Pleasing Your Enemies…

Does not turn them into friends.

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  1. Whoever runs against him next for Mayor just has to print posters of this stuff instead of any of their own policies. 🙂

    1. Exactly what I was going to say. I’d love to be his mayoral opponent…I’d just have 2 or 3 minutes of people burning, looting and murdering and ask the voting populace if they want more of that.

  2. Your headline is wrong, Kate. This is clearly not a case of pleasing your enemies. Wheeler is one of them. They’ve simply moved to the next obvious step and have, once again, begun to eat their own.

  3. Ted has found out that if you dance with the crows you eventually have to pay the piper.
    He probably doesn’t yet realize its a debt trap with only one way out.

    1. “If you fly with the crows, you get shot with the crows.”
      “If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

      Old adages; still good.

  4. Unless the violence stops and soon, it will require a military intervention of a scale never seen in America since the civil war. Mayors and governors be damned the average person is sick of this. The President will have to act or the people will.

    1. OWG, the President is incapable of doing anything. He moves as the will of the people who follow the constitution move. There are more people every day in America who are sick and tired of the anarchy in the progressive Democrat controlled centers. Once the mobs begin spilling into the more Constitutionally run areas, we will see pushback which will drive the rats scurrying back to their nests. Those nests will be burned with a severe and consuming heat which will eradicate the vermin. There won’t be enough George Soros money to keep the flames at bay.

      And it will be the people, not the President, who will accomplish this.

      1. ” … we will see pushback which will drive the rats scurrying back to their nests. Those nests will be burned with a severe and consuming heat which will eradicate the vermin… ”

        Wishful thinking, methinks.

      2. I’m with you Glacierman!

        Trump is going there today.
        Trump is the President, the Negotiator-in-Chief, the Man.

        Just watch him.

      3. I agree! So many people do not know how the United States’ system of government works. The states are much more autonomous than the provinces of Canada. The American federal government only has authority over trade, ports, the national system of highways, airports, foreign affairs and can only declare war after Congress authorizes same. The federal government can ONLY step in to help if the individual state requests same.

        On a slightly different note, I am heartily sick of “stupid people”. I think our western world has become so safe, that it allows stupid people to reach adulthood. Many then die in their 20’s due to the consequences of their stupidity, but some do end up “breeding” and passing on their stupid genes. Our Scottish grandmother commented on this back in the 1960’s. In her youth, many people died before their 5th birthdays. Her motto was “Life’s a bitch, and then you die!” But on the plus side, she was an excellent cook and baker!

      1. That depends on the nature of the “going kinetic”. If there’s a direct attack upon him in one of these troubled cities, and the government responds with overwhelming defensive force, that’s a little different.

        I agree that the left (particularly the media) will portray proper to firm policing against lawlessness as “Trump’s fault” and that low information types will more likely support the rioters in that case.

      2. Troll, really?

        Trump was asked about Kyle Rittenhouse and him carrying a gun even though he was a minor. Trumps response was that Kyle appeared to be in grave danger especially when he fell to the ground and then had to shoot in self defense as the angry mob was bearing down on him and would have in all likelihood killed him.

        The President was wise with his words, confirming the “people” have the right and the Constitutional authority to defend themselves. No talk of bringing in the military.

    2. What! have you forgotten George Wallace in Alabama….Black Americans (/Roots) are getting demonized by Communist WHITE members of BLM/ANTIFA… If Civil rights mattered the GOV/Mayors would be Perp walked…The financial supporter’s of this Marxist revolution are KNOWN… Time to pull the PIN

  5. Portland residents should join Antifa and send love to the mayor.
    I am sure he is going to do great in the polls next time.
    If I was him, I would resign and move out of the state ASAP.

  6. Remember, it is an information operation, not a kinetic one.

    They have been trying since, what January?, to get Trump to go Kent State. Trump clearly recognizes this, and he has turned their information operation against them. Remember, that talk is cheap, Trump knows this. So, offering/threatening to send troops, denouncing the rioters, is simply a tactic in his information operation. Every time he sends another tweet, the drooling morons think “yep, this time we got him, the troops are coming this time for sure, this time he goes kinetic for sure”. This causes them to make yet another error. Trump has them confused.

