38 Replies to “The Libranos: Pieces Of Silver”

  1. Re: Trudeau government paying $84M to firm employing Katie Telford’s husband to manage rent assistance aid program…

    Interesting to not that when commenting on the NP’s story about the ”WE” scandals, I had my comments deleted for making the following statement..

    ”Trudeau pays his mother and his brother a total of $352,000 for a series of speaking events. These are my calculations, however I estimate that they got over $6000 per hour for speaking.” And now the same government that concocted the ”We” rackets are going to chisel seniors and low income people out of the CERB program?? Sunny ways!! Keeping in mind that CERB money could have gone into Liberal hands as well.”

    I often wonder who the NP is ”woking” for……

      1. I always wondered why I don’t read the National Post. I guess I was born with a functioning brain, and can recognize Satan, by his actions. Fomenting civil wars in all of the countries where he invests his wealth, has been very lucrative for him. He profits off of the misery that he, himself creates. In a just world, he would be swinging from a short rope in a tall tree.

      2. Ontario John: Now that is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Who is next?? Bill Clinton??

  2. No worries,,, Katie will have peoplekind write plenty of posts to the newspapers and website comment section(those that will bother to carry this story). They will justify her husband’s company receiving tens of millions of taxpayer money(or is that borrowed money) to administer some program,,, of course because “no one else could do it”.
    It’s all for a good cause,,, sure it is.

  3. That Mr. Silver used to be a regular on PandP with Vassy,,, I never knew he was Telford’s husband.
    Slimy CBC.

    1. Yes, that Mr. Silver was also the most vile political hack I have ever seen on my television. I
      am so glad that Kanaduh can find jobs for these otherwise unemployable garbage human beings on my freaking dime.

  4. This and all the other scandals will all be forgotten as soon as Justin re-brands himself with a shave and a haircut. Mark my words.

  5. There is no end to the Dopes criminal activities is there,?
    Why worry – not coming out of his trust fund – now that should be investigated!! Who is paying into it and how much??

      1. Indeed.
        Even those Cdns who think they are not stupid & vote CPC because it says “conservative” in its name.

        I’m sure some obscure CPC MP like Sloan will fix everything…



  6. The New Word for the CBC is “Recuse themselves” .. Somehow they don’t understand that those in the leadership circle just can’t behave like a minor official where a Recusal may be reasonable…..

    I am sure that Hitler also recused himself from every decision that favored himself… Nonsense

  7. And how many office drones do we have employed by the Feds who could have handled this for what we’re already obliged to pay them?

    1. None, apparently. All those civil servants we pay aren’t capable of doing anything for their salaries except subcontract to private companies the actual work of handing out government money to private companies (that donate some of the money to the Liberals?) and to (hopefully Liberal) voters who will return governments that will keep doing this.

  8. Who cares? Real estate is booming (again), in Tronna and wearing masks is the topic du jour. Picking the lint outta your insie is popular again.

  9. In the article Ms Telford is quoted as saying she recused herself from any decisions being made re her husband’s company to avoid a real or perceived conflict of interest. If this is true, then clearly Ms Telford is aware of ethics and conflict of interest eresponsibilities.

    Why then did Ms Telford not advise Justin Trudeau about the ethics and conflicts regarding Trudeau and WE? Remember Justin testified that HE “pushed back” on the WE proposal, not the people who reported to him.

    Justin is a serial liar.

    1. “In the article Ms Telford is quoted as saying she recused herself from any decisions being made re her husband’s company to avoid a real or perceived conflict of interest” Joe

      The only way to avoid a conflict of Interest is to “Resign” ..The whole “Recuse” is BS fed to the dysfunctional….She put a bag over her head and didn’t see a thing

    1. Just checked the respective news sites of our broadcast news cartel (CBV, CTV, Global) and nothing so far. The Globe and Mail broke the story, and PostMedia picked it up. It will be interesting to see how the corporate media reacts to this.

  10. A scandal hits the Katie Telford-Robert Silver family. Bet you they do not have to worry about money problems in uber-rich Ottawa.

  11. Yup, Liberals. Just like a pack of African wild dogs – sniffing and licking and humping each other before setting off together to prey on the taxpayers.

  12. Strange, I haven’t seen this story on any of Blackie’s bought and paid for media. It can’t be true.

    1. John, PostMedia has published a story, following the G&M investigative piece. But so far the broadcast media are censoring this story.

    2. Wonder how much the government paid which Liberal connected private company to actually pay out that subsidy to the media. And how much did it cost in civil servants’ salaries and other employment costs while they did the work of selecting that private company to hand out the money for them., supervising the contractor supervising the handing out of the money, etc.

  13. As a public official, it is not enough to merely avoid evil. One must also avoid the appearance of evil and the Liberals clearly have never heard or understood that bit of wisdom.

  14. S’Funny how we brand all Canadians as stupid because of the behaviour of Liberal voters. Liberal voters in Canada are like Democrat voters in America, they are both subject to the battered woman syndrome. They see the results of continual lying, physical abuse, self appointed entitlements, and the rest coming from the miscreants that they elect/marry and when they finally get up enough nerve to confront the wrong doers, well they keep settling for the “I’m so sorry, I’ll never do it again.” They can never accept the universal truth that they have a self-inflicted desire to suffer. They are so dependent on the suffering they cannot or will not leave the abuse, and as a result society as a whole suffers. S’Funny that!

    Look at the abuse that the Liberals have imposed on all Canadians over the last five years and then look at the situation in America and how the Democrats having lost the 2016 election have done everything within their power to get the electorate to believe that leaving the abuser has been worse for them than it would have been had they remained beaten and abused.

    Like the inveterate gambler knowing he’s playing against a loaded dice but keeps betting and throwing. S’Funny that.

  15. I saw her protecting Justin Trudeau, the Keilbergers and the LPOC in her testimony the other day at the Finance Committee Inquiry.
    (that nonsense thingy) When a Liberal questioned her she was relaxed, open and even kind, sort of, to the one questioning her.

    When the other parties had their turn her body language changed considerably. She seemed a little hostile to Pierre Poilievre……especially. I thought, she’s hiding something, this is hitting close to home.

    Though Mr Silver wasn’t part of this scandal, he is part of another one, sort of. Mrs Silver works for the P.M. and recused herself from anything to do with hubby’s work. Funny though, he still ‘got’ the job.

    The Family Compact is alive and well.

    I’m so happy for them all…../s