31 Replies to “Say It Isn’t So, Joe!”

  1. Ooooops! Somehow the WW II slogan “Loose Lips Sink Ships comes to mind.

    However, I doubt that this will have much effect on the election.

    1. Right, the U.N. and China are ready to slip right in and take over.
      If not this time then 2024 for sure. I’m beginning to think that David M was right. Nov 3rd will be scary. The Dems were told not to concede under any circumstances by HRC!

  2. The gaffe is understandable. She’s tired. She’s more used to lying down with her heels in the air. You know, resting.

  3. I had no idea Harris was this honest!!! I am impressed. Makes me wonder if they’re going to force Biden to actually stay on as a puppet and figurehead for his entire term, while Harris makes all the decisions… I think her ego and lust for power will eventually make her dump him, but you can never tell with utter human dross like these people…

    1. In that scenario, her best move is to keep Joe in place for two years and a month. Then she can officially take over and try for two additional terms.

  4. The trick is that Biden stays on the ticket till Election Day.
    If he drops off before that, then all bets are off and the democrats have that nagging Bernie problem again.
    The party members had Bernie as their second choice but the establishment had other ideas.
    So if Biden has to drop out, who gets to run instead? The establishment choice (like in 2016) or the party members choice (Bernie)?

    1. Hillary. She’ll be vice president. Then something awful will happen to Harris so Hilary will finally get to be president.

      1. JB, I agree, that evil witch would kill her own mother to gain the White House, so knocking off Harris would be no big deal!!!

  5. I like James Wood’s tweet about this. Sweet Mother of God. Why don’t you just put a pillow over his head now you insane witch?

  6. So then kind of like Canada — sock puppet/marionette as “leader”, unelected political appointees pulling the strings and moving the lips.

  7. I can’t stand hearing Harris speak. What a tremendous treat that it was only a 4 sec video.

    Anyone else notice her very irritating speaking style? She sounds like an 8 yr old kid doing very shitty impressions of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. And what is with the ‘low IQ teenage girl uptalk’ style she often falls back on? There is generally a ‘whininess’ to her public speaking tone that grates my nerves like nails on a blackboard.

    Also, there is one well-known recording of her speaking in particular where she actually comes across to me as intoxicated, her usual speaking style is that ‘sloppy’ and ‘undisciplined’.

      1. I vehemently disagree James, Clinton is the most evil witch of our lifetime, Harris, is a witch too, but no match for the wicked witch of the evil democrats!

  8. Kind of like Canada, Dr.D, except Gerald Butts wasn’t nominated for an elected office and didn’t give speeches and interviews during the election campaign to explain what he was going to make his sock puppet do.

  9. Will Joe get the “Old Yeller’ treatment just after the election to distract the public from all of the Democrat voter fraud and other crimes as the DNC try to steal the election?
    It would certainly keep the MSM occupied for weeks.

  10. Republicans and other Trump supporters should vote straight Republican. If the selection of the president has to go to the House, we just know Pelosi will be president. She’s almost as goofy as Biden.

  11. I knew she’d throw Biden under the bus once he was done and pivot to herself in 2024; even so this seems surprisingly quick.

    Trump is at 51% approval at Rasmussen for the second day in a row. His range has moved from 44-49%, now trending up about two percent to today, with his recent (just) pre-Ukraine quid pro Joe recent high of 53%. Where’s that Schiff DHS “whistleblower?”

  12. It would seem that the apparatchiks of the aristocratic, socialist “democratic” party just don’t know what the hell to do.
    Those, running are like independent operators, one not knowing the day of the week and the other not knowing what is it they are running for. All they seem to know that they want power. Why?, that’s another question without a thought altogether.

  13. Harris is every bit unlikeable as HER.

    Biden is her beard … just making her look all … normal … and … moderate … (CNN told me so, when she was announced as VP) … till Election Day. Then … America gets transformed … into a permanent 1-Party State … just like CA

  14. Kamala sounds and acts like she is either high on drugs of drunk and sounds even worse talking like an A-hole. Treating the public like little children mummy is telling us something what a jurk.