Honey, I Finished The Internet

I picked up this old, framed photo many years ago at an antique furniture store in Edmonton (along with a disturbing children’s drawing, I should look for that as well).

I was clearing things out of a room prior to repainting, and planned to toss it in the trash, but instead pulled it from the frame for a closer look. The only notation on the back is obscured by glue. If any of you recognize the location drop it in the comments, and I’ll send you a free book from the SDA Free Book Library. You can have the photo too if you wish.

Click here for full size.

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  1. I don’t recognize the exact location but I think it’s Mount Rundle on the right, which would put it in the Banff area.

    1. I was born and raised in Calgary. Left in 1969 – really miss the mountains.

      This brings back lots of memories. I recognized Mt. Rundle right away, then “Squaw Mountain” and “Cascade Mountain” in your comment.

      I don’t immediately know who Rundle was, or whether Cascade was a person or a place. But the woke re-naming people evidently have some work to do in and around Banff. Maybe we could retain 4 out of the 5 letters as some sort of compromise so old guys like me could remember, and at the same time memorialize the Renaming Squad, by renaming it “Squad Mountain.”

        1. Thanks, Scissor. So Rundle was a Christian, missionary, colonizer … and all of that. The mountain obviously shouldn’t be re-named, but rather, it should be torn down.

          1. “…So Rundle was a Christian, missionary, colonizer…”
            Give the CBC a week and they’ll have this one changed while adding RACIST to the description…

        2. Interesting Wiki article. Rundle has quite a number of places named after him in Alberta.

          John Palliser named Rundle mountain after Rundle.

  2. Well, that didn’t take long… I’ll sort out some books for you tomorrow. Shoot me emails guys, I have lots to pick from.

  3. The shot appears to be taken with a very wide angle lens, to get all those mountains (Cascade, Squaw and Runde) in the shot. I thought at first it was taken from the Vermilion Lakes, rather than the Bow River, but with the wide angle could really be from the Bow. Rundle was an easy pick and some knowledge of the area helps. Not looking for any prize here. Just my two cents.

  4. That’s a very wide angle shot looking east towards the bridge across the Bow River on the south end of Banff Ave. Appears to have been taken from a boat in the river. Cool shot.

  5. I like to collect these shots for screen savers. Sometimes if you use some free photo software you can take what’s left of the colour, or discolouration, out and get a clearer black and white pic.
    Although some might think that’s not better, but up to you.

  6. The mountain on the right is Mount Rundle. I think the water is Lake Minnewanka, which is to the west of Banff. I spent a summer at the no longer existing Banff National Army Cadet Camp, right near where that picture was taken, if I’m correct about what lake it is.

    1. Rusty

      Army Cadets eh…? you guys won the lottery.!
      I was in Air Cadets in YVR 1966-1970…3 summers were spent at CFB Penhold in Alberta near Dead Rear. Sleeping in an old hanger with 300 other Cadets….But, got to fly a Sailplane one day – that was Kewl.!
      Did Survival course in Edm – Hinton Area ’69. (during Apollo 11)
      Senior Leaders in ’70 – Base Borden (Ont)

      Cadets was good stuff – no regrets.

  7. Photo taken on the shore of Vermilion Lake, Banff National Park. Cascade Mountain, Tunnel Mountain, and Mount Rundle from left to right. I once saw a huge grizzly bear cross the highway just north of that spot.

    1. Agreed. It’s a very classic view and a favourite of photographers. I’ve had a leisurely picnic there or more than one occasion.

    2. Chris has got it. Stoney Squaw is west of Cascade..
      And Lake Minnewanka is southeast(mostly east) of Cascade.

  8. If anyone wants the photo, let me know. I don’t want to toss it if there’s a home for it. It’s about 3″ x 10″

  9. A “disturbing children’s drawing”? The doodlings of a preteen Ted Bundy? That kind of disturbing?
    Don’t leave me hanging.

    1. Come on Kate, you can’t tease us like that and leave us hanging.

      BTW … I have a drawing done by my youngest son hanging in my office. It is … “disturbing”. I think he did it in 1st grade. It is of a MONSTER just riddled with arrows – and on fire. Yes … I know … if the school psychologist EVER saw that drawing … I’d probably be investigated by CPS. Why else would a young boy envision a monster riddled with arrows? YOU MUST be abusing him … right? Or … he was just a normal young boy.

  10. I agree with the person who suggested Lake Minnewanka – before the lake level was raised in the 1940’s. Apparently some of the old bridge is still there, underwater.

  11. First Vermillion Lake, Banff, looking NEward, towards Cascade, Tunnel (in front of Girouard), Rundle mtns