18 Replies to “Oddments For The Weekend”

  1. YouTube channel Viva Frei has four lawyers dissecting the Breonna Taylor case. The more you know the more you understand the GJ decision.

  2. Say a wee prayer if you are so inclined.
    Spent 2 nights in Emerg because of severe sciatic pain. (Had to wear mask entire time, of course.)
    First thing this a.m, was making my little “trip” across the hall, and pain so bad went down I sent crashing my head on the fliir, so only B and B lumps. Had just rec’d shipment of oil so will see if a combo of Tylenol, Fibro/arthritis medication and oil will take away all the pain. I have to take the low amount so know it won’t touch the sciatica.

    1. with you on the pain from that. sometimes falling down happens, be careful. I have no answers, when I have a flare up I load up on T3s.

    2. I can empathize and feel very badly for you. Whilei get some, my wife gets terrible sciatic pain.

      We found those hourglass shaped pillows for sciatic relief really help.

      1. Thanks Alec…Will order pillow online.
        I only discovered a few yrs ago that worse movement I can make is sweeping, washing floors (which I usually talk myself out of). With your wife, those chores and also vacuuming maybe?

        1. Wifie was having a heck of a time attempting chores and too stubborn to ask for help. I finally had to put my foot down and tell her”there are four people in this house.”. Twisting is the worst. It is a point of pride and fighting the fight against aging and household entropy is compelling. She was raised that any inactivity just isn’t proper.

          She tried yoga but then over-stretched which can make it worse. Physio helped a bit but they kept pushing accupuncture which didn’t help. Try wearing comfortable shoes in the house, it might help.

          In the end, it comes down to slowing down, gentle movement (not obsessive), rest, and an anti-inflammatory (if you can) now and then. She got relief from a heating pad as well when she sat. She is back close to normal but still has bad days.

          You are smart to try to recognize what is causing it. For example, my sister-in-law’s car, a Toyota, Toyota sedan seats set it off (or maybe my sister in law and that is a different story).

          I’m really feeling for you right now because I’ve had it and have seen how intense sciatic pain (numbness and tingling) can be. For me the foam pillow did the trick and seems to have really helped my wife. It’s weird for a couple of nights but you get used to it.

          But be hopeful. It will calm down. It might be your body’s way of tapping the brakes. Just never seems to go away fast enough.

          1. I haven’t been able to do much for quite a while. Certain makes of shoes are out now; comfortable shoes with Orthotics; Finn sandals ($300-400.) pr I have are great.
            When I first went to a chiropractor I was surprised to learn I have scoliosis and nerves pinched go to bowel and stomach which finally explained GI problems.
            Yrs ago my husband & I bought van I could be a passenger in and drive as our other car was really bothering me. Can only drive in van now – others too low. He took over a lot of the cleaning that bothered both my back, hip and breathing (which meant vacuuming for which I left the house). I moved here in 2004 after his death so at age 78 took on larger home (painted hall with its 6 doors myself) and dug up beds everywhere, planted, mulched, watered, weeded – possibly overdid in that dept. But, it’s sit and play cards or be active.
            We wore leather shoes all our lives and fewer people will have problems who wear the leisurely ones popular today – and the slip-on flat shoes I now realize were a no-no.
            Managed using walker this afternoon. Physio doesn’t come for a month and I’ll be taught a few things I expect.

    3. I had sciatica pain for years. An old doctor told me to never carry anything in my back pockets, not even a business card and never sit on an uneven surface like a stone wall. He said it would clear up in a few months. 6 months later I noticed it was gone and it has never returned. I didn’t go to medical school but the guy who advised me did.

      1. Thanks, Ginger. Have had attacks of sciatica for nearly 60yrs, so they’ve been widespread. These days have to remember don’t clean floors as it is now the worst movement I can make.

  3. Sciatic nerve pain – something none of us wants. I hope things improve for you Gellen..!!
    Like OWG, I have kept a good supply of T3’s for various ailments should they present themselves. Surviving a 60′ fall, hitting a 10″ dia tree branch 10′ off the ground during a climbing fall many yrs ago…I know a little bit about chronic pain. So far I’ve not been afflicted with sciatica…so far.

    Best regards – wishing you well