Conservatives Win Majority in New Brunswick


New Brunswick voters elected a majority Progressive Conservative government on Monday, concluding a highly unusual election race — the first in Canada since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Just over an hour after the polls closed, the Tories under Premier Blaine Higgs were elected and leading in 27 ridings, the Liberals in 18, the Green party in three and the People’s Alliance in one riding.
It’s the first time a government in New Brunswick has won two consecutive terms since Bernard Lord led the Tories to victory in 2003.

Liberal leader Kevin Vickers lost his seat.

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    1. Favill…

      Damnit..!! I was about to say similar…lol.
      Excuse me..?? A “Conservative” win in the East Coast… ha ha ha ha
      Liberal Lite at best.
      Stalinists at worst.

    1. Winters are slightly warmer than points west, with summers slightly cooler. Great place to live if one is retired and healthy, in the sense that there are few jobs, but with cheap real estate and property taxes. My wife and I own a bungalow in a Fredericton bedroom subdivision, and a cottage on the Miramichi river, together valued at round $250,000. Plus low crime, few immigrants and little congestion.

      Here on the SDA discussion boards, both Blaine Higgs and the Irvings gef a bad rap. Mr. Higgs is a former Irving oil executive, and at least he is pro-business. Also about five years ago the Irvings saw the light and brought in a conservative edjitorial page director, for its newspapers, Jackson Doughart. He and I co-wrote two studies for the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, and I got to know him and he is decent young guy with the heart in the right place. The Irvings used to ge Liberal but at long last realized that the Liberals were anti-business and were hurting News Brunswick.

      Finally, Blaine Higgs and the PCs are the only party refusing to fund the Morgenthaler abortion clinic.

      1. Yes, but he did accept the former leader of the provincial NDP into his caucus. I mean seriously. How conservative are you when you take in an arrogant socialist /communist knob and give him the education portfolio? Like there were no other smart principle conservative thinkers out there that you could have brought on board? Higgs may be blue, but its a watery, translucent thin blue. Almost reddish. And quite frankly there is no difference in outcome, taxes never go down, services never get better, waiting lines never get shorter and debt never gets smaller. Pick a colour, any colour. Does not matter.

        1. Agree with some of what you say, and there is always the People’s Alliance party, as a right-of-center alternative. I would have voted for them in a riding where they were in play, of possibly winning. In my step-son’s riding, in Doaktown, they came in respectable second, and I would have voted PA there. And give them credit: the PA MLA in Miramichi City soundly defeated Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers — an establishment candidate sent from Ottawa.

          Notice that the corporate national media all but ignored this election. Agreed are a cabbage patch here, but the result is a thumb in the eye of the Liberl-CBC establishment.

          1. I am not convinced the PA is a good right of center alternative. Their main points seem to be tinkering with motor vehicle licensing dates and stickers. Not anything meaningful, but perhaps you could say they want to lesson government red tape. Conservative policy in NB is akin to rearranging deck chairs while the ship keeps on sinking. No one is addressing the real problem. And the local girl did beat the outsider (and Vickers was an outsider despite his birthright), but that is New Brunswick. and I agree anything that shames the CBC is good. They are an anachronism, despite what Terry tries to sell you every morning.

    1. That the Liberals lost is cause for rejoicing. Gerry K is correct… red Tories are better than any colour of Liberal.

      One has to stop digging before one begins to fill in the hole.

    1. A conservative who believes in man-made global warming … and white privilege? Is that progressive enough? Or does it require a few more goodies … like LGBTQq Rainbow Pride? Settler-Hate and guilt? Do you have to be a Francophile?

  1. The conservative leader, Blaine Higgs, is a former Irving executive and a “fiscal hawk” according to CTV. At least he knows how a business runs, and it ain’t easy working for Irving. KC Irving used to say he doesn’t hire managers with a low golf score. His managers don’t have time to golf.

    The Liberal Leader, Kevin Vickers, was a Seargent at Arms when he shot the Islamist who killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo in 2014 from a terrorist in the Parliament buildings. Harper made him the Ambassador to Ireland and he somehow leveraged that work experience to run for the Liberals. Previous examples seem to indicate that no experience is necessary to become a Liberal leader. Vickers should have stuck to security work…

  2. Progressive conservative, two words that are absolutely antithetical, and yet they would try to use them to build a political movement and policy platform.

    The suck and blow party.

    I thought we got rid of this nonsense a few decades back

    1. As noted above. Much better than the Liberals, NDP and Greens having any say.
      Some conservatives just don’t get it. Keeping the other parties out of and away from power is a win even if it isn’t a shutout.

  3. Quite happy with this result.

    And, may I add, here in deepest, darkest, Erin O’Toole SW Ontario country, wherein one can run one’s Rottweiler (Harry) on a country road, and some dude pulls up in one of them king-cab Ford F-150s (there are 62,500+ models, don’t cha’ know?), and the dude pulls out his rifle as he’s standing (literally) 3 feet from you.

    And he volunteers, “We’re not happy with the coyote problem this year.”

    What else may I help you with today?

  4. They like the name ‘Conservative’.
    They don’t want taxes to go up nor any one too flashy.

    As for the weather, there’s 2 seasons, Winter and July.
    Bring a hoodie or a light ski jacket, just in case.
    It’s always windy.

    1. Yes, they want the Fed’s largesse. They, along with the Que-Ons and the rest of the Maritimes are our first citizens, after all! /s

      Lordy Jeebus, dey freeze out dere for you so
      d’mericans don’t take da land! / s

  5. Could care less. Conservatives in the east are simply politicos taking advantage of a brand. What people don’t realize is that the brand has been watered down to the point of irrelevance. Meanwhile out West the Wexit Party is doing their homework and is actually reaching out to voters. Laughable CBC drivel as the promoted a NDP comeback as Kenney popularity slumps. The 20% undecided are more likely moving to Wexit. If Wexit can elect half a dozen members next election it will be the end of the CPC in the West. There is almost a daily ask for money from the CPC and each time I say my money is going to Wexit.

    1. CT…exactly.
      I don’t give much, cause I Ai t got much, but I do give and it goes to Wexit.

      My Conservative/UCP cards now nothing more than CO2 and ash.