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  1. Outrageous, shocking, heinous crime occurred in Hamilton, https://toronto.citynews.ca/2020/09/20/hundreds-gather-at-impromptu-car-show-in-ancaster/ Thanks God that Police, Mayor, Premier (not sure about PM and Pope) are on the case.

    Can you imagine people stopping at a parking lot to look at each others cars? You let one group do it and pretty soon all will be doing it. Oh the horror.

    If only they put BLM flags on those cars and toppled a statue or at least looted some stores the major would run to join them.

  2. Another episode of QDM:


    I had to laugh at the last one. I’ve been in situations at the house I inherited where what I need and what I’ve got on hand doesn’t always match. What’s lying around either in the basement or in the garage comes in two sizes: too big or too small.

    1. I was just about to post that episode, it’s one of his funniest!
      I have 5 or 6 pairs of scissors. Hahaha! Those things have legs!

      1. I have 5 or 6 pairs of scissors. Hahaha! Those things have legs!

        I know what you’re referring to.

        I swear that extension cords reproduce. I keep finding another one, and another one, and another one….. I’ve got a stack of heavy-duty cords in the corner of the garage, and a lot of lighter ones in the house. I’ve managed to corral the latter into the broom closet.

        Financial papers are just as bad. I spent much of my last trip to the house organizing bank statements and tax papers. I’d open up yet another box only to find more documents from either a bank or a broker.

        The reason is that the government may want to go rooting through the financial history of my parents. Depending on which tax law that’s being invoked, the feds can go as far back as 10 years, apparently.

        Then there’s a matter of what happens when the deceased had a business. Formally, one has to apply for permission to dispose of documents beyond a certain age, so I have to fill out a form and send it into the proper tax office.

        If you think that settling an estate consists of verifying a will, paying any outstanding taxes, and distributing assets, fuhgedaboudit. No wonder it’s been taking me so long.

    1. Nice choice Warren.

      I was unaware of Eva Cassidy. What a voice. I listened to her on YouTube. She was a more than capable guitarist.

      I might suggest her reading of, Somewhere over the Rainbow.

  3. September 22 is the 40th anniversary of the start of one of the most idiotic wars in recent history, the one in which Iran and Iraq slugged it out for several years and accomplished nothing. It was a conflict about which Henry Kissinger apparently remarked that it was a pity that both sides couldn’t lose.

    I’ve mentioned in the past that I used to be an active shortwave listener. During that war, both sides interfered with each other’s external radio services, resorting to what’s called bubble jamming. Apparently, the signals from that were quite strong and could be heard quite far away.

    I lived in a remote part of southern Alberta during the mid-1980s. I remember going home for lunch one day, switching on my SW receiver and hearing bubble jamming on one of the broadcast bands. I concluded that it must have been from that part of the world, as it was possible to hear the Middle East at that time of the day (e. g., Radio Damascus) where I lived. I couldn’t tell, though, which country it came from.

  4. I hope the nutbar julie payette goes off script as she reads the speech from the throne and rips the bong.

    She’s done it in the past and is unstable enough to add lib if she goes for some payback. The bong has it coming and has launched an investigation into her behavior.

  5. Sunset in the Golden State – Philosopher Stefan Molyneux Unravels the Unraveling of California
    L- Fascinating road to hell, the irresponsible transforming of the Golden State into base metal.
    A long way from “California Dreaming by the Momas and Poppas.

  6. My 64 year old father passed after a 61 day battle in the Peter Lougheed ICU stemming from a hole left in him from a surgery a massive 6 day sepsis and other complications related to flubbing basic care. I’m beyond devastated.

    If you want to walk out alive NEVER go to Peter Lougheed for anything

    1. My condolences. All too often victims of Canadian healthcare are left with their lives destroyed, while heartless, brainless, soulless apparatchiks that have done it to them or their loved ones remain beyond reproach, shielded by Canadian Medical Protective Association.

