18 Replies to “O, Sweet Saint Of San Andreas”

  1. I listen to an Internet radio program that originates out of the San Francisco area. The host said in a recent show that it was a good day for him because he had electrical power at his home studio.

  2. Maybe he is, Kate.

    The nice thing about the American left’s current tantrums is that they are removing any reasons President Trump still had left to resist sending a few good men in uniform to remove the Sacramento globalists and replace them with good Americans committed to making California great again.

    Gavin Newsom won’t be so defiant once he’s in handcuffs and on a flight to a Nevada military base, where he can expect to finally be forced to explain who he’s really working for and how he expected to profit from aiding and abetting the Republic’s enemies.

    We’ll see on that happy day how many of LA’s thugs and anarchists care to be the last to die for unreliable electric power.

    1. California is demographically Mexico. There is as much chance of making California great again as there was of making Mexico great ever. It’s not going to happen,

      1. It’s trending there but not there yet.
        Languages spoken at home: English 58%, Spanish 29%, others 13%.
        Languages spoken at my household of two, I’d guess English 59%, others 40%, Spanish 1%.
        (Are you speaking English or Spanish when you say Los Angeles? I guess it’s English if you pronounce it as lawSANjeles.)
        But I am afraid you are right, the Golden State has been forever tarnished, and getting worse. The Democrats are busy driving most industry away, and creating a two tier society for the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe, whose corporations give California the illusion of continuing prosperity.

  3. As I said in a previous post, humans no longer have the survival chances of a snowball in hell. We are all too stupid to survive.

  4. The absolute tragedy of this is this was the state of Reagan, “The Golden State”, a state where one could successfully pursue your dreams. Heck – everyone wanted to move to California. Now it’s become a Third World Hellhole, thanks to unrestrained liberalism. You can hear it in the voice of VDH – the man sounds chronically depressed – probably because he is.

  5. https://environmentalprogress.org/big-news/2018/1/11/jerry-browns-secret-war-on-clean-energy

    “The story begins in the 1960s with the construction of Diablo Canyon. The goal of the state’s electric utilities was, at the time, to reduce dependence on coal, oil and natural gas, which were and remain expensive and dirty.

    But the same year the Sierra Club endorsed the building of Diablo Canyon, Brown’s family came into extraordinary oil wealth — wealth that depended on maintaining the state’s dependence on imported foreign oil.

    On taking power in 1975, Brown and his allies aggressively wielded power in ways that directly benefited Brown’s family, which included killing nuclear power plants. ”

    Maybe that’s why they’re called brown outs?

    1. An outstanding link, Buddy. This is where one realizes just how truly evil Governor Brown and the Sierra Club under Dave Brower truly are.

  6. Read the comments in that thread. Lots of commenters actually think the brown outs are fine. Likely the same people like Joe Rogan that are moving to Texas to escape California liberals to vote for liberals in texas.

  7. Trudeau is planning on bringing this to Canada. he probably will because I suspect the NDP and Bloc will support him.

  8. This is what Trudope is going to do to Kanaduh.
    We are going to GREEN the economy. Start collecting firewood. winter is very long, and very cold. in this god-forsaken land.

  9. https://view.em.pge.com/?qs=d3b711aac65fd519c17d86e781613a63a66b78bd1b4bc9fab2d761faf07070fe75438c8653861c20d452324f16d0c72e90ba68441b5ac09e31f955fbd0beb7d1dab4ddbac159e74ba53de369f3646422

    PG&E is …”proud” of me … for NOT using electricity. For NOT turning my air conditioner on when it was 110 deg. F yesterday. I am brimming with State Utility Virtue. If I choose to live like a third worlder … again, then they won’t have to turn my electrician ty off … again.

    Not the State of my ancestors or my birth. It’s morphed into a grotesque Marxist Nanny State. And the people here are all filled with virtue of the State