16 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

  1. “July 24th was my last day at MSNBC. I don’t know what I’m going to do next exactly but I simply couldn’t stay there anymore. My colleagues are very smart people with good intentions. The problem is the job itself. It forces skilled journalists to make bad decisions on a daily basis.”

    Gee Rachael Maddow et al are apparently forced to lie.

    My heart aches.

    What horseshit.

  2. To me the net is vastly overrated as an information source for Joe Sixpack who still gets his opinions from 60 second items on tv. Their aim is to instruct Joe on what he SHOULD think about the news item, this is vital for the power of MSM tv.

    The most hilarious crude examples of this I’ve seen are in NZ, where TVNZ presenters regularly finish sentences with a rising inflection signalling that all right thinking Kiwis will be as dismayed as the presenter at some bit of unapproved political news. The furrowed brow while reading news disagreeable to the socialist govt….. we made a drinking game out of that.

    1. “The furrowed brow while reading news disagreeable to the socialist govt….”

      As taken to an art form here by Sandie Rinaldo and copied by acolytes from coast to coast.

  3. Hiding, burying, and deepsixing news stories is as important to the msm, and even CJME/CKOM as misleading the listener or pumping a story they want to promote. I don’t trust the news on 980, anymore than I trust the sea be sea. The news rooms are full of genXers and millennials, with their brains still full of university wokeness.
    Did you hear the press conference this afternoon(SK) when discussing the school openings,,, a media person, actually used the word “irregardless” in his question ! They’re all so enlightened.

      1. No, ‘irregardless’ is not standard (correct) English.
        It’s an American English spinoff and that’s fine.
        However Merriam Webster continually confuses its American version of English with English.
        The Oxford says : “Irregardless means the same as regardless, but the negative prefix ir- merely duplicates the suffix -less, and is unnecessary. The word dates back to the 19th century, but is regarded as incorrect in standard English.”

        It’s a similar silliness to the American English tautology “off of”.

  4. Some of the brighter ones are starting to see the Progressive Democrat endgame, and are realizing it is not going to be rainbows, unicorns, and sunshine. Too bad it will not be enough.

    Everyone else is still too busy despising Trump, Conservatives, and those icky, icky white working class non college educated christian males.

    We are coming to an irrevocable split. November 4th may be the day.

    1. Rd .let me fix that for yah.
      ” those icky, icky white working class non college educated christian TAX PAYING males.”
      For the parasites are now so certain of their own bull,that they believe they can kill their host and take over the wealth…
      Too clueless to realize the productive people are that wealth,they seek to seize.

  5. Nothing about her “revelations” are surprising.
    Anyone who has been paying attention knew this long ago. Anyone that was that thick has had their enlightenment during the last US election, anyone else still obtuse is a lost cause or has joined ANTIFA.
    She will also never be able to get a job in any major media company now.

    If she wanted to make a change, she should have stayed on the inside and waited for the perfect hot mike moment that would have documented some of the collusion going on.

  6. My wife asked this morning, “So, any more news about what caused that explosion in Lebanon?”

    “Well, their government and press is saying that it was a fire in a fireworks factory that caused 2,000 tons of fertilizer to blow up … but you can’t believe a *&^%$#g thing that comes out of that country. ”

    “So I guess it’s just like here, eh?”

  7. Whistleblowers? Pathetic whistleblowers, at best. Self-promoting virtue signalers at worst. Both these women waited until they’d left their cushy left-wing propaganda jobs, were well protected from any direct repercussions, and had another cushy replacement job, before saying anything. They didn’t try to change anything where they apparently saw a problem. They walked away and protected themselves first. I don’t think they deserve any award for simply telling the truth, something many might say was actually their responsibility in the first place.

    1. I disagree. The important thing about coming forward is that people will notice. It is not always easy to change things on the inside, especially when those with power are not open to change. Leaving and making a statement about theproblem was the right thing to do. I hope we see more people coming forward.

  8. The news is no longer the news — no surprise. “Fake news”pretty much describes it:
    “The former producer also admits she is frustrated that Instead of covering the full story of the COVID pandemic, at MSNBC, the only story is that Trump is doing a lousy job,”

  9. Television NEWS..?

    What’s that.? I stopped watching the day Mike Harris became Premier. And to date am 3+ years into not having MSM of any kind appear on my 50″ screen.

    Paying $100-130/Month for Propaganda seemed to me to be the epitome of abject idiocy. And its not just the News Folks, it’s all the Woke Social Justice BS from Hollyweird with few exceptions in pretty much any weekly series as well.

    As for this woman…good to see she saw a glimmer of the light, but you’ll never see her on MSM again…not even in an interview.