    2. Not just confined to one Hospital. I had major cancer surgery a six months ago but that did not stop them placing me in a wheelchair and putting me out the door after one week. Four days later re admitted with a serious incision infection. Some of the Staff were wonderful, the younger Nurses were unfit to work at McDonalds. And not because of Covid. They were not busy. Supervision, discipline and oversight is severely lacking. But then isn`t that the case everywhere these days.

    3. Condolences here also. I learned about that place too and the Peter L. Hospital is off my list. The Rockyview and Foothills are a lot better.

      1. It’s not much better here in Edmonton. I have a relative who, because of his medical circumstances, has been in and out of a number of the local hospitals. He doesn’t recommend the one at the University of Alberta. I had some dealings with the Misericordia Hospital (Catholic run) and I thought it was OK.

    4. Jesus…thats simply AWFUL. Mega condolences Mole…

      I’m 4 yrs older and recently had Cardiac bypass….am grateful my surgeon is considered the BEST in Alberta. William Kidd….yea, Billy the kid and the heartbreakers worked on me…5 bypasses and hardly a scar to see. I thank him , his team, the CICU folks and all those who Toil in the Foothills Hosp for my recovery.

      And with all that, and being in a supposed susceptible Covid category (over 65), I will be wearing my MASK Exemption Button as soon as it arrives. I’ve decided not to wear this Century’s version of a STAR of DAVID.

      (I note that every cloth mask has a disclaimer: “Not for Medical Use”)


    1. Colonialista@ 4:34 a.m.

      If the stupid bint is so “triggered” she should just shut the hell up and KILL HERSELF!
      Make the world a better place one snowflake at a time!

  7. After publishing two pages celebrating how wonderful China is, Blackie’s Globe and Mail has a major story by Canada’s ambassador to that country. He writes that we should step up opportunities there and improve relations.

  8. A refreshing new variant of “Go Woke, Go Broke”:

    “Last week, the U.S. Department of Education informed Princeton it was under investigation for violating the Civil Rights Act. It would seem the Department of Education had little choice. After all, the president of Princeton University, which annually collects $300 million in federal research funding and millions more in federal student financial aid, recently declared that his university is systematically racist. ”


  9. Not just confined to one Hospital. I had major cancer surgery a six months ago but that did not stop them placing me in a wheelchair and putting me out the door after one week. Four days later re admitted with a serious incision infection. Some of the Staff were wonderful, the younger Nurses were unfit to work at McDonalds. And not because of Covid. They were not busy. Supervision, discipline and oversight is severely lacking. But then isn`t that the case everywhere these days.

  10. Tip for those that frequent those comments sections in the online editions of our national media.
    If responding to a thread feel free to add the term systemic to anything.
    Example: when presenting an argument in opposition to the socialist liberal talking points insert the word systemic
    for example: “systemic” socialism or “systemic” nanny state.

    1. Good suggestion. Another example: “systemic” inefficiency in anything run by government.

      Here’s another word to use: “sustainable”. Examples: The current federal equalization transfer system is not sustainable. The current level of transfer payments to First Nations is not sustainable.

  11. Ah, Autumn Leaves!
    As a young high school student, I volunteered to be part of the stage crew. One September we had a student playing the song on piano.
    I was to be on the catwalk with a bag of leaves and flutter them down during the performance. Alas, the bag slipped and five pounds of bagged leaves landed on the piano. About 200 students laughed and cheered. I was never asked to help again.

  12. I still think the Democrats will sweep all three houses. The social media cartel are in the process of shutting out all conservative voices. Trump? He gets too personal in his attacks, and says too much. The media, of course, play up his insults, and censor all that he says that is good and valuable.

    Others disagree. Here is a good essay: Of Course Trump Can Win:

    Here the author says that people are mostly interested in re-starting the economy, and standing up to China fascism — which Trump can do and which Biden opposes. The campaign is still early.

    1. This election is a test on the media and the pollsters. Both have gone all in for biden. 538 for example are something like 75% sure that biden will take it. I think they were 99% sure last time that the beast would win.

      I’m not sure they have it wrong this time. If I was an American I’d vote for Trump but I personally like little about him.

