Art Of The Deal

In any other Presidency there would be Peace Prize chatter.

In addition:

Serbia to move embassy to Jerusalem; mostly Muslim Kosovo to recognize Israel

UAE formally ends Israel boycott amid US-brokered deal

Bahrain to allow Israel flights to UAE over its airspace

Update: Grenell 2024

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  1. ok,,, I get it now,,, that’s the reason the NYT and the rest of the Drive by Media(including CJME/CKOM), had that made up hit piece on Trump this morning re soldiers.
    It all makes sense now, something good for Trump, had to be coming out today !

    1. It is interesting because Trump is actually doing damage control. The media put him in the defensive.

      It’s taken the narrative away from the Antifa guy and Kenosha.

      1. Yeah, what does it matter anyways, when even Bolton has denied the BS story.

        More ANONYMOUS sources (made up shit) that somehow qualify as journalism nowadays. Same MO from the Nevertrumpers since 2016. Make up garbage story, quote anonymous, print, rinse, repeat.

        This is so transparent. The Demarxists and their minions are panicking, they know that Trump is strong, and Biden is a doddering Mr Magoo.

        1. But it’s Mr. Magoo’s … turn. Just like …SHE … had HER … turn. And once again … PDJT will WIN! WINNING!! For America

      2. Heads up! Protests Saturday Nationwide because another Antifa scumbag bit the dust. Stay out of the Metropolitan areas Saturday.

        The Portland Antifa murderer died in a gunfight last night. He had a semiautomatic rifle and came out shooting when the Federal Marshals tried to arrest him. He reportedly fired about 50 rounds. He died. The feds are OK.

        I wonder if the riots tomorrow will be bad? The dead guy is a white guy, and white men don’t count.

  2. No no no, you silly rabbits…
    I’ve been assured by commenters on the internet that peace was about to break out in the Middle East and Donald Trump deserves no credit for this.

    “The UAE-Israel strategic relationship was fueled by mutual fears of Iran and formalized by the United States,” said Karim Sadjadpour, a Middle East analyst at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “It’s an example of Trump slapping his name on a hotel that was essentially already built.”

    I’m still waiting for the war that was promised when he moved the embassy to Jerusalem.

    1. Mutual fears of Iran? He didn’t ship pallets of cash to Iran like Obama. Cash is really handy to finance terrorists.

      1. Rye-High due for a binary update.
        Now i can burn my parchments.
        Thanks for the mammeries.
        The quad, the mech students “vault” lined with centerfolds, disco lights in the main hall basement pub, all the places i don’t remember. All a blur.
        Good times.
        Then the SJW’s took over.
        Your time is gonna come-LedZep

      2. I was shocked by the guy’s comment about his six year old’s student planner! We have some real sickos working at our school boards.

        1. LindaL: I f that fellow was in Toronto, it no doubt came as a hangover from Turdeau’s perv buddy who was in the Ontario ministry of education. It truly is sick!

  3. Yes but nothing can beat Obama getting a prize for being black. Maybe China Joe can get one for having dementia.

  4. Why would we expect that his enemies would be pleased with peace or even give him 1% of the credit?
    Who is surprised?
    These people and their organizations are immoral and each day move further beyond the pale.

  5. How dare Trump disrespect holy ground like that? It was there, there!, that the great HRC–the true President, whose office he stole from her–had to emerge from a helicopter under fire! Trump tarnished the memory of such a brave and noble act.

  6. Jesus, Obama wiped his ass without getting anything on his fingers and he got one. That’s how meaningless the nobels are.

    Biden will likely get one if he eats a hot dog without poking his eye out. (50/50 odds)

    1. That’s how meaningless the nobels are.

      Not all Nobel Prizes are meaningless. Dr. Frederick Banting won his for his work on insulin, one result of which was that my father lived for more than 50 years as a diabetic.

      Then, in 1978, Dr. Robert Wilson and Dr. Arno Penzias won theirs for their discovery of the cosmic background radiation.

      The one Nobel laureate that I hear a lot about is Dr. Joe Taylor K1JT, who won his Nobel in 1993 for his work in astrophysics. That’s right: Joe Taylor is an active radio amateur and has developed a number of digital signal modes.

        1. I have to agree that some Nobels are meaningless.

          The prizes for peace and literature have often been a joke, influenced more by political correctness and politics than in actual accomplishment. And, sometimes, one has to wonder just what the committee was thinking when it awarded them. Paul Krugman is one example.

          The ones in the sciences and medicine have, for the most part, reflected the best knowledge in those fields. Examples of that were the prizes awarded to Dr. William Shockley, Dr. John Bardeen, and Dr. Walter Brattain for developing the transistor and to Jack Kilby for co-inventing the integrated circuit (one requirement for awarding a prize is that the recipient has to be alive and Dr. Robert Noyce, the other IC co-inventor, had died several years earlier).

