12 Replies to “The Dark Night Of Fascism Is Always Falling On Trump”

  1. A “what if” scenario, obviously.
    Would we rather rioting in the streets a la our neighbours to the south?
    Should we rely on our journalists who are paid to incite the masses with spin and speculation to relate the current narrative?

  2. “Soldiers in our cities with GUNS!”

    I missed an opportunity of a lifetime, shortly after Paul Martin’s epochally-stupid campaign ad on that. We were driving in a local community, and a local militia outfit was standing-about, waiting to muster for a drill weekend. And I didn’t think to roll down the window and howl that at them in a terrified falsetto voice.

    Pretty sure they would’ve laughed – and any who didn’t, well, Canada doesn’t issue live ammunition to its militia anyways 😉

    1. I was in the stands with my family at a Calgary Roughneck’s game on their Armed Forces Day. At intermission Armed Forces Militia carried out a mock exercise using what I remembered to be a wheeled troop carrier with a mounted 50 cal. At the end of exercise the troop carrier was parked about 20 meters from where we were sitting with only a pane of glass between us and it when the 50 cal. opened up on full auto for a 6 second burst stitching together about 50 fire spewing blanks . “HOLY CRAP!” was my instantaneous impression. If any aspiring tyrant got the idea of using that as a crowd control tool…

  3. LMAO! “Civil disobedience”?? Canadians? Don’t be daft – Canadians make sheep look like a herd of Mustangs. I’ve just returned from a weekend in the GTA, now I’m not one to use the big broad generalization brush but if what I witnessed is an indicator of how pliant Canadians are I’d say the CAF wasted their time.
    Kudos to Gen. Vance at least for stopping this program dead in its tracks.

    Sidenote: Ezra says the country has inked a deal with the Chinese military to develop a vaccine along with an order for 37 million syringes.
    That’s a weird number huh? Get ready to line up.

    1. Funny that BURTON.

      In the same rag, there’s an article with Theresa Tham stating that things won’t go back to normal any time soon – even with a “vaccine”. 2-3 years – I’m guessing that’s how long these FASCIST MOFO’s, the Liberals, figure it will take to vaccinate the country.

      And so let’s suppose they DO manage to Vaccinate the entire country. What then about the hundreds of thousands of Visitors that enter Canada annually hmm.?? Or are ya gonna pull a real NAZI thing and permanently close the border ala CCP or NKorea.??

      Yea, well, they can ram that PLA vaccine up their backsides… IMO.

      1. …ohh and she “agrees” with pretty much everything that POS “Dr” Fauci has to say..
        That in itself is telling beyond belief.

        Same Band – Same Tune.
        HCQ – Bad
        Orange Man Bad.
        Remdesivir – Good
        Lockdown – Good

    1. They were doing as they were told. That’s the scary part, Bill. Some authority ordered this done. Propaganda departments don’t just spontaneously self-assemble.

      Funny we don’t get told who gave that order, eh?

  4. Trudeau just bought 37 million needles from China , for a vaccine that will be made in China …. one for every man woman and child in Canada . What could possibly go wrong ? I think I’ll pass thank you very much

  5. Oh – And watch for a Canadian version of “wag the dog” to get our minds off of this WE scandal nuisance. Don’t think for a moment Butts along with his creepy pals aren’t looking at possible scenarios.
    I’ve learned that anything is possible from these grifters and their Praetorian guards, otherwise known as the media.

  6. Sure the Classic Play of Demagogues, Dictators and failing governments is to declare war,when caught with their hands in the till or their pants around their ankles.
    Small wonder then that these Ottawa clowns are promoting Western Separation,they need a Western Separation to unite their supporters,the threat of losing their free lunch is supposed to unite the East..
    With classic Liberal Skill I foresee Western Alienation shifting into overdrive with half the East demanding we be gone.
    Just so Justine can proclaim “It is an Emergency”.