  13. True North News has an interesting piece “Federal Agencies being Duped by Fraudulent Credentials: Public Service Commission”. In it, the article — which quotes from Blacklock’s Reporter — says the following, about one government official with a fraudulent degree:

    The investigation was sparked by Sylvie Lemeling (sic), who was appointed as the national coordinator of the Canadian coast Guard after having purchased a fake degree from Belford University, a Texas based operation running out of a post office box. The fraudulent university sold degrees to prospecting clients for as much as $1,5000″.

    This is what bothers me. I would have thought the Public Service Commission would have given Sylvie Lemelin (correct spelling) the boot for defrauding her credentials. Yet a Google search yields the following:

    Another Google search can verify that this Sylvie works at the Coast Guard, as the National Health officer. In the above LinkedIn file, note that she unashamedly cites in her Education Credential file, that she has a Bacc. Nursing degree from “Universite Belford Texas, 2005-2008”. She got her government job the following year. Another Google search shows that Belford University in Texas is a notorious phony degree mill.

    So there you have it. We have a federal department head, with a phony degree, proudly showing that degree on her LinkedIn page — knowing that nobody seems to care that she is a fraud. This is what angers me: the establishment is so corrupt people do things so brazen, knowing that nobody cares. Study her LinkedIn page, and Belford University, and weep. She must knock down $200,000+ a year, plus an indexed pension

    1. Armpit College, my former employer, had a similar scandal.

      Many years ago, a department head suddenly resigned one day under mysterious circumstances. A few weeks or months later, we found out that she had made up her credentials. She claimed to have held a certain degree which she never earned, having started her studies for it, but dropping out well before she finished.

      She ended up in the crowbar hotel for fraud.

      Armpit College’s student calendar had a section in which the credentials for the teaching staff were listed. After that incident, subsequent editions included a disclaimer that many of those qualifications weren’t verified. Eventually it completely dropped that section.

  14. Fear not,soon citizens will be creating all their needed credentials,as needed at whim.
    Self identify as anything,anybody ,any skill set you wish.

    The Supreme Court has ruled,We are all Metis now.
    And the “Special funding for “Black” businesses just ices that crab bucket.

    So if you want to be a “Government Grade Expert” just self identify as such,hell you probably will know more about your chosen “expertise” than anyone inside the bureaus.
    For in the kingdom of the willfully blind a one eyed man will indeed be king.
    Or at least capable of seeing things their paycheck does not block their view of.

  15. Johnathon Kay has an interesting story on the B.C. NDP and other socialists. The NDP have a policy in La La Land that if your a white male MPP retiring, you have to be replaced with a woman or someone from a minority group. Some high profile candidates are being allowed who are white males, because they claim to be hearing impaired or bisexual.

  16. 20% of the population is handicapped. You qualify if your hearing isn’t up 100%. What about those who wear glasses to correct some problem with their vision….handicapped?

    The ndp shouldn’t have much of a problem finding handicapped recruits.

  17. Received an emailed announcement today from the Conservative Party of Canada:
    New motto: Through Adversity to The Stars.
    Cribbed from the old RCAF…Per Ardua ad Astra…

    O’Toole, a former CAF member, is apparently a shameless plagiarist.

    1. Maybe he’s hinting that he wants to move to Hollywood. After all, they agree with the Paris environmental standards that he has committed his party to.

      The Conservative Party died for me when it choose the Scheep as leader. Error O’Foole made sure it stays that way.

    1. Fidel Jr. wants to give 494 billion dollars a year away for guaranteed income and let the refugees flood in, $600B next year, 700 the next?

  18. I see we are giving a billion to buy hotels for the homeless in a move to buy 3000 units. That comes out to $333,333.33 per unit not including maintenance and sustenance costs.
    Want to bet some liberal insiders have some decrepit hotels bought cheap ready to unload?

    Playing with more numbers, at 2.5 people per unit – high for a hotel room, those 3000 units will house 7500 homeless. Put another way, shut down Roxham Road and save $2.5 Billion a year. A more honest announcement would say the 50000 refugees Trudeau allows in per year need 20000 housing units at a cost of $6.7 billion a year.
    Boy, you are “asking for more than we can give right now.”