    That is why I think it is time to agree with one of the trolls here. Let them all think they are winning the information operation, so that they keep making mistakes.

    We have them beclowning themselves on all fronts. CNN is still calling them peaceful protests! Trump has exposed their fraud.

    “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” ~ George Orwell

    1. Kevin, you said it well, and I have been thinking along those same lines. He has publicly stated he will move into those areas gladly to help put it down, but only if the Mayor/Governor invites federal help. He’s playing the long game, and I’m fully convinced he has sewn up the re-election. However, When he wins, it means more of this crap, but a lame duck has way more leeway as well. It’s been said on this thread that the left will go down swinging, and I agree. I still think this will end in a civil war, how long it runs is debatable. It depends how “forceful” the Fed cleaning crews are, and how soft their rules of engagement are. I suspect forceful and soft will prevail. What I would like to see here, is all these Antifa BLM terrorists locked up in a “special” camp for wayward lefties. Said camp can then be used as an ongoing threat to any further lefty caused unrest. Preferably the camp will be located in Alaska, and have meager camping equipment installed on an open plain, but surrounded by an electric fence. These idiots don’t understand how good they have had it, and how bad it could get. Time for reeducation!

      1. “how long it runs is debatable. It depends how “forceful” the Fed cleaning crews are”

        THAT, right there, is aYUGE question. And it depends, on how many Lois Lerners, Jim Comeys, Peter Strozkz, … are left. How many front line FBI, are on antifa’s side? How many are not?

        I believe there are basically three of them, continent wide. It is just that CBC, CNN, have them on speed dial, and are always ready to help inflate their numbers.

  7. Ted “the Incompetent” Wheeler is actually currently in a mayoral run off against Sarah Iannarone, a member of Democratic Socialists of America. He is up 20 points currently.
    I don’t know what to say. 30% of downtown businesses are permanently closed with the number rising the longer we are locked down. Open office space downtown has tripled to a 40% vacancy rate. The Portland Apple store is closed and they are looking at relocating out of downtown. It was one of the most successful Apple stores the US.(no sales tax) Small businesses are getting completely destroyed financially. Local leaders are talking about 10 to 20 years to recover from the loss of the tax base.
    Even though we didn’t have the large scale building burning here the vitality of the city has taken a big hit.

    1. Portland is Wheeler’s to lose.

      Even if he were to win, he would have a minority and most of the businesses and its owners will leave, making the city a new Detroit.

      Voters will keep that in mind in November.

  8. In the meantime, our Premier Jason Kenney should be meeting with large corporations in Washington State and encourage them to move their operations to Alberta. It is pretty clear that Washington State is circling the toilet bowl as a result of years of radical left wing stupidity.

    1. Remember this. When it comes to the Leftwing nutjobs and Greentards, they congregate in the coastal areas, outnumbering the conservative types like me, overwhelmingly.
      This is the same in BC, Washington, Oregon, and yes, California too. The interior is Conservative/GOP country

      1. Dan
        Except in the Cities…and there’s the rub.
        When voters (many of them ignorant diversity types), bring in the likes of the Islamist POS in Calgary and that other Leftist Dirtbag in Edmonton…you know your electorate has turned socialist left and that said electorate will vote that way provincially as well.

        This phenomena is seen straight across the country in all our major cities.
        Thank your local Marxist..(Public Servant)

        As for the Donald. Smart SMart Smart…Carry on Mr President. The we in Canada would have similar…? Nirvana.

      2. Except you are missing the point……those lunatic leftists will choose to stay in their cesspool. They are too stupid to even recognize that their own ideology is killing them. But the smart ones will leave……AND, the jobs abandoned by the lunatic leftists will be taken by those in the jurisdiction they move to. It’s a win/win…..we get their smart ones and fill the vacancies left by the lunatics with our own people. Pretty simple calculus.

