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      1. It’s got everything: action, adventure, romance, history, heroes, villians, and an exotic setting, plus it’s a good story. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

        1. I always liked actor Richard Chamberlain. Saw him in
          “The Thornbirds” series where he played a Catholic priest who fell in love with a woman.

          1. That did happen from time to time. Then a number of seminaries got wise and started recruiting and grooming young men who were unlikely to fall in love with a woman, and look how that worked out.

          2. Roseberry @ 7:37 am

            …”recruiting and grooming young men who were unlikely to fall in love with a woman…”

            Yes. Exception, the Orthodox Catholic priests get married before they become priests. It was the Roman Catholics who split from them, right?

    1. Well advised! I read a few of his books a couple of decades ago. Well worth the read, and the movie versions are worth it too (unusually).

      1. I waded through the novel shortly after it was re-broadcast in the early 1980s (the second time having considerably more translation voiceovers by Orson Welles). It was tough slogging and I kept a list of characters and phrases on hand.

        Another movie adaptation of a Clavell novel that I highly recommend is King Rat (with a cast that includes George Segal, James Fox, Denholm Elliot, and Sir John Mills) based on his experiences as a POW in Changi. I didn’t think too much of Tai-Pan, though.

        I inherited copies of several Clavell novels and, maybe, I’ll read them some day.

          1. @ 11:35 Achilles:
            You’ll likely like the book “New York” — I’ve never been to the “City That Never Sleeps” but knowing a bit of the history, this novel blends in all that and takes liberty as a novel would, like a James Michener novel.

        1. We recently watched King Rat; it is one of my favourite war films. Wonderful cast and Tom Courtenay never disappoints.

          1. It shows up on TCM once in a while.

            By the way, Clavell was one of the screenwriters for what’s perhaps the best-known POW movie: The Great Escape.

  1. What a relief, I thought it was going to be “End of the Innocence” for a loss you had endured. I’m very happy to be wrong.

  2. Get woke, go broke: the board of directors for MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) have approved a deal to sell the company to an American investment firm. Apparently the hippies aren’t too happy about it either.

    1. Too bad. I haven’t bought a lot of stuff from them, but I have a back pack that I have had for more than twenty years that I use every day, and it is still working almost as well as the day I bought it.

      1. Oh they’ve been educated.
        From day one.
        Just how long does it take to squeeze the testosterone out of little boys?
        Good little Liberal Mao-lings.

  3. While most SDA readers will have an idea about the interference in American and Canadian politics of the evil genius George Soros, but, apparently Fox News has determined that it is too dangerous to mention.

    However, if you find yourself wanting to be brought up to date about Mr Soros’s involvement in the destruction of the legal system in the USA, I recommend this item from The Federalist:


    And, no, there is nothing “anti-Semitic” about exposing the malign influence of George Soros. However, it’s probably prudent to avoid dragging “the Rothschilds” into the conversation.

    1. Where is the proof of all this? All ive ever seen is wackjob websites regurgitating the same narratives. Zero documenta of prood.

      1. Well, you would have to open your eyes to see anything at all.
        Open Societies Foundation.
        A whole lot of other foundations.
        Big Bucks for DA races all across the USA, and any of the rioters arrested where the DA is a Democrat first elected after 2015 is being released with charges dropped. All of these DAs had their campaigns funded by George Soros.

        Before the Euro, he made his fortune very huge by speculating in various European currencies while funding destabilizing candidates in the countries he was shorting the currency in.

        But hey, why bother sorting through all the evidence to prove it when he himself will proudly tell you he is doing it.

        Every time you post here Allan, your credibility drops further into the negative.

  4. Angry Adolf’s Globe and Mail ran two pages of upbeat news about China. Information was provided by the Communist Party’s China News.

    1. Like the woman who dialled 911 because McDonalds was out of her desired dipping sauce.

      And these are the idiots who want to defund the police? Who they gonna’ call then?

    1. Going back to the Chretienista regime, I often said that all 10 provinces and 2.5 territories should get together and separate all together.
      Let the trough hogs get their pensions from the remaining taxpayers while the rest of us form a real country with an actual constitution not the Trudeau anti-constitution.

    2. Savoie has been writing the same article for years in the Maritimes.
      The proverbial falling tree in the empty forest.
      Nobody’s listening.
      Western alienation as an added twist won’t change anything.
      Like your typical canadian journalistic opinonist, the opinions are usually formed and informed by the cheque.

      The MTV Party.
      Spectacular hidden irony.
      Even particularly Canadian. We do. We do. We do have a Canadian culture.

      The Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver Party, wholly owned and operated by the Laurention “elite” doesn’t need you.
      Math does matter.

    3. Under the current government the dissolution of confederation should happen in a matter of two to three years.
      It won’t happen with a bang, just a phone call.

  5. Unions seem to think the China virus is all about them. Hospital unions in Ontario are outraged that Hitler Ford is going to use drug stores to administer tests. And of course we have the ongoing campaign by teacher unions to get contract concessions because of the virus.

  6. The dream by many Americans for Alaska to be connected to the lower 48 by a continuous strip of NEW USA States could come true ( An Alberta & Yukon issue) … After Nov 3rd Trump will have some time to Visit Calgary & Campaign for America…

    The idea is not new and Turdo’s CBC seem to think they can throw shit balls & not worry about incoming…..


    1. Ha Ha! Woof! Woof! 《⊙¡⊙》
      “Where’s B A D R?”
      “What, no toys to fetch?”
      “Where’s B A D R?” [*¡*]
      “We want B A D R!”

      1. The second one accurately describes the dachshunds that were in the family, particularly my canine stepbrother.

        I’m surprised, though, that one hasn’t demanded that its belly gets scratched.

        1. “Right here, B A D R! 
            Woof!  Woof! Y-e-a-h!”

          (Ha! Ha! Those pets are precious– all over the internet –they’re YouTube stars!)

          1. The machines are a nice idea, but my critter likes the fun of being faked out when I throw his toy. He also likes eccentric bouncers, like balls with legs or cubes with rounded corners, taking great delight when they suddenly change course on him.

          2. The first video got just about everything right about my little guy except for the last bit. He lives to play “go und get it” and then comes eating, particularly after giving me the “I’m a poor hungry dog” look.

    1. Doesn’t Ipsos have Liberal connections?

      Edmonton forced its mask by-law on us based on “public opinion”. I suspect that the silly council consulted its usual suspects and got the answer it was looking for.

      1. If nothing else, numbers like that indicate how the Bong can keep getting reelected. I have moved into the lockdown sceptic / fearful camp as my industry is already facing a reduction in size of between 30% and 60% by next spring before a lockdown.

  7. After Ford stated on Saturday that protests were included in his new restrictions on gatherings, a large protest was held today in diverse Toronto demanding more rights and free stuff for migrants. Wouldn’t it be easier just to build a wall around Toronto?

  8. “Get woke, go broke: the board of directors for MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) have approved a deal to sell the company to an American investment firm. Apparently the hippies aren’t too happy about it either.”
    Last year when the school kids were playing hookey to support the globul warming BS at a rally,MEC announced they were giving their employees the afternoon off to join the rally.
    At that time I sent them an email stating what they were doing was pure “virtue signalling” and IF they really wanted to do something worthwhile to help the planet have those employes go down to the ocean shore and pick up garbage and plastic.
    Apparently they ignored my suggestion.

  9. Good riddance to MEC.

    They brought nothing to the table that you couldn’t find somewhere else. Their condescending behavior came back to bite them.