21 Replies to “This Is CNN”

    1. They need to be referenced because this is where the left is and what they actually are thinking. They do want to destroy America and everyone in it if they can.

      1. And everyone knows that. Now is the time to ignore them and let them sputter and die. STOP. CONSUMING.MAINSTREAM. MEDIA.

      2. This is why I still look at CBC news (and Global, etc), Yahoo news and Drudge. I want to see what the enemy wants us to believe. What the propaganda talking points are today, and they are all synchronized by the way. But yeah. “We’re gonna have to blow up the system” . Yeah Maaaan. Stick it to the Man, maaaan.

        This is the ssame CNN that published puff stories on Saddam Hussein “to get access”. Nope, I haven’t forgotten that one.

    2. In Don Lemon’s world does the “system” that he wants to burn down include elections? It sure seems like that.
      He sounds a bit like Hitler in his final days moving phantom armies around a pretend map, sure victory is imminent.
      The only alternative to quashing elections is for Democrats to get 66% of the Senate and 75% of State legislatures.
      Don seemed confident that could happen? Maybe in his fake let’s take over the country, er transform it, world.
      Now they’ve added Court stacking which basically means I need power period so I can entrench power.
      All malarkey all the time. Their campaign has been reduced to a pack of lies and immeasurable measures, leading with rage.
      Every day Trump comes closer to a Reagan style DeMarxist wipeout, mirrored in local elections, maybe more than 2016.
      Now they want to have an abortion election, with most people fine to leave it alone, with some state legislatures intervening.
      All to stop Amy Coney Barrett. Like 2018 they will pay a heavy political toll. They seem a moribund and discouraged bunch.

  1. Tyranny of the majority stupid, uninformed, and dull-witted.

    We have grossly underestimated the damage done by our leftist “education” system. And our broadcast media who give voice to that stupidity. Li-mon is not sufficiently intellectually qualified to clean CNN’s toilets.

    1. TNV, they already own Canada, they will just take over as there really is no one willing to fight for their freedom in America either. The whu who flu has proven that along with the b l m riots.

    2. What exactly does “blow up the whole system” mean.

      What systems and what sort of explosives … what are these fools talking about?

      1. They’re talking about a communist revolution and the installation of a communist revolutionary government. What do you think they have been actively working at since Trump was elected? There will be war before they are through.

  2. Be careful what you wish for

    You may get it good and hard Mr Lemon.

    Right now the mob is attacking those you hate.
    When they are finished with them, what is going to protect you from that mob when they turn on you?

  3. Don Lemon should just go full jihadi, strap on a suicide vest and blow HIMSELF up on air! (Might improve CNN’s ratings for at least one day)!…..spit

  4. Don Lemon is really showing how much he wants the tyranny of the majority installed.
    A gay, black asshole should be careful what he hopes for.

  5. The electoral College is misunderstood… The representatives of each State, House & Senate are summed and counted independent of other States for the Presidential candidate….

    If the popular VOTE (which is the HOUSE) of the House of Representatives picked the President… Obama would not have served his last 6 years… Republicans held the House…..

    Stupidity runs deep….

  6. I guess a few of them at CNN have figured out that they are contributing to the Trump win by talking so radically, but not all of them.