Only A Little Bit Stabby

Sunday’s anti-cop riots in Lancaster, Pa., have made the current de facto rules of engagement clear: Officers may never defend themselves against lethal force if their attacker is a minority. They should simply accept being shot or stabbed as penance for their alleged racism.

Heather Mac Donald on the new woke rules.

5 Replies to “Only A Little Bit Stabby”

  1. Surely I’m not the only one to have come up with this workable solution. These characters that don’t like the police can have their names, addresses and other relevant matters listed on a Do Not Call list. Just like getting rid of telemarketers. You’re getting murdered? 911 will know you are taking a brave stand for the cause and send the squad car to the next call of someone who appreciates police services.

  2. Why would any sane individual want to become a police officer anywhere, except sadists, masochists, and power seeking thugs. We have seen before where all manner of requirements are lowered to entice more varied individuals to join their ranks. This requirement level, will now drop dramatically, it will only draw more of such societies dregs, creating an even worse situation of police abuse of authority. There is also the scary question of attitudes from criminal individuals who before would run to avoid or to escape from police, that now are forcefully attacking the police. Not just the odd individual, but a whole group mentality evolving, that is deliberate in its intent to attack and destroy police, and those without compassion and empathy screaming that they hope those wounded officers will die. This is different, a frightening kind of different, a fundamental shift of attitude, that has descended into a dark morbid place. Civilization isn’t breaking down, it is now in parts, already badly broken. Where this ends is not something I want to contemplate, or envision. There is nowhere to go to avoid, or escape this darkness, it is everywhere.