39 Replies to “WE Know Nuttin’”

    1. Scandals actually make him more popular. The worse he appears, the more Canadians will rally around him and give support. That was obvious after the election last year.

      1. Yeah but the Red Dwarf wants his job. At one point there is enough sharks in the water that one will take a bite, then a feeding frenzy begins.

        1. Red dwarf… With the fire hydrant legs.
          Every time i think of that contrived photo of CF in a too tight dress and the young entourage I puke a little my mouth

          1. Chris:
            1. Go to duckduckgo
            2. search for “christia freeland red dwarf”
            3. Look at images.

            Bonus: do it on full stomach and try to keep your keyboard clean.

    2. Frightening thought …. but definitely possible. Trudeau could easily find a useless UN job. Carney and red Frieland …

    3. Freeland?
      Free and land aren’t in her vocabulary.
      Or any Liberal for that matter.
      There will be a cost.
      There always is with each successive Liberal.
      It’ll be further into the bowl for the country.

  1. It’s like they want to park the bus on him but never quite got around to getting their drivers licenses.

    WE getting tired of the drip, drip, drip?. I know the liberals must be.

  2. The rot slowly unravels, conveniently after the lamest parliamentary session EVER draws to an insulting (bye Scheer) and pathetic close …. The stench from a winnable lawsuit was the likely source for the present WE “co-operation”, as well as a planned combo Liebral chair shuffle and under-the-bus moves.

    Hope reins eternal that the smell will go away before red leaves and fall winds descend and decorate Harrington Lake. I gather Trudeau still expects to have drama teacher work hours until September, but maybe no one will go back to school even then.

    To any rare NDP readers out there, please donate money, as Jagmeet really needs your help. Remember, CRA gives you a $200 deduction and, it is highly unlikely that you will be audited if you gift “correctly”, as determined by dedicated CRA union workers.

    1. The NDP stands to gain many seats in a fall election but instead support the Grits. Have they that little confidence?
      Or are they just a corrupt as the Grits, happy to mix their personal and government financial affairs.
      Remember the satellite office theft of taxpayer contributions? They are cut from the same corrupt cloth.

      1. There’s the killer, socialists are set to gain seats from other socialists, there seems to be no limit to the stupidity of Canadians.

  3. Keep going after these two creepy brothers. Keep the pressure on them. They’re scared and they’re broke. They won’t know how to handle it. They’ll sing to save their asses. Don’t let up.

  4. Since RCMP does not really know what their job description requires, I have a good gift idea for their officers’ family members:


    When you do not murder people for holding a stapler, do not drive drunk, and do not kick Buddy Tavares in the face, you might as well pay a visit to the Turddough and Moronoh and apply the gift above to their extremities.

    1. The RCMP may not want to remember that they took all their retirement funds away from the Government Taxpayer & invested in a private Ontario firm… That was before the 2008 melt down….Chances are they have Zero Assets…..and nobody is in Prison….

    2. Your list is a little dated-add- play Keystone Cops throughout Nova Scotia

      1. Thanx for the info. Am noticing that Victor Li is playing “least in sight”. As the overseer of all things financial in the WE conglomerate, would expect him to be involved in these dealings.

  5. Where are the Liberal Party RCMP ? Just kidding… Juthtin is on vacay, again, and the Liberal Government Media couldn’t care less. The Liberal Party adscammers and Juthtin Turdhole are up to their eyeballs in corruption and scandal after scandal, again, but the well paid Government Media don’t care and neither do the corrupt RCMP and neither do the assholes that vote for these gangsters. Hey, the RCMP let Jean Chretchin rule over them like they were his own personal gestapo and they let the LIberal Party get away with stealing 100″s of millions of taxpayer dollars from the treasury so I guess Juthtin Butts and the Globalist brigade will get away with the latest LIberal Party criminality. Turdholeland is a corrupt shithole… that should be Juthtins slogan for the next election where these gangsters will win another huge majority. Never underestimate the stupidity, ignorance and superficiality of the Liberal Party voter, they LOVE corruption as much as they LOVE Juthtin’s floaters… they simply can’t get enough.

    1. No.
      Liberal voters either ignore any facts of Liberal corruption, or hold their nose. They’re getting paid (CERB, SNC-Lavalin, Equalization, etc…) and they want to keep getting paid.

  6. Progressives aren’t going to care if their rockstars break laws. They consider anything to be acceptable in the fight for their chosen values.

    1. Acts of Parliament? Laws? The Liberals and WE experience the law differently from the rest of us.
      What’s the punishment for violating 1.1 of said Act of Parliament? A twenty dollar fine?

  7. So, how many years do you go, with the RCMP obviously on the other side, do you wait until you do something about it yourself?

    The CPoC? They will never do anything about any of their friends breaking the laws. The laws are for the little people, and they do not like any of the little people. They believe themselves to be separate and above the little people.

    And you suckers will never stop giving them your money or your votes.

    1. The establishment in Canada has learned that enough of the voters will tolerate their abusers as long as the abuses come with benefits.
      Or at least if you can find enough of them that can be fooled all the time (example health care debate).