    1. Indeed, my Lord.

      It’s only appropriate that you follow Kate. She is one righteous gal!

      And the 10 commandments advised us not to covet our neighbors property … but the Democrats are doing MORE than coveting … they are promising to confiscate wealth. That sad governor of CA is trying to pass a “wealth tax” … he’s going to TAKE a chunk of what my wife and I have built over a lifetime, by self denial and deferred gratification. Instead of being generous and GIVING to the truly needy … the government bureaucrats are stealing our assets for themselves. And they’re even LESS efficient than the Clinton Foundation.

      I want them all (the CA Democrats) to suffer unfortunate medical problems which keeps them OUT of our government. Sorry, Lord … I am weak. And I need your forgiveness. Perhaps you can make it so bad in CA that the majority of the people vote Republican again. Amen.

      1. Amen! Hope the Government doesn’t succeed with the planned theft. It is totally uncalled for. They don’t know how to control themselves. They need some tough accounting for the rest of days.

        P.S. In Canada too!

        1. They need some tough accounting for the rest of days.

          Easily said than done when most people I talk to about this respond with “I don’t pay attention to politics.” Neither did I until I realized what danger our country would be in if Prinz Dummkopf was elected.

          Unfortunately, I and many other Canadians were foolishly optimistic. He has caused a biblical scale famine in the land and he’s not done yet.

      2. I was sure the majority of Californians with any business voting at all did vote Republican. All that would need doing to ensure that their vote is respected is to require voting in person, no mask permitted, and with a law enforcement officer posted at every polling station.

  7. What are you celebrating, imbeciles? This is another surrender to mafia shqiptare. It will now freely operate in another European state that until now was off limits to them. Truly, Khanadians are total imbeciles when it comes to foreign policy, even the best of them. If you are the best, imagine the worst! Well, in domestic policy too. You elect foreign mafioso to parliament. Ah, who cares.

  8. Of all of Trump’s achievements, it is ones like these that terrify the Democrats the most. If they lose their ability to race bait and sub-divide people into Haves and Have-Nots, then they are done because they have configured themselves to be the party of the underdog/oppressed and the huge success/self-guilt multi-billionaire.

    Trump’s resolving seemingly irreconcilable groups means that he might take away the underdog/oppressed groups, and the Democrats (and establishment Republicans) would never be elected again (or course they would in time, but these people aren’t known for a long attention span).

  9. Praising Trump over such deals is like praising a drug addict for talking out the garbage. Its great that he did something useful for once but it does not come close to making up for the narcissism, incompetence and corruption that have poisoned everything he does.

    1. Thanks for quoting NPR/CBC/MSM talking points……..sorry, no Low Infos here to brainwash, except yourself

  10. With every one of PDJT’s breakthroughs in international relations … I am left asking myself what the US State Department does? Do they just go to elitist cocktail parties and ask for another helping of the Sweet and Sour Shrimp? Why aren’t ANY of these breakthroughs coming from our Deep State bureaucrats … highly paid bureaucrats. Why, you’d almost think they love the status quo … no matter how fudged-up the status quo actually is …

    President Donald J Trump … WINNING!!

  11. “Yeah, I’m just gonna talk about Kosovo and Serbia…I don’t know if you can find it on a map.

    And my favourite – “Maybe it’s too complicated of an issue for y’all”

    Hilarious. Where is Canada’s Grenell.

    1. Then some unknown “Reporter” … whined .. “we didn’t come here to be insulted”. “Wahhhh!!” I just HATE PDJT sooooo much … that we REFUSE to discuss his tremendous VICTORIES!! We need to pretend it never happened. “waaaaahhhh”

  12. Don’t worry…they’ll find a way to give the peace prize to chairman xi for his adroit handling of the covid outbreak.

    1. And TIME’s Person of the Year, no doubt. (As if anyone gives a you know what about or even reads TIME.)

  13. The peace prize is meaningless ever since Arafat got it. Obama getting it for being elected was topping in the cake.

    1. The Nobel Peace Prize has about as much prestige as the Order of Canada. Everyone on the left eventually gets one.

    2. Tom Lehrer remarked that when Henry Kissinger was awarded the peace price, he knew that satire had died.

    3. Exactly! I know someone with a Political Science degree from York University who believes Arafat was a man of peace. I kid you not. When this person was at York, it was known as “Jew U” (disgusting). When I was at York (mature student) for a couple of years in mid 2000s, there were often anti-Israel protests in Vari Hall (Israeli apartheid crap) that were quite frightening.

  14. Amazing how the governments of the Muslim world matured when they realized they were running out of Christian money.

  15. Wow, could it be People’s Republic of China and Taiwan next?

    Well, no, that’s impossible. But you know, sounds like similar level of achievement.