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    1. IMO Canada has been steadily moving away from being a full-fledged sovereign nation and has been steadily moving towards being a client of China. When Trudeau expressed admiration for China and “its ability to turn its economy around on a dime”( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqnmfNiaM-Y ) it was as clear a statement as one can get from a political leader as to the direction of where Trudeau wants to take Canada.

  1. I have a hard time understanding Liberals. Today on TV news, they had wind in their sails and seemed to be wanting to take credit for the USA’s removal of a tariff on imported aluminium from Canada. Yet within a few weeks, the same Liberal government wants to implement a carbon tax on a host of products, some that are being exported to the USA . Yet the USA has no carbon tax. Won’t that discourage Americans from importing Canadian goods in much the same way as the US aluminium tariffs were previously doing??

    Related: https://www.princegeorgematters.com/local-news/bcs-carbon-tax-isnt-working-says-canadian-taxpayers-federation-2711257

  2. The sight of settled science:

    Colliding Neutron Stars Generate Just Small Amounts of Gold, Creating an Astronomical Mystery
    Colliding neutron stars were touted as the main source of some of the heaviest elements in the Periodic Table. Now, not so much …


    Holding up a mirror to a dark matter discrepancy

    “To me personally, detecting a gnawing gap — a factor of 10 discrepancy in this case — between an observation and theoretical prediction is very exciting,”


    1. Meanwhile, the bright red object in the eastern night sky about a hand-width above the horizon is Mars.

      It’s definitely getting on to winter. Right now, the Pleiades are well above the eastern horizon. Also, the constellation Lyra is almost directly overhead and about a hand-width towards the south is Aquila. The brightest star in Lyra (Alpha Lyrae) is Vega (26 light-years away), and now we know where vegans come from. The brightest one in Aquila (Alpha Aquilae) is Altair (nearly 17 ly away) and, aside from its name being used for one of the first personal computers, it might be best known through it being mentioned in the movie Forbidden Planet.

      1. B.A.D. – My wife and I used to have tickets to Pleiades theater. Thanks for the astronomy lesson. I need to upgrade my Costco telescope.

    2. Speaking of real science…: This must truly make the heads of those who purport to be “transgendered” explode. Or it would if they took it seriously: https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=246800&ecd=mnl_day_091620

      “…Gender differences in gene expression were also found for genes involved in how the body responds to medications, how women control blood sugar levels in pregnancy, how the immune system functions and how cancer develops.”

    1. …And Canada owns 207 Empty pallets upon which our Gold that we owned in the past sat upon.

      Am betting this was sold to …. Wait for it: CHINA

  3. Maura Moynihan: How Communist China Weaponized the Waters of Asia
    L- When the Chinese Communists invaded Tibet in 1961, they took control of the 9 great rivers of Asia; the potential to control of the headwaters of the rivers supplying water to:Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar(Burma), Thailand and Cambodia, in addition to the Yellow and Yangtse rivers of China.

    Conquering the rest of Asia would be(will be?) mostly a matter of cutting off those nations water supply until they surrender or perish. W.W.3 (kinetic), well you know now, where it will start.

    What will a global pandemic seeded by the C.C.P. foreshadow next in this big stakes game of Go.

  4. New poll shows that everybody in Canada loves our little dictator. Fight for fascism, join the Liberal Party today!

    1. As the article says the respondents were picked off the panel of the polling company which means when we want a certain answer we phone these people.

      1. HRH:
        “I geth da wesultsth I wantsth– I alsoth puth someth pwettyth socksth on myth pigfeeth and hopeth nobodyh nothiticesth.”

        1. And then he starts singing a rendition of his favourite song from West Side Story:

          I’m feew pwetty
          O tho pwetty
          I’m feew pwetty and witty
          And gaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!

          Natalie Wood lip-synching Marnie Nixon’s singing does a far better job and I’d rather look at her than Prinz Dummkopf


  5. Angry Adolf’s CBC has the heartbreaking story of a teacher in Ontario, who explains that she and other teachers are retiring because they are afraid of the China virus. I’m sure grocery store and other retail workers have lots of sympathy for them.

