Burn Baby Burn! Clinton Inferno!

Nearly 30 years ago, President Bill Clinton made a significant change to federal land management that created the conditions necessary for massive wildfires to consume portions of the West Coast, according to a fire expert who predicted the problem years ago.
Shortly before leaving office in 2001, Clinton limited the ability of the United States Forest Service to thin out a dense thicket of foliage and downed trees on federal land to bring the West into a pristine state, Bob Zybach, an experienced forester with a Ph.D. in environmental science, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. The former president’s decision created a ticking time bomb, Zybach argues.

19 Replies to “Burn Baby Burn! Clinton Inferno!”

  1. Clinton’s plan for a pristine forest in western USA may be a nice thought except for all millions and millions of people who now live there.

    Add to that… poor electrical infrastructure that sparks fires from time to time.

    But the biggest problem at this time is


    Four arrested so far.

  2. Thanx so Much Mr Clinton..
    Those of us in Western Canada are truly enjoying your designed version of an “indigenous first nations” summer… with SMOKE, clouds and temps below well 10C (~50F)

    May you and your filthy harpie rot in Hell for eternity…

    As for the Burn Loot Murder arsonists..??
    Shoot to kill. PERIOD.
    Regardless if its a forest or a hardware store.

    This is WAR

  3. MSM declared Bill Clinton was the smartest man in the world before Obama assumed that title. Surprising that environMENTAL expert Albert Gore, Jr. didn’t predict the wildfire risks because he knows all about endangered polar bears and won an Oscar.
    MSM in Chicago area are admitting smoke has reached us and smoke has also reached Washington, D.C. Good work Bill.

  4. If only Lord if only, all these people were the first to be effected by their idiotic and moronic policies, unfortunately it is always someone else.

  5. A trait of a Liberal is to never accept responsibility. Always blame others whether animate or inanimate. Trouble is, too many idiot humans believe the BS.

  6. Bill knew, or should have known, what they were doing.

    If I were a globalist who thought it morally wrong for proles to own land, how could I make a few bucks?

    1. Have my pocket politicians halt logging and controlled burning near thriving towns still mostly inhabited by Americans.

    2. Wait ten years.

    3. Give a firebug $100,000 cash in non-consecutive bills and all the kerosene he needs.

    4. Sit back and watch the proles burn alive or flee with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

    5. Buy the former townsites for nearly nothing and build palatial “cottages” to suit my Wall Street, petro-tyrant and Chinese oligarch pals.

  7. As long as forests are publicly owned and or are managed under popular green mythology / theology under the dead hand of government regulation, they will burn, they will be under-harvested, wasted, isolated, inordinately eaten by disease and insects and “preserved” and “protected” from most rational but unpopular use. The public, as measured by their choice in political mastery, don’t want good forest management.

    Just an opinion from another veteran forester.

  8. It is possible to fix this situation. The question is will the west coast states be interested in fixing it?
    Maria-Monika Metallinou, 2020. “Emergence of and Learning Processes in a Civic Group Resuming Prescribed Burning in Norway,” Sustainability, MDPI, Open Access Journal, vol. 12(14), pages 1-21, July.

  9. The people in these states might need to Burn Loot and Murder in retaliation.
    Wanton disregard for facts in order to push some lefty agenda. And so people die and lose their homes and towns. WTF is new?

  10. You don’t need to go to school for a long time to know that a forest, a prairie will burn every so often. Its what nature does. Those generations that lived around North America knew without stepping into a school that it is what nature does.

    Remember as a kid reading the western stories about cowboys and indians, in communist Europe at that, that there were prairie fires all the time.

    If people move into areas that by nature burn from time to time, it is not climate scam or anything else, its nature doing what nature does.
    It is as tough nature know whereof it does.

    Those affected can blame their mother in laws or anyone else, it will happen again and again.
    If someone insist to run head first into a brick wall, brick wall doesn’t care, see who will survive.

    1. Sorry Lev, but you’re talking about learning from history. The left doesn’t do that.

      Progressives regularly announce an end to history, or that it has nothing to teach us, and society learns the hard way (over the next 20-50 years) that those who won’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

      Which is part of why Progressives don’t want history taught effectively. If the next generation learns how their ideas have failed every time they’ve been tried then they won’t be given a chance to be elected again.

  11. Re: “You don’t need to go to school for a long time to know that a forest, a prairie will burn every so often. Its what nature does.”

    When flying to a geology project in the Northwest Territories back in the early ’80’s via Twin Otter, we flew over several hundred kilometres of taiga. Nothing unusual about the weather but we passed by many fires started by lightning and left unattended as the trees were of no commercial value and no one was threatened. During the summer project, smoke was often present.

  12. My sister-in-law’s brother woke up to the sound of cars rushing out of his California neighbourhood. He and his wife managed to grab their wallets and run to their car and drive away. Minutes later their home was on fire and gone in an hour to just burnt ashes.

    1. Thank God they’re OK! Houses and most goods can be replaced, people can’t.

      The house I grew up in was destroyed by fire while I was off at college, I have few tangible reminders of those years.

  13. The logic of the eco-left …

    – We have to burn-down Yellowstone Park … to save Yellowstone Park. Because “Fire is natural”

    – We have to burn all the spotted owls habitat … to save the Spotted Owl! But no logging company made a … ewwwww … profit … cutting trees!

    – “Fire is natural”. As natural as a Democrat BLM Rally

  14. Climate change has been going on since the Earth acquired an atmosphere. Exploiting climate change – real or made up – to wield power over the gullible has been going on ever since civilization came to be.