October 1, 2020: Reader Tips

Though most of us can’t enjoy the festivities of Oktoberfest in Munich, we can still get the general vibe from this delightful video.

Wishing each of you and your loved ones a Wunderbar Oktober!

Your tips of the past day would be much appreciated.

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    1. The USA is screwed, no matter who gets in!! The whole debate was a show of ignorance. Total disrespect for Chris Wallace who devotes his life to uphold Conservative values.

      1. Chris Wallace has always been biased; he was a poor choice for moderator. He interjected his own views into the debate, while the two candidates were speaking. Not kosher.

    2. Saw the item about Biden yesterday.
      Why should we be surprised Biden wore a wire?
      Democrats are always tongue tied, Joe’s no different.

      During the 90 minute fiasco Biden called Trump names and made unfair statements, such as:
      “Liar,” “the worst President ever,” “a racist”, “a do nothing,” “always playing golf,” “ridiculous,” “this clown”, “shut up, man,” “not true,”  “he has no idea what he’s talking about.”

      Chris never said a word! Shame on him.

    1. My mother did talk about the Spanish ‘flu. She was born and brought up on a farm in SW Manitoba. When the ‘flu hit the area, the farm went into its own form of lockdown. The kids didn’t attend school. My Grandfather did go into town to obtain the necessary supplies, but he definitively self-quarantined in the barn while leaving the supplies outside for my Grandmother to get. Mum gave few details of this time, but it was obvious the family took precautions and – whether or not because of said precautions – all survived.

    1. Good one nold.

      I saw Maria once at the old Side Track in Edmonton. You could still smoke in the clubs in those days and we had a little tent message on our table that said, ” Ms Muldaur would appreciate you not smoking. ”

      We were cool with that but 1/2 or more of her band smoked – ha.

      Musicians were enthusiastic supporters of the tobacco industry right to the end. It was part of the destructive lifestyle.
      Not so much today.

      Maria’s big hit was, ‘Midnight at the Oasis’. Amos Garrett played the guitar sole. It’s considered one of the most inventive solos ever played. It involves a very clever key change.

        1. Midnight At The Oasis…..

          I remember hearing that song for the first time on Edmonton’s 630 CHED right after I finished my second term freshman exams.

          1. THAT’S the only song that I ever heard that has lyrics like those and…

            …”be your belly dancer”…
            I was shocked when that song came out, shocked, I tell you, shocked, just shocked! Ha!

      1. Sidetrack. Takes me back to my university days. Is it still there? (too lazy to google).

        I saw Jeff Healey there.

          1. The funny things that change lives.

            The drummer was from New Brunswick.
            Tommy”Tope” Stephen.

            Like most NBers, including myself, Tope “went down the road” to Toronto.
            As he is leaving, Dad says get rid of those drums.
            Hard decision, but he decides to take them with him.
            Fast forward to Toronto.
            Tope is a doorman at a popular bar on Yonge St.

            One night, Jeff Healey needs a drummer with drums.
            Next you thing you know, Tope is part of a very successful band, making a movie in Hollywood.
            Still lives in LA.

            The vagaries of life.

          2. Hey Nancy-
            Great find. For those that don’t know of Jeff Healey – a great Canadian musician who overcame major adversities and died much too young at 41. More of Jeff here:


            BTW: I am also an ex-Montrealer (there are many of us “anglos” from Montreal now in Ottawa). Where did you see Jeff Healey? Was he a big enough draw to be booked into the Forum?

          3. Healey was a great rock guitarist but he was also an outstanding trumpet player. He excelled playing obscure 2 beat jazz tunes (dixieland basically) and formed a band called the Jazz Wizards. He recorded with the Jazz Wizards. Healey left the rock world when he crossed over into the jazz idiom.

            He had many careers including musicologist. He never let his handicap get in the way of achievement.

          4. @11:30 Ottawa MJ
            Hey ex Montrealer, moi too!
            Also to Abtrapperdude, Achilles, Alec & B A —

            Where did I see the Jeff Healey band, you ask?

            I had to scratch my head, I thought I had seen them play in the summer of ’89 at a club in downtown Montreal on “St. Catherine Street”near Saint Denis Street. But, a quick web check shows Healy played Montreal on August 24, 1988 at The Club Soda @ 1225 Saint Lawrence Blvd / or boulevard Saint Laurent / or The Main. That date in August puts me there, for sure.

            As far as the concert went, it was terrific. Healey had a great voice and the band sounded wonderful. I was so happy to have seen them. (Even had 2 brewski) 

            I was so sorry when Jeff passed, he was one of the best. Miss him.

