99% of Journalists Aren’t Doing Their Jobs!

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Update: If you want to see hypocrisy to the Nth degree, read the replies from Leftists here. These m-o-r-o-n-s really don’t believe that #ThugsForBiden should be accountable for their actions.

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    1. I thought doxing was providing the person’s name and residential address for all to see. Which is what the left does continually along with the statement “please don’t do anything violent to this person”.
      Simply posting a picture with the name of someone who has been arrested is not doxing. The MSM press does this all the time.

  1. Rubbish. They are definitely doing the job they’re paid to do.

    That job is to help sell spoiled, bored white women who don’t know when they’re well off crap that they don’t need and their husbands and fathers, to put it mildly, really, truly do not want.

    Anything from overpriced lipstick to the “liberation” of the young black thugs who make some part of a spoiled, bored white woman’s body throb that isn’t her heart.

    Comforting the afflicted? Afflicting the comfortable? That sort of thing got Jesus crucified.

  2. Poor wee “righteous citizens”..somehow they cannot stand the light of day.
    Proudly they protest .for social Justice..whilst hiding their faces and refusing to identify.
    Says much about the strength of their convictions when they will beat up a reporter,rather than be identified and rather than argue their beliefs..
    As they want to slink about in the shadows,attack from the shelter of the mob and Burn Loot Murder..
    I say Good For Andy.
    Dox them all,no bag limit.

    1. It will be interesting to see how long the blanket covers over Newt’s comments about “Soros paid to have all of the DAs elected”.

      I’m wondering if they are actively trying to be the new Horst Wessel, or if those who are paying them are trying to fit them into that role?

  3. Leftists are depraved creatures, worse than orcs. They worship sexual predators, especially pedophiles, and serve Satan. They should not be suffered to live.

  4. Slightly of topic but really not…
    This is a breaking story which we might be hearing more of shortly. Newt Gingrich was on a Fox panel this aft discussing the destruction from rioting that seems to have no end. He invoked Geo Soros name suggesting his money is behind much of this including financing RADICAL district attorneys who are responsible for the releasing of these rioting criminals often overnight. Melissa Francis, a reliably conservative pundit told Newt to “keep Soros name out of it”.
    Stunning! Watch the video. 2 minutes.
    Couple weeks ago or so there was a poison being spread thru the MSM that, conveniently, any discussion about GS was to be deemed anti-semetic. Now that poison has infected Fox.


    Tucker, being part of the 1% won’t be drinking that poison you can be assured.

    1. Criticizing Soros as an individual for what he is doing it NOT antisemitic and it makes my blood boil that him, of all the the low life, kappo, JINO Jews in the world, is hiding behind that label.

  5. There is no such thing as objective media. There are partisans, mostly of the institutional left. Occasionally stories are reported on in an objective manner but usually not when anything political can be construed with the subject. There are also a hand full of mavericks like Andy Ngo, exposing the actualizers of the cultural Marxist professoriate as they re-enact the Nazi Brown shirts of the waning days of the Weimar Republic, cheered on and funded by the institutional left which includes virtually all Democrats.

    1. Not to worry.. When the real blowback takes place the MSM lizard Network homes will be holes in the Ground. The Marxist Journalists will all go Shark fishing… That is they will share a Bait Tub of Blood & organs….In NJ they have revved up mob critters that need a functional society…The wood chippers will need cleaning….

  6. I find more and more “reporters” simply re-write talking points from left wing organisations and present it as news. A few with Post Media are doing that.

  7. There is only one person I can think of who truly has deserved a Pulitzer Prize in the past 3 decades. And his name is Andy.

    1. A Pulitzer, like Nobel, is not the prize it once was. Hasn’t been in a long time (Walter Duranty, anyone?). Perhaps it always was, what we now know it to be. Like the Democratic Party, or the Liberal partyy, or New Labor.

      That “Democratic Party of your parents”, have you ever considered it has always been exactly the same as it is today. And that you have always been a gullible moron.

  8. I believe you are mistaken; what do you think their job is?

    If 99% of them are not doing the job you think they have, have you considered that perhaps it is you, who is mistaken?

  9. Not doing their job?
    Only if you take at good faith their job was to report what’s happening.
    I submit that they are doing the job they got hired to do, it’s just that their job isn’t what they say it is.

    Oh yeah, and Epstein didn’t kill himself.