    1. John, I saw that interview as well, and boy that kindergarten teacher sure could talk — on and on like the Energizer bunny.

  6. International flights arriving in Canada continue to bring in Whu Flu:

    “Toronto Pearson Airport has seen the highest number of international arrivals who are infected with the coronavirus, according to Health Canada.
    Since August 31, 21 different international flights landed at the airport with passengers who subsequently were shown to carry the
    virus. ”

    And how many subsequent cases were the infected passengers responsible for? If any government agency even knows, none is saying.


    1. And how many from the USA? Probably the biggest portion of any country just like last time we had this conversation.

      If the people are isolating it probably isnt an issue.

      1. Some of the flights that had infected passengers include three Air Canada flights and one HiFly flight from Delhi, as well as three flights from Jamaica, Frankfurt and Istanbul. Two flights from the following cities; Chicago, Mexico City, Zurich, Munich, Cairo, Ethiopia, and Warsaw, also had passengers who tested positive for COVID-19, according to The Toronto Sun.


        Chicago is a major international airline hub, so who knows where those passengers originated.

  7. Blacklock reports that Adolf’s Dept. of Foreign Affairs is building a massive, multi-million dollar monument to itself. The monument will celebrate how wonderful they are. Our tax dollars at work.

  8. This may help explain why Trump does not want to create panic…

    The Judas of GW Bush’s Administration was Henry Paulson who destroyed confidence & created panic in the Market, (his responsibility), by going to the MSM and screaming “The-Sky-is- Falling” (seemed like every time McCain & Palin were leading in the Polls) Henry M Paulson made sure that his failure created Panic in the market… He walked away Free & clear like the “Junk Yard Dog” who had served his master (Obama) well.

    Henry M Paulson: The China Expert who made money shorting the Market

    JMHO who was the main Judas.. among many

  9. The Liberal Party’s CBC and the Liberal Party’s Globe and Mail report that Adolf’s government is in trouble with ethics again. A former ambassador to the U.S. has been found guilty of conflict of interest and cabinet ministers are ordered not to communicate anymore with him.

    1. The Ukraine had also released documents implicating Biden in the corrupt dismissal of their prosecutor. Media is totally uninterested.

  10. And now a wrap up of the news today on the Canadian media. Trump is Hitler. We’re all going to die from global warming. Only fascism can save us. We’re all going to die from the China virus. Only fascism can save us. Trudeau is wonderful. The Liberal Party is wonderful. Canadians are racist bastards.

  11. Ivbinconned……. westjet lied.
    My nephew arrived in Canada from the US a couple of weeks ago on a United flight. As soon as he got out of customs Alberta Health descended On him with 20/questions. He had to give his phone number, where he was staying and swear on a stack of Bibles that he would self isolate. They called him in 48 hours to check if he was where he said he was – otherwise the Sheriffs would be sent to find him.
    He also got a call from Access Canada or some such dept asking the same thing as AB Health, he told them they could check with AB Health and why was there no interaction. Left “buddy” no doubt in Ottawa – flustered as to the answer which was – no co- ordination.
    Just more jobs for more bureaucrats,

    1. Hosed in Alberta,
      Misinformation may be used to fool Fools… When I crossed the Border in late April I had to sign a deculation of where I would self-Isolate…. The RCMP came to my House 9 days into the 14 day period, checking on me……

      When you are asked to sign a deculation, prosecution becomes so simple….and Canada seems serious

  12. The CBC reports that Angry Adolf gives special exemptions to his rich friends in the States. A billionaire and her two executives were given an exemption from isolating for 14 days upon arrival in Toronto.

  13. True North reports that Vaughn Secondary School in Vaughn Ontario is going to be renamed, because blacks are upset about slavery or something.

  14. SlapShot
    So….the RCMP have nothing better to do than check on a Canadian citizen returning home! Ridiculous.
    They have really dropped to a new low as a police force. A joke actually!