41 Replies to “Say It Isn’t So, Joe!”

  1. Kate,
    The original saying was “say it ain’t so, Joe”, written by a reporter about Shoeless Joe Jackson, who was freed by a jury of fixing the World Series but banned for life by the then Commissioner of Baseball, Kenesaw Mountain Landis. That saying was erroneously attributed to a boy outside the grand jury hearing.
    I believe Jackson was guilty only of misguided loyalty, but that was the British “public school loyalty” prevalent at the time, and it was the loyalty I learned. You never rat on a friend. He did his damnest to win on his own. He led both teams in batting average in the World Series, committed no error on the field, and even threw out a runner at home. But he never said anything, not even to get himself reinstated. AFAIK, for Shoeless Joe, it ain’t so.
    This Joe is exactly the opposite. He has no idea what is going on, but his friends are the ones who will never rat on him.

      1. No true, he is not worried about getting the novel coronavirus, he has never read a novel in his life.

    1. We’ve watched Tim Pool for some time now, and it’s quite amusing to observe him moving further and further right while trying, (halfheartedly), to maintain that he’s still ‘left leaning’.

  2. I have been saying this for months. They cannot announce a Biden VP Choice. Especially after he painted himself into a corner with a promised female VP, and a VP person of color to boot. She would by default become the new Democrat Presidential Candidate when Biden tearfully drops out of the race due to a new, unannounced medical condition, definitely not Alzheimers and Senile Dementia they had hid from the public the last two years. No, not that.

    With Joe out of the way and no named Female VP, the Democrats can drop in another White Male Christian Heterosexual Male as the Presidential Candidate. Because no one else in the Democrat Party has a prayer of even keeping it close in November.

    Can you imagine Stacey Abrams accepting the VP spot, and not demanding the top spot if Joe quits? How about Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris? If they are good enough to replace President Gropey Joe after the election, why not before the election? Why shouldn’t SHE be President?

    Joe cannot name a VP next week if the Democrats want to win in November.

    1. Interesting. I think this is correct. They need to quickly replace Biden so that person can choose their running mate. It ain’t going to be Biden. I also don’t think Hillary. People still don’t like her, but she would be more of a challenge than Biden.

    2. Both Cuomo and Gabbin Meddlesom believe they will be POTUS someday … but BOTH know they would be longshots as Dementia-Joe’s last minute pinch hitter (homage to OB’s post). Neither will want a stain on their electoral records … so … neither will accept the nomination. Who does that leave on the bench? Losers. Nothing but losers.

      PDJT – 2020 … “Anybody but Trump” … won’t win a Presidential election.

      PS … the US Stock Market has been roaring on nothing but positive post-COVID news. Dow 27,000+ NASDAQ in daily record territory. Dow + 8,000 points since the depths of COVID March. The V-shaped recovery promised by the BEST POTUS in my lifetime has materialized … just as predicted.

  3. “CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett interviewed Hidin’ Biden (he won’t travel to Milwaukee to accept the nomination in person).”

    Biden can hide, but he can’t run./

  4. So if the US population decide they can live off the dollar printing press and destroy the productive sector and re-export working class jobs to China etc, because that strokes their envy / resentment DNA and they elect Biden, what happens?
    I believe his wife will be the gatekeeper as the carpetbaggers line up for influence, it’ll only last a short time, then the real move as the VP takes over, the Deep Staters fighting with the mendicant hordes and crony Wall St for control of the Presidium committee Presidency. Chaos in the US might well turn out as the best outcome. DealIng with the worst outcomes straight up is always the best approach.

  5. Also shows the tone-deafness of dems to the experience of the ordinary working man. Many blue collar working men have to have regular drug testing done in order to get/maintain their jobs.

  6. Should we be concerned with what would happen to our two countries if Biden wins and Trudeau gets re-elected?

  7. Meanwhile CNN is having a discussion this morning on how Trump will cancel the election and become dictator for life. Sorry CNN, but that only happens in Canada.

    1. Since Trump was elected, I have had trouble figuring out if he too is controlled. I just don’t know. He seems authentic, but he has not really delivered. Everyone was hoping he would clean up Washington. That has not happened. Maybe the election will be delayed. Maybe that’s the plan, perhaps as a way to create chaos and force a police state. It just gets harder and harder to figure out what is going on,

      1. “Maybe the election will be delayed.”

        It’s up to Congress, not the president. Of course he must sign it or be over-ridden for it to become law.

