21 Replies to ““John Who?””

  1. Turner was hailed as an up-and-coming star when in Trudeau’s cabinet, and then failed spectacularly to live up to the hype when he became leader. He is most famous for patting Iona Campanola (sp?) , the Liberal Party President, on the butt, and his weird throat clearing.

    1. Perhaps his butt-grab was a futile search for Campagnolo’s brains.

      Whatever else we might think of him, he did have the strength of character to throw the Finance Minister’s job in Trudeau’s face.

  2. Justin was about 13 years old when Turner had a brief stint as PM. So, Justin was just a kid jerking off while looking at photos of Freddie Mercury, and not having a clue about politics.
    Contrast that to today, wherein Justin, the little fucking potato, is now jerking off to photos of Seamus O’Regan….and still doesn’t have a clue about politics.
    I mean, hell, Blackie thinks that “politics” are some crowd of bad ticks that invade his lake Herrington safe zone.
    We have a sick little failed narcissist pretending to lead our post nation, while a grand daughter of a nazi dons her warrior red dress. Ew. Etc. Enough. Excuse my veritas in vino scribble. Burp.

    1. “So, Justin was just a kid jerking off while looking at photos of Freddie Mercury, and not having a clue about politics.”

      And that differs from the Zoolander of today how?

    2. Blackie thinks that “politics” are some crowd of bad ticks that invade his lake Herrington safe zone.

      Well, they are 🙂

  3. Nothing odd about it.
    There were no “Prime Ministers” of note for Justine,since his Gay Parent was finally retired.
    And John Turner?,that can’t be from Quebec,where all the BEST Prime Ministers come from.
    Probably Buttzy Boy has not made the connection yet,so Justine has nothing to say..

  4. Damn Stevie, you have more comedy in one short post than the last 5 years of any of the so called “comedy” unwatchable shit shows hosted by angry self loathing liberals anymore. Keep it up, so true, and hilarious.

  5. After leaving Ottawa for good John Turner retired to Toronto and, according to reliable witnesses, degenerated into a drunkard who spent his days wandering the more genteel streets of Toronto, shamelessly sipping from a hip flask.

    The wonder is that John didn’t drink himself to death long before now. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear he had died five years ago and nobody had gotten around to informing the press.

    So I’m genuinely unsure whether Justin’s silence on the passing of John Turner was motivated by malice or just embarrassment.

    1. I did hear one time yesterday, that Turner had passed. My reaction I admit was, Meh Ok, so Turner’s gone, um’, when was he in office… and promptly forgot it. When RBG passed, it was a fist bump, followed by a self induced slap for behaving so shallowly. Then a slow thought of amusement about the left’s reaction to what would follow. As for Trudeau, I doubt he even cares, and probably did the retweet cuz Butts said he should show some kind of respect. Trudeau only cares about two things, himself, and his mirror.

    1. I checked Justin Trudeau’s twitter feed just now (Sunday morning), and the Rt. Hon. one, at least, did re-tweet a tweet from de facto Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, about Turner’s death.

    2. Anton – I suspect that Trudeau didn’t write this piece as there are no stutter stalls in it. The writer knows Trudeau well enough to know he doesn’t know Turner from Adam. He expressed sympathy for Mr Turner and his family and doesn’t name Turner’s wife by name. There was a tribute in the UK’s Guardian that went in to much more detail of his “achievements” such as creation of the federal court. It also noted he lost the 1988 election to Mulroney because he was against the free trade agreement with the USA. The same trade agreement Freeland is now lauded for because she defended it against orange man.

  6. Of course the PM didn’t have this as a priority.
    Turner had committed a cardinal sin of losing an election, and doing it twice to the same conservative.
    Surprised that no one has asked in his passing if the party establishment has forgiven him yet.

    Anyone hear anything lately from Paul Martin or Micheal Ignatieff?
    Stephane Dion?

  7. My John Turner story. In ’85 I had enough money to buy 2 shares of Berkshire Hathaway. Being an investment neophyte I decided to limit my exposure and only bought 1 share. With the other money I bought stock in a coin operated french fry machine being pumped by J. Edger Kaiser. He had sold his coal interests in Sparwood and was promoting this dispensing machine by selling master franchises in various countries. It turned into a bit of a scam as each week announcements were made of hundreds of millions of $’s worth of franchise sales. The sad reality was that the machine did not work! The John Turner connection was that he came onto the Board of this company and the spiral downwards accelerated. I had always questioned the man’s smarts while he was in government so when he joined the company I knew they were toast and sold. The upside was that my $14000 investment in Berkshire is now worth over $300,000.