22 Replies to “Massive Campaign Fraud Alleged in Minnesota”

  1. Harris and Biden are barely campaigning.
    I wonder why?

    “Without Voter Fraud Operations, You Would Have Never Heard of Kamala Harris”


    “In the meanwhile, it should be noted that the county employees who were counting these ballots were all SEIU members, often proudly wearing SEIU gear and chumming around with Harris team officials. As we were challenging a few votes, dozens of other employees were counting and eliminating votes on their own. It was an impossible situation.”

    1. And you never will.

      But should the Democrats manage to find some way to send him to prison, CNN will report that, without revealing the corruption he exposed.

  2. The midterms were a test for this Presidential election.

    In close races that were red, In the days after the election, harvested ballots show up from everywhere and all of a sudden the race goes blue.

    The only question that remains is whether Trump can stop it through the courts, it’s clear that the Dems set this up to open the door for fraud.

  3. I remember when Gary Trudeau mocked the idea of voter fraud in a number of Doonesbury strips. (“What do we need voter ID for?”) Stuff like that was one reason I quit reading it.

    1. Biden has never been on the side of America nor the men and women who stand in harm’s way and believe they are protecting the Democracy.

      Biden exposed and outed Seal Team Six 3 days after their mission to take out Bin Laden. He threw them under the bus and then Gen Matis had the team executed 3 months later as a sacrifice to even up the assassination. They are both, plus the rest of Obama’s Administration are guilty of murders of faithful and obedient US servicemen and women. Scum of the earth.

    2. MSM ?
      How about Canadians?
      Some want to give the vote to 16 year olds.
      And probably 10 years old after 12 years olds get wise.
      Not important enough apparently.
      But then borders aren’t important either.
      You could blame most of this on the Liberal/Democrat/Communist Left.
      But only most of it.
      Conservatives care deeply about this.
      As they do most important things.
      Deeply, deeply.
      Right up until they actually have to do something.

      Votes couldn’t be more devalued.
      Much like the lives lost over the millennia for freedom are valued by today’s ungrateful.
      Canada’s as a country and a democracy couldn’t be more of an embarrassing joke.
      Canada’s Worst Generation.

    3. “By ignoring this story the MSN piss on the graves of the men who fought and died for democracy.”

      I don’t think that is actually a problem with them – after all, they’re all voting Democrat anyways. Right?

  4. Democrats know that no matter how many tricks fail (collusion investigation, impeachment, election fraud), they only need to win once … and all their antics will be forgiven

    1. This comment reminds me of why Israel’s Defense Force MUST always win every war. The Arabs belief is that they only have to win once to push Israel into the sea.
      The Republic of the United States of America (it is NOT a democracy) must always be vigilant against these stealth attacks.

  5. I am not worried about Trump losing the election. I am worried about him having the election stolen from him. I take the fact that they set up this new mail in ballot system because even with extensive cheating they could not cheat their way into a win with regular absentee ballot cheating. They had to make it even easier to cheat.

  6. The 3rd world … transforms … America into its image. I blame Ted Kennedy and his 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act. Disgusting.

    And let me say that my former FAVORITE TV series ‘Fargo’ has just become my most-hated TV series. Last nights season opener of the new ‘BLM Fargo’ … was disgusting. The woke-writers decided to tell me how … if America was a nation of immigrants? Then what was there to assimilate into? Since we’re all immigrants … then, we must all retain our foreign identity, right? The writers have ‘transformed’ cool, ironic, writing into woke Political scolding. A woke HATE for America as she naturally evolved as a melting pot. Woke FOOLS who insist that America is a tossed salad of rival immigrants vying for power. Sadly, the uninformed and poorly educated will swallow the crap spewed in the opening episode.

    1. Strip them..yea.
      Deport them yea.
      1 way ticket to Somalia – with no landing.
      Sub Sharan LOWLIFE…its all they deserve.

  7. Due to identity politics trumping the rule of law, the only way US elections could be fair is if they were supervised and entirely run by foreign authorities such as Iraq or Mexico, regimes much less corrupt than a nation saturated with Democrats and their institutional influence. Russia, China, N Korea, and the UN might be actually more corrupt.

  8. Gee, these people are dishonest? What a surprise.
    The dude in the video needs to eat some lead.
    So does the Moslem brother-marrying skank.
    Nobody likes Somalis, including Somalis. That’s why they’re always fighting each other. The country should be nuked right after Pakistan and China.
    Letting these people into your country is akin to shitting in your own bed.