Opening Bid

What’s the Bloc angling for now?

Questions around the ongoing WE Charity student grant controversy and concerns about the Liberals’ handling of other pandemic response efforts dominated Wednesday’s special summer House of Commons sitting, as the Bloc Quebecois continued to push for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and two of his top officials to resign, threatening attempts to force a snap election if they don’t.

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  1. Dear Leader is too good at hiding away when the heat is on. Too much like father like son for Pierre not to be his biological sperm donor.
    The Bloc must be planning to assist the Lieberals. A snap election would not bode well for the CPC while it’s looking for someone to take the reins. A snap election might result in a Lieberal majority. The bought-and- paid-for media would do non-stop free political promotions.

  2. The Bloc-heads smell liberal seats in Quebec ready for a pivot to the BQ. Retail politics, that’s all this is.

    1. Tanker is right. The Bloc sees a lot of vulnerable Liberal seats in Quebec. In the election last October they wiped out the NDP holdings in Quebec.

      The issue becomes the NDP. That party has not prospered under the leadership of Singh. It’s been wiped out in Quebec, been marginalized throughout western Canada except for British Columbia, was diminished by the Liberal tide in Ontario, and are nowhere in the Maritimes. Just about everywhere, it loses support to the Green Party among far left voters. In short, a new election at this time would seem to indicate only further losses by the NDP. So I suspect they may provide support to Trudeau as a way of avoiding an election in which they will lose further support and cannot afford in any event.

    2. Exactly. They will get Liberal seats and some of the few Conservative seats, plus what’s left of any NDP seats. If the NDP says no and props Trudeau, they will be destroyed in the next election.

      1. The NDP is going to get killed whenever the next election occurs. They are broke, they have mortgaged their HQ building to the maximum amount possible, they are deeply in debt, and their leader is rather uninspiring. Singh has allowed himself to be sucked into Liberal hands. He has given Trudeau cover from Parliament until October 2020. The only way for an early election to occur (without some revolting Liberal back-bench MPs) is for the Liberals to pull the plug themselves.

        Whoever forces an election during a pandemic will be raked over the coals be the media and by the nervous pearl-clutchers.
        Better to let Trudeau simmer and stew in his own mess.

  3. Money, power, control, supremacy. It’s what Québec always wants. Trudeau will give them whatever they want. The NDP will go along with it because Trudeau will offer them something too, like the official shutdown of the oil sands.

    1. Mostly wrong. Quebec doesn’t particularly want the shutdown of the oil-sands. They want a big piece of the action the same as they demanded and got from Newfoundland with the Churchill Falls power development in the early 1970s.

      1. They want a big piece of the action

        Exactly. That was one reason why PET and Lougheed butted heads over the price of Canadian oil more than 40 years ago. Quebec wanted Alberta to simply hand it over and Alberta wanted to charge what the rest of the world would have paid for it.

        1. OTT, BA, but I did talk to my CA daughter. First thing to realize is that there are serious deadlines to filing any sort of appeal or objection. What I understand is that the deadline for any appeal is the later of 90 days after the date of the notice of assessment or re-assessment OR the tax filing deadline for the next taxation year. The example she gave was that, for the 2018 return (filed by 30th April, 2019), the last possible date would have been 30th April, 2020 UNLESS there was a notice of re-assessment dated after 1st February, 2020. Given this is the never-ending tax year, deadlines might be changed but don’t count on it.

          Daughter sees a fair few of these situations. First step is to have taxpayer go on to “My Account” and check it for any correspondence. Quite often, there is a request from CRA for more information about a tax return but the client doesn’t get the letter and so does not respond. Failure to respond will result in a reassessment, and it’s THAT letter which triggers action by the taxpayer. So take a look and see if you’re missing some correspondence.

          Second step is to phone CRA and see if you can find out more. CRA agents are either really competent and helpful or they aren’t.

          Third step – might be first if you are approaching deadlines, is to file a quick “Notice of Objection”. That keeps things in play. You’ll need to do some research, though, to ensure you say all the right things.

          Hope this helps.

          1. Thanks for the info. I’ve never used My Account before, but I’ll take a look at it tomorrow. So, if I don’t check it, I therefore can’t read whatever they’re sending me. Maybe that way they can claim that I consent by my perceived silence.