      2. Trump is waiting for Durham/Barr he has nothing more to do with it or the Dems will call it interference and Trump does not want that call. He is doing more for the people than any other president and will continue when he wins in Nov 2020. My belief is that the DemoRats will keep the Covid-19 fresh in everyone minds and keep the 6 foot distancing for their benefit ONLY to make sure that they can have MAIL in voting, which we know it will to VOTER FRAUD by the DemoRats and will take months before any decision is made. The Covid-19 is a PLANDEMIC for both America and Canada to gain control of the people and their votes. We had more deaths during a normal Flu season which tells you something!! We the PEOPLE have been CONNED.

      3. Unlike Democrats who stick together no matter the distasteful issue, some Republicans think they’re “better than that.”

        Especially RINOs, establishment geeks and swamp swillers. Their privilege is more important than defeating Democrats.

        If the GOP had simply voted together in the Senate and House prior to 2018, Trump’s program could have gone through.

        But conservatives prefer to eat their own while feigning virtue, which is actually self interest and in Trump’s case, snobbery. That’s why they don’t win anything without fusing with moderate libertarians.

      4. linda, JFK was taken out by the CIA, RFK was taken out by the CIA, Nixon was taken down by the CIA, see a pattern? The CIA is still around, and still bought and paid for by BIG business, who are trying to take Trump down. It’s all about $$$$$$$

        1. Mostly right. Except that the $$$$$$$ are merely a byproduct of power, not the same thing as having the power itself.
          (disclaimer: I am not an apologist for NMEGarbage-picker)

  8. It’s surprising (or disappointing) how many low IQ types are impressed by the “Come on man!” retorts by Sleepy Joe. It reminds me of how many were so impressed with John Turner when he went into his imbecilic tirade against free trade with the US during the (then) election debate.

    1. Rember how Jean Chretien actually got elected on a platform of getting out of the free trade deal?

      1. And cancelling the helicopter program just like Trudeau’s f35 gambit. Always first to throw the troops under the bus. I tell my kids to not even consider serving this country.

  9. Imposssible.
    Progressives cannot fail any test.
    The data is wrong.
    If these were honest cognitive tests,Biden would have passed them by the normal Progressive method.

  10. There is a Biden in a car video out now. He opens with “I use to think I was a pretty good driver” past tense. It’s really sad. The overall impression is – wow they had to put him in a car with lots of takes and edits to make it seem like they aren’t heavily managing his decline. Even looked like he was about to hit the garage backing in at the end.

    1. He uses the past tense because, for decades, he has been chauffeured around. probably doesn’t even have a driving license any more. When you are Senator rich, these things happen.

      1. You can believe that. I can believe that any man with life force left in him will still believe he’s a pretty good driver no matter how long the vacation.

  11. I don’t think we’ve ever had a scenario like this.

    Someone who has no policies, no ideas, no energy, just a puppet for whatever is blowing in the wind and the preferences of his globalist advisors to appeal to his base of new Immigrant voters through wealth redistribution to enable POWER!

    Wait a minute, Canada’s got a leader like that too!!

  12. Remember that the field of Democratic candidates started out with 20 people, Bernie Sanders was leading with delegates.
    If Biden drops out now or is dropped, the people that wanted Bernie Sanders are going to be disgruntledx10. Many might stay home.

  13. Well Sleepy Joe just stepped in it right up to his eye-balls.


    So if Joe is open to charging Trump with whatever if he wins the election, doesn’t that give Trump the opening to charge Sleepy, Comey, Yates, Clapper, Brennan, the rest of the Obangbang gang and the leader with sedition and treason for trying to interfere with the last American election and obstruction of the transfer of power? Seems to be a no-brainer from where I sit, after all what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It is pretty obvious that no matter the outcome of the election the Democrats are going to pull all the same sh*t if Trump wins. However if members of the Democrat party that were involved in all of the sedition, treason, corruption, and obstruction that has occurred over the last five or so years are charged then there isn’t an untarnished Democrat that is eligible to run for office.

  14. Read my post where I linked to this post by one of Kate’s favourite sane Liberals (yes they can exist, at least theoretically) .

    He is puzzled by the fact that the Dementocrats are contending the election. Maybe they are just relying on the MSM doing their work, assisted by a lot of fraud. He delves in. He also will be voting Trump in 2020. Let’s face it how could any sane person vote for the Dementocrats this time round.