  9. Trump is in the cat bird’s seat and he knows it.
    When your enemy is digging themselves into a hole, sit back and watch.
    Although Trump can’t resist every once in a while offering them a bigger shovel.
    Trump will wait and present the picture of the law-abiding peacemaker, politely following the Constitution and thereby requiring these recalcitrant mayors and governors to eventually turn on one another and come begging for help.
    Once he has been re-elected (with an extra boost, as if he needed it, from the victimized residents of these hotbed states/cities) I suspect he will invoke the Insurrection Act and shut down these riots.
    Meanwhile, pour another cup of coffee and pass the popcorn.
    And buckle up – the Left is going down swinging, because they already know they are doomed and have nothing to lose.
    You thought impeachment/Corona was fun?
    2020 is just getting warmed up.
    You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  10. There is an old saying amongst us Christians: The devil hates even his own. No where is that more evident than in Portland and the mob’s attack on the mayor.

  11. Glad to see Portland burning. Burn the whole place down until it is a smoking wreck. Let it be a monument to stupidity for the world.

  12. Trump, as usual, is 10 moves ahead of the left and it’s media minions. He has given them all the rope they need and they are using it very well… every day he gives them a little more, but…

    If these were normal times, I’d say he has the election in the bag. The scamdemic is the wild card. Riots and civil unrest are usually in someone else’s neighborhood, not your own. The left has a platform in the so-called virus that they can move into every home and that is called fear. They are using it very well and Trump is still vulnerable on it, although he has done a good job being prudent and sensible so far.

    As commented above, the left is not going down without a fight. Should DJT be re-elected, my greatest fear is that he succumbs to the Clinton virus before 2022 and then all bets are off!

  13. As noted up-thread, Wheeler’s only opposition in the election is a “democratic” socialist who would be even worse than he is. Forget it. The people of Portland have demonstrated that they are not fit to choose their own government.

    The only way to restore law and order in Portland is for the boys in blue to arrest Wheeler and the civilian city council and assume full powers of government themselves. Suspend the election until the franchise is limited to people who can be trusted to choose their government wisely.

    While Wheeler is in custody, may I suggest that Portland’s finest find out what he really knows about what’s going on here. If waterboarding doesn’t work, I hear applying a blowtorch to what passes for his male organ would work wonders.

  14. One of the local news stations was reporting on the overnight rioting and pulled up a picture of Wheeler. The banner at the foot of the screen read Incompetent Mayor Ted Wheeler. They cut away to the news anchor then back to the picture, this time it read Incumbent Mayor Ted Wheeler. I want to find that intern and buy them a lunch.

  15. I hear that residents of Oregon & Wash State are finding that their License plates are been targeted in other States…Can’t wait for the Arizona Tow Truck business uptick removing damaged California Vehicles.. better stay home assholes & fix your problem…..

  16. I hope the City Police are responding to the Mayors calls properly.
    Safety first Boys.
    First check the protocols for any “improvements” by dear leader.
    Proceed to requested area,perform Job Hazard Assessment.
    Assess relative victimhood of participants.
    Consult todays list of priority victims.
    Check union handbook for personal responsibility conditions.
    Oopes coffee break time,take 15 In a designated “Safe Zone”.
    Call dispatch confirm location and nature of conflict..

  17. According to Andy Ngo,
    Portland Police declare a riot after #antifa rioters break into a dentist office near @tedwheeler’s condo & set it on fire. Police finally rush in & make arrests. #PortlandRiots
    My interpretation of the report is the dental office (“minority owned”) is on the ground floor of the condo complex.
    NIMBY indeed.
    Scroll to the bottom of the link.

  18. I wonder why insurance companies haven’t ended this already?

    Insurance, is a hedge against risk. It is now, objectively more risky, to own property of any kind in Portland. House, condo, car, business, all more risky. Have the rates of everyone in the city doubled yet? Quadrupled?

    I would think, that it should have already happened.

    Like oil companies in Canada; one reason to leave, is that no project can be insured ever again, because protesters will just shut it down.

    That actually sounds like a class action waiting to happen; if you live in a place where you chased the rioters out, nothing burned, why haven’t your rates gone down yet?