            (It won’t be the first time that someone’s tried to pull that stunt on me.)

            Silly me for relying on good old-fashioned Canada Post. I’m so old I remember that one sent a cheque to the Receiver General if there was money owing. Now I can’t even do that any more.

            To be honest, the government’s been rather nasty with me ever since I inherited my father’s estate. Maybe it thinks I have too much money which it thinks I don’t deserve.

          2. BA – if you need to get in touch with me, go to Blazing Cat Fur and have him send me your email address. He knows how to find me.

          3. Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.

            But, like I mentioned earlier, the money’s not important. I just want to know what my mistake was.

            Maybe I’m too busy with other things such as settling my father’s estate.

          4. BA – given my experience with Rev Can (now CRA), I’m willing to bet the mistake’s not yours. It could very well be their computer generated a “need more information” letter which you didn’t get, and the re-assessment followed.

            I’ve done taxes for years, over 25 years professionally; have joked that wedding promise was to “love, honour, and do income tax”. Many years ago, back in the day when one mailed in returns with all relevant documentation, had a minor charitable donation denied. So spouse and I went down to the local Rev Can office (this was when one could actually speak to an agent face to face) to sort this out. Explanation was that the relevant charity didn’t have their receipt the way Rev Can wanted it, so denied. Spouse muttered something about how I should have known that and the Rev Can agent – to his credit – rather sternly asked spouse if had any idea it would have cost to have this done professionally and said spouse was fortunate had someone who could do a really good job for “free”.

          5. If there was a request for more information, and it ended up in My Account, I clearly wouldn’t have read it. What’s next? Signing up to Farcebook in order to get taxation updates? (Yeah, I’m that old-fashioned.)

            I’ve been doing my own tax returns for 30 years. One reason was that I had accountants do them on previous occasions but I found mistakes. I expected that they would offer to correct them at their expense (nope!), but the last time that happened, the kid gave me a snotty answer along the lines of “What do you expect for what you paid?” OK, thanks, I’ll figure out how to do it myself.

          6. Hey, get offline. Wrong thread. I get your points, carried over from a previous comment thread….but really….get a private room.

  4. The “opposition” parties voted to give Truedope emergency spending powers without oversight until September. The Bloc are obviously doing this to get paid. The only question is whether they are extorting the Liberals or working for them.

    1. Bloc MPs voted with the Liberals in late 2019 to kill off any investigation into SNC-Lavalin. The Bloc was expecting something in return. I guess they never got paid.

  5. The Bloc is only concerned with Quebec, it’s a federal farce. If a party doesn’t have members from all provinces they are not federal, they are provincial.

    1. Liz, so what? For decades, the NDP had no representation in much of Canada, but no one considered it a federal farce. For years the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada under the leadership of Jean Charest had only two seats in Parliament, and no one considered it to be a farce. It was one of the fragments into which the party led by Brian Mulroney split. It had to be put back together by Stephen Harper.

      You are missing the point. The Bloc has power and it is determined to wield it in its own interest.

      1. geezus cgh, on tech issues, you are great, on politics and human behavior no so much.Those parties who had few seats were NOTHING like the block, they had votes, organizations, and candidates all over Canada, not just in one location as the bloc’s do, and that is a big difference. Max managed to get candidates in every riding, quite an accomplishment for a start up party, something a few in here fail to grasp

  6. Quebec & Western Canada should separate @ the same time….If Quebec goes alone Western Canada will be screwed… First one out Wins all the chips….Not responsible for Canadian debt…Immigration WALL…

    Just saying!

  7. Funny thing… the Bloc is prepared to dissolve parliament over Corruption?
    Let me get that right – CORRUPTION?? That same Bloc from the province of Quebec – WTF???
    Yer shittin’ me, Right?

    1. The Bloc is prepared to dissolve Parliament because they have professional, inside polling that suggests Trudeau is weak in Quebec.

  8. The question isn’t why is the Bloq demanding the tit’s resignation, but rather, why isn’t everyone?

    1. and that is the crux of it all – the liberals have demonstrated nothing but contempt for tradition – it’s one thing to pursue a political agenda and another thing altogether to re-write the rules. i don’t care how this piece of shit government is flushed, if it takes a bucket of rainwater from a barrel outdoors – who cares? when it’s gone – it’s gone.

