1. The trouble is that you cannot fix stupid. The idiots who elected these two a$$holes will re-elect them come November.

    1. The 3rd world immigrant vote will eventually control Texas, when that happens the Democrats will have a permanent President.
      Watch the rest of the US be astounded when that fact reveals itself, whereas they should be blaming their inability to grasp simple demographic statistics.

      1. Most of Cali will move to Texas. It’ll go blue and then CA will go Red. Then they’ll flood back like the tide.

        People fleeing egregious taxation and voting for it, refugees from themselves.

  2. L-Travel Advisory: Americans considering a trip to N.Y.C. should exercise their Constitutional Right to pursue happiness, and visit somewhere else, somewhere safer and friendly.

    1. I want to visit Coure Delaine (sp?). You know, that no antifa or other idiots region, full of good people and esprit du courage…ok, pardon my french, eh?

      1. Coeur d’Alene …. I had to look it up. Damned French..

        I would like to go there too. It’s apparently a great summer place. Good folks who live in the real world. Still a lot like America there.

        Have a nice day Stevie.


  3. Oh goody; the people who voted for it in New York, and now they are leaving to vote for it where you live. JOY.

    1. Best example of that phenomenon is Alberta … eventually enough came to elect a socialist provincial government who made a horrible mess of the economy as they are wont to do.

      Now Calgary has a muslim mayor … yeah …. And Edmonton is fast growing a lovely Somalian population who will make getting drugs and getting killed much easier for the residents of Edmonton.

      Canada is becoming a Shit-Hole filled with third world refuse.

      1. J West

        I’d say that it wasn’t exactly those who came from the East…more likely those that were “educated” here….including my two daughters that voted NDP. (Since re-educated).

        When we allowed Public Service Unions to EXIST.?
        We allowed Communism to flourish.

        Look no Further than to the Entire Service Canada – CRA – RCMP and who runs them all..??? UNIONS…and that’s just at the Federal Level. Same Commie garbage in Provincial & Municipal govts across the land.

        As for NYC – You Voted for it – Enjoy the Decline. Give it a few weeks and Toronto will be doing the same NAZI stuff.

      2. Left Calgary over 6 years ago for Regina – very happy that I did so.
        I knew that there were going to be more and more problems when Mayor Nenshi was elected. A fat guy who spent his whole working life teaching at Mount Royal while living in his parent’s basement. Perhaps since he was elected (I think it was 2013?), he can now afford to buy a condo and live on his own. Perhaps he takes his clothes home to Mommy to wash on the weekends. Who knows? Who cares?
        Sometimes a city or a province has to hit rock bottom before they can begin their ascent.

  4. As Hank Williams, Jr., sang, “Just send me to hell or New York City. It’d be about the same to me.”

  5. Still think this is about the virus? I feel sorry for those that do.
    Saw a Covid slogan the other day…Staying apart keeps us together. I wonder what page in Orwell’s “1984” they swiped that from?

  6. How is it that the population does not see the rise of totalitarian state in once the most free country on the planet.

    And nobody raises, at least it’s not reported, opposition to the totalitarian nonsense.

    It is true that the dictatorial class includes the politicians and what they call “journalists” that are still in control of the propaganda.
    It is also true that the media cartel is losing their stranglehold on what they call the news, that is why they complain about the blogs and other places that they can’t control.

    In this country it’s another story, the government pays the media to have favorable reporting and those that bring actual news are shunned. The government confab with what used to be free enterprise is by definition fascism.

    One can see that if the US is taken over by socialist/fascist, communist mobs, the chances of freedom in other countries will diminish.
    Or maybe not.
    Who can tell the future?

  7. Lev, I think that part of the problem might be due to time spent on the planet. I’m not sure of the source of the quote about the young being staunch NDP types, the middle aged being middle of the road liberals, and those like us, no longer getting old, but having arrived at old. Our perspective is jaundiced by advancing age and more wisdom from the length of time spent in the trenches of life. Personally, I have always been conservative, and I am sure there are core groups of all stripes, but there is always the horde that shifts as they process through life!

    Unfortunately, there is just not enough of our core group, and attrition decreases the number. Plus, when third world peoples migrate to the first world enclaves, they bring their third world views with them, and tend to keep those same views for a generation or two in the new environment. Also it’s been stated, when lefties migrate away due to declining conditions they themselves caused, where they were living, they then end up contaminating the new place causing the original problem to re emerge after a few years, then it’s just rinse and repeat. The end result of course, is the inevitable march to political insanity. It’s all a slow one way march to oblivion. I’m kinda glad I won’t live to see the result. Though that too is part of the problem. If our average life span were two hundred years, we might have enough experience to save us from ourselves. However, it would be interesting to come back every now and again to see what has changed, and how much it has changed. Of course, all of it would probably just piss us off again I’m sure.