history. Further, Canada will be working with Indigenous Peoples as necessary partners because they “understand how important it is to be good stewards of these lands and these waters that sustain us,” Trudeau said. Is there anyone out there with an idea of what the implication of this is for the country?

    PS I will be using the example above to teach my grandchildren their ‘word of the day’ .
    noun – megalomania
    1. Psychiatry. a symptom of mental illness marked by delusions of greatness, wealth, etc.
    2. an obsession with doing extravagant or grand things.

      1. Exactly right. And just like Lloyd Axworthy’s worthless global landmines treaty, Canada will enforce it upon itself to set “a good example” for all other nations to observe and not emulate.

        The fact that Spawn is doing it for entirely cynical political reasons will matter not at all to the chatterati.

        1. The Turd doesn’t have the horses to hold anyone to account, anywhere in this fake country, ie the Emperor has no clothes. And it is painfully obvious.
          All it takes is a spark and this bankrupt creation collapses inward.
          Paying Turd Buoy his “new”, upgraded, bullshyte, UN carbon tax this winter, to heat your home? Last I looked they weren’t a Party to the election process.
          Since when did you become “property of the Gubmint of Kan-eh-duh”?

    1. My understanding, and feel free to correct me if I am wrong, is that standard First Nations management of land was rape the land of anything needed, then move away until it recovered. That isn’t managing, but scavenging and thanks, but we don’t need that – I already have a government with that same perspective.

    2. Yup and they will ‘park’ every road, river, or rail route to the north.

      Harper wanted to develop “middle Canada” and the North. Trudeau wants to forever lock in 50% of our resources, or release them only for his East Asian buddies.

  5. The Greens (in the State of CA) give-away FREE energy to the destitute poor. However, everyone from the working poor to the ultra wealthy have to pay FULL fare … the highest electrical rates in the USA.

    For no good reason. Nothing the State has done has moved the “global warming” needle one tenth of a degree downward. It’s all a gigantic wealth transfer into leftists pockets.

  6. L- The only thing that will “inspire” the Sask. Party to achieve over and above the current low expectation miasma, is if Buffalo Party level of support and vote rocks their world.

    Here’s one example, not to be forgotten, nor the victims forsaken. A massacre of rural residents occurred in Nova Scotia, while RCMP officers, in charge, failed their due diligence to issue proper orders in response e.i. road blockades, public warnings et al, and (echos of Ben Ghazi) even restrained and threatened with dismissal, ERT officers who wanted to go and hunt the murderer down.

    The Sask. Party govt. has ignored the implications for this province, nor have they even requested standing in the upcoming inquiry, which by their contract with the RCMP should qualify them for. It’s no secret that disillusioned officers would opt to join a Prov. Police Force holding to the higher standards of yore e.i. Sir Robert Peel’s 9 Rules of Policing in a Common-Law jurisdiction.

    This is but one, in a growing list of decisions required to protect Western Canada from the megalomaniac, P.M. Justin Trudeau’s avowed goal, to finish off Canada as a self-governing, nation-state. Ottawa bows to Quebec, Ontario bows to the GTA. Saskatchewan has no standing in Ottawa.

    The economic destruction of Trudeau’s policies, alone, will render Western provinces back into being mere territories of Ottawa. With a totally inept official Opposition Party, the Buffalo Party has an opportunity, to at least, point out a way for Sask. to avoid being stampeded by Trudeau’s panic-demic coup d’etat.

  7. Can’t do that Kate. The oil and coal are for our Chinese overlords and don’t grow on trees.

    If Canadians get their hands on their own energy supply, how will Red China return to eight percent growth?

  8. No need to worry about “wasteful spending”, there’ll be lots of money to go around. The printing presses will be running double time.

  9. Basically …..go suck a fat baby’s dick . That’s the best outcome to look forward to from any and all politician’s that you bow down to .
    Alberta’s flip flopper Kenny
    Ontariow’s flip flopper Ford
    The sascratchurass guy … npc ‘sh , just like the land of sorrow asshole Pallister
    We’ve all been sold down the river , stop fighting amoungst ourselves and go after our traitors ffs…

  10. Protecting the land, in Liberalspeak, simply means giving it to Aboriginals. In National Parks, hunting is not allowed….except for Aboriginals, who can hunt all they want with no seasons, no limits, no regulations. It’s the 3 R’s that dominate Aboriginal culture : No Rules, no Regulations, no Responsibility.

  11. If Moe is going to take the libs to task for wanting to go wind power then why is there currently a forest of wind towers going up just south of Assiniboia and why has everyone in the area been told that the coal fired generating plant in Coronach is going to be shut down.
    It is either time to tell trudo that we won’t listen to him anymore or announce that the province of Saskatchewan is going nuclear.

  12. After what happened in Japan and what is still happening ( poisoning people for three more generations at least ), Why risk an accident like that on Saskatchewan, surrounding provinces, territory’s and states ?