    1. You are truly delusional. The issue is not Quebec. The ghost of Jacques Parizeau is well and truly dead and buried. The issue is a spectacularly corrupt Prime Minister.

      1. And the irony is that the block Q are calling out the PM Blackie’s corruption more effectively than the conservatives are calling it out, or so it seems. With due respect for Pierre Pollivier, the guy in the wilderness gnashing on locusts and honey, etc.

  9. The BQ is proving the argument for why the West Needs WEXIT. The CONS are already phoning here in Alberta looking for support. And please don’t split the vote whining, the CONS split the vote when they lost their balls. No PO you have had 115 years to fix this mess. We are booting you out of the trough. WEXIT ONLY.

  10. Ha…exactly what I thought. Paying off the bloc will cost us dearly. Again. Just a bunch of suckers, cucked by quebec one more time.

    Alberta deserves to have every penny we earn stolen by the east as long as we stay in this scam.

  11. This is why we need a western separatist party.
    So we can play their game.
    We don’t have a strong hand right now because there is no separatist party in the west.
    This is the new Canada.
    Get used to it.
    Dog eat dog and vice versus.
    Every man for himself.
    Screw the rest of the country out of every nickle that we can and to hell with them.
    We’re fools to expect them to play by our rules, it’s time to start playing the game by their rules.

    After a few years of that then Canada will truly devolve into a confederation of regions and separation will be the natural result.

    1. I concur, OWG.
      But the average Canadian tends to vote against a party on Election day.

      Tired of Liberals? Vote “Conservative”.
      Tired of “Conservatives”? Vote Liberal.

      We saw it before and we see it now.

      Problem is, this is textbook insanity.

      #LibCons legacy parties ruined our country. Had enough?


  12. Didn’t matter if it was Adscam or Meech Lake Accord.
    The scams run hidden from view until someone thinks they are being shortchanged or someone is taking too big a cut.

    The rest of Canada gets to pay for it.

  13. The Bloc is amusing themselves,no matter how an election goes,they would gain locally at the moment.
    And Locally is all they care about.
    Power,Money and sticking it to the ROC.
    Being a Bloc politician is the best it can be,for a political animal.
    I doubt it will matter much,snap election or not,Canada is broke,over extended and bankrupt with unfunded promises.
    When we hit about 40 cents US for our dollar, thats when the “Well educated ” Canadians might start to notice.
    When Justine’s fart catchers fail to get their “free Unicorn” they will start wailing and rending each other.
    We are not a functional country right now,not by any metric I can use,so our fragmentation is closing in on us.
    Unless we are willing to make the commitment,we will drift into Zimbabwe North.
    Where the USA will take what they need for Security reasons and keep the rest as Territories.

    Canadian “Independence” having been a blatant lie since Pearson’s day,we will be taken over as what we are,spoilt brats,unwilling to stand on our own too feet,utterly disrespectful of those who feed,house and PROTECT us.

    Sooner it falls,the more real wealth left for the clean up and rebuild.
    But when we eat our “seed corn” and steal our neighbours and eat that too,a crop starts to get real hard to come by.
    Enjoy the decline,is great advice,especially as collapse usually is happening before most citizens recognize it as a reset.
    Watchers of flocks,know how it goes.
    Most of todays “governance” is as productive as steers mating.

  14. Yup JR, I hope they take BC so they have a continuous coastline up to Alaska, and grant me citizenship, and allow me to be a free citizen, not a subject. I also hope they take Alberta and properly open the oil fields. I hope they take Saskatchewan to add the extra crop space they will need, and the potash mines. I hope they take Manitoba, not sure what they can contribute, but at least they would shut down the RCMP training facility in Regina, and that’s a big bonus. I hope they take the western half of Ontario, but put the border far enough from Tronna to avoid the stench.
    Yes I hope, I hope I hope I hope = wishful thinking, and about as useful as unicorn farts and fairy dust.

  15. Blockheads are just jealous they’ve been out-grafted by the grifters who were supposed to channel the cash to them.