            Thanks for the acoustic version of “Angel Eyes!”

        1. Whatever happened to the Sidetrack? It appears to have closed, according to what I found on the Internet, though details are rather sketchy.

          To be honest, I never really paid much attention to Edmonton’s night life. Ever since I cancelled my subscription to The Edmonton Journal, I haven’t kept up with local news all that much.

  1. Tonight’s reminder that:

    the Democrats are the party of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, the destruction of Christianity and Judaism in the United States a key item on their agenda.

    Joe Biden is counting on voter fraud by the Muslim “community”—including both illegal immigrants and Negro Jew-haters of the Louis Farrakhan type—to thrust him into office over the objections of Americans who fear the Lord of Israel.

    But please, mainstream media, keep babbling about white supremacists.


    1. There is only one ethnicity in canada that can be criticized in any way, shape or form.


      Male, white and Christian being the main identifiers/targets of said ethnic cleansing according to canada’s biased, partisan, co-opted, disgraceful, dangerous media.

  2. Oktoberfest 2018 – Logo Logo, Wiesn Hit der Rockaholixs Buamuoff

    Enjoy, found on youtube

    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North

  3. Today Great Leader Kim Sung Trudeau takes part in a virtual conference on women. He then makes an announcement with Infrastructure Barbie. Perhaps they are going to make cock fighting legal.

    1. John. Apparently Justin insists on a signs stating No Dogs Allowed when Barb is present just to prevent an ugly incident if the munchies hit.

      1. Lol.

        If Canadian Conservatives had any testicles, and I think we’ve firmly established they absolutely don’t, her office and any appearances, would always be accompanied by signs with some variation of Woof, Woof!

        Actually, sounds like a great caption contest.

        Save a dog, ban Barbie!

        Don’t eat me, I’m your best friend!

        If you get hungry, eat a Liberal. Leave my puppies alone!

  4. There is no doubt the virus has become a wet dream worldwide for wannabe totalitarian governments and their little Hitler functionaries.

    Of course, such criminality requires a easily misled, easily lied to, easily terrified audience.

    With apologies to the inestimable not your typical female host and the many intelligent not your typical female readers, I suspect there is one gender somewhat more susceptible to the ever present, ongoing, incessant government/media scaremongering, lies and deceit.

    What I want to know is, will the fear cause a mass culling of cats?


  5. And now your Canadians are racist bastards story for today. The Liberal Party’s CBC reports that Nazis are running rampant in Canadian Artistic Swimming. White supremacists are being mean to muslim, black, and pervert swimmers at a training centre.

  6. Angry Adolf is holding his press conference. As expected he started off by warning you filthy bastards to wash your hands. He then announced ten billion dollars for global warming scams. Then ranted about his important legislation to ban conversion therapy.

  7. Yesterday 28 states individually had more deaths than all of Canada combined. Including North Dakota population 700,000.

    Whats so unique about North Dakota? Very little mask use, almost no social distancing measures. I truck there quite often and the difference between ND and MB is stark.

    1. I don’t u understand your statement. Do you mean each state had more deaths than Canada total? That’s ridiculous.

      Also, isn’t it a bit ghoulish to keep obsessng about Numbers of deaths? What’s the point?

  8. Hospitals get paid by the federal government for every virus case and more for every death, if you get hit by a bus and have the virus It is recorded as a virus death. Doctors have come out and confirmed this fact but are then attacked so they have been bullied into keeping quiet. You cannot believe any numbers from the US.

  9. Post Millennial reports on how the New York Times has sold out Hong Kong. In a shocking opinion piece the Times thinks the city should be ceded to the mainland.

    1. They’ll probably make Franklin wood burning stoves against the law.
      Maybe even create Green jobs like the ‘creosote’ police who would nail people burning (ironically) ‘green’ wood.

  10. Count me in when it comes to burning wood. I’m ready for Old Man Winter. Bring it!

    No creosote in my chimney I only burn dry cured wood.

    Full moon tonight. It’s the Hunters moon. I can see it through the trees as I type.

    The next full moon is a Blue Moon. Two full moons in the same month.

    Shine on Harvest Moon.

    1. Good stuff! A Franklin and nice dry wood, it’s an insurance policy, for sure.
      I heat with Natural gas, so bad news. Think I will invest in more blankets, maybe a Hudson Bay Blanket.

      Enjoy these 2 songs for the 2 full moons this month, October it is, man the colors in my park are breathtaking, yet it’s so balmy mid-day:

      It’s Leon singing “SHINE ON HARVEST MOON”

      Abtrapperdude on the photo near his River ~
      Singing “Harvest Moon”