Swamp Creatures

Heads need to roll.

Top to bottom.

Update @RussVought45Glad to report, per @POTUS’s directive, this training is being cancelled immediately.

14 Replies to “Swamp Creatures”

  1. Find the highest level that is compliant with the memo and fire them all publicly. Personal consequences work – words don’t.

  2. It’s a Trap. They want the head of the CDC fired. “Trump fires head of CDC in worlds worst pandemic” will blare out from the blow horns.

  3. And here I thought that only the FBI and CIA needed to be completely dismantled … but it appears as though the ENTIRE Deep State bureaucracy needs to be purged. The entire Federal Govt. and every Blue State, County, and City.

    1. The Founding Fathers never envisioned a Federal government large enough to rival the Celestial Bureaucracy. The issue isn’t that this department is corrupt but that department is selflessly serving the American people – it’s that the whole damn thing is huge, bloated, and unaccountable. Of course you have empire-building, private fiefs, and directors engaging in their own personal agendas orthogonal to their mandate.

      The solution is Constitutional originalism – completely dismantle 99% of the Federal government, restrict it to its enumerated functions, fund it with excise taxes, and let the States look after themselves.

      1. I tend to argue most every point with you… but on this, I have ZERO disagreement.

        Except you and I know that will never happen, because … inertia. The Governmental bureaucracy is such a leviathan that it is … too big to fail. Too big to be dismantled. Perhaps when 90% of all Federal spending goes to debt service … then it will HAVE to be cut down to size?

  4. “Heads need to roll.”

    Agreed completely. Too bad the figurative guillotine only ever seems to get used on conservatives.

    Their mandate is the “health security” of the nation.
    Given the disproportionate effects of disease on non-white people,
    it’s no surprise.
    Chris’s bombshell is a dud.

    1. So how does forcing employees into garbage sessions created by Marxists that are racist by design and have no basis in any reality help with the health security of the nation?

  6. If Trump wins the presidency but loses the Senate, he should come to a deal with the lame duck Senate to have mass firings of swamp creatures and appointment of conservatives, real conservatives, in their place. He has less than 2 months to accomplish this. Clean out Justice, the FBI, and CIA plus any other department that has shown belligerence.

  7. One benefit of this departments decision to ignore a direct order from the POTUS is that Trump now knows who he can trust, who is lying with every word they utter and who should be cleaned out.