19 Replies to “Say It Isn’t So, Joe!”

  1. Now Joe, we’re going to take a lovely trip to Dallas. We’re going to go on a nice care ride and you get to have the top down on the convertible! Won’t that be wonderful? Never mind that we’re taking a sharp turn off the direct route! I’ll be right behind you in the next limousine to make sure everything goes as planned…I mean, that you have a wonderful time.

    1. This is no brain fart, no accident. They are telegraphing what a vote for biden means, it means he steps down and kamala will be president. It is a clear message, clearly received by the left radicals. This messge was obviously not being received through inuendo and so they have solved that. nuff said.

      1. Why would they do that?
        Harris was so rejected by the Democrats she discontinued the campaign before a single primary. What has made her more palatable?
        A doddering old creep and a vicious opportunistic hooker, in whichever order, do not sound so inviting. Despite all the virtue signally, the Democrats have not yet nominated a descendant of an American slave.

        1. They are telling us exactly what they are going to do yet we continuously refuse to listen. Why is this so?

          They seek the destruction of the US and the west, everything they say and do confirms this. Stop thinking like a conservative, start thinking like a radical leftist. It is NOT about convincing voters, this has nothing to do with winning a legitimate election.

          This has everything to do with ensuring the entire base is mobilised and acting in the right direction. Biden does NOT do that, Harris does and they needed to get that message out clearly. They will use the courts, they will justify it in the media, but most importantly they will use violence and terror to achieve their ends. They are telling us this. We just need to listen.

  2. Just shows that the plan has the approval and support of the Party at the highest levels; including the titular candidate.

  3. An all-moderate DNC Ticket … eh comrades ?

    Joe will succumb to a rare chemical/radiological poisoning … bearing a striking resemblance to Putin’s cocktail of death. Yes, Trump will be blamed … as Putin’s handmaiden

  4. No skullduggery is required. Biden is obviously too frail and mentally incompetent to finish a term. Democrats know that they are really voting for Harris. She is the perfect Dem candidate – woman of colour, rabid socialist, thoroughly dishonest, plus a rather colourful background that we need not review here. Question is whether the typical low information voter can connect the obvious dots.

  5. ….My take, the democreeps are determined to get Michelle Obama in the presidential ticket for 2020 .
    You wait and see the ” OCTOBER SURPRISE”!

    1. You wait and see the ” OCTOBER SURPRISE”!

      What could be better than the wookie and the hooker?
      Maybe Oprah and the hooker?
      For that fake veneer of civility.