16 Replies to “The Troll Heard Round The World”

  1. Watched mostly on PBS but took in the closing moments of CBC coverage. Why am I not surprised that Lindsay whatever her name is closing sentences were ‘Donald Trump’s misleading remarks about his accomplishments and his misleading claims about Biden’. That’s her summary.

  2. Wait till the media go into complete melt down tomorrow after this extravaganza. The DNC carnival performed by the Hollywood crowd has proven to be a complete dog and pony show compared to this exhibition tonight. Trump locked up the black vote, the border officers vote, the Roman Catholic vote, the Law Enforcement vote, the emergency workers vote, the Italian vote, the only vote he didn’t seal tonight was the retard vote and he doesn’t need that one. I will have to replenish my supply of beer and popcorn before the oncoming hoarding that will descend on America prior to November 3rd. It’s truly is going to be glorious. MAGA!

  3. There were a lot of “up-yours”‘s in that speech.

    He wants the job, actually, and I would be proud to have him for four more years.

  4. Let’s take a moment and thank LeBron James. If he didn’t take the lead and instigate the NBA and NHL protest then millions would not of seen this. Trump should send him a Thank You.

  5. There are some people who might not acknowledge it, or know it, but God laughs. Seriously….He laughs. And it’s a good hearty laugh.
    Trump doesn’t know it, but I’ve heard God laugh more times since he was elected than I ever have before.
    What comes next, God knows and only He knows, but from now till the election results are in, we’re in for one H of a ride.

  6. The scenery was great! The speech from the south lawn in front of the White House was fantastic. Trump socked it to the Democrats on all fronts.

    “Joe Biden’s speech was made in China.
    Donald Trump’s, made in America.” (from comments)

    “Washington has not changed Donald Trump.
    Donald Trump has changed Washington!”
    (from Ivanka Trump…. line of the night)

    And like a gracious President, he thanked everyone that deserved thanks.

    The fireworks at the end were fabulous!!! It was a great show.
    Stay tuned for more reports, good and silly crazy.

    1. Really? In what way? You shouldn’t make asinine remarks you cannot back up.
      I can make a good case for Obama who weaponized the CIA, FBI, and even the IRS against his political opponents. But I won’t equate even him with Kim. However hard he tried, because we were still a constitutional Republic even during his administration. OTOH I can’t think of one single thing to justify what you said abut President Trump.

  7. The Media Party took several standing 8 counts.
    The ref had to stop the fight when Trump used the opera singers.