10 Replies to “Honey, I Finished The Internet”

  1. Browns and Griz males are driven to essentially ‘go on heat’ with breeding females around. The aggression levels can be enormous. They will certainly attempt to destroy any competitor their own size or smaller.
    The Ivans better be careful what drifting scents they allow ‘ol cuddly to smell. They have superb long range noses.

    1. Of course what really offends the British reporter is that these Russians are free to decide if they want to keep a bear.
      The reporter is miffed the State isn’t making such decisions for mere plebs.
      Russia freer than the West in day to day life? Very often.
      It’s like the Govt in Laos doing far, far, far less bureaucratic interference in your life than Municipal Councils in the West, as long as you stay away from politics.
      I like the idea.

    2. You honestly think that after 24 years, you know better than the Ivans about that bear? Jeez.
      Replying with my apt screen name, but I am not a real bruin, just a Bruin.

      1. The Ivans think they know about a particular Brown bear and in this moment they do, but they know sh*t about Brown Bears.
        The favourite kill bite is the head, which is why even survivable Brown Bear maulings often leave the recipient “not the same ever again”.

  2. That’s phenomenal Kate! I saw a link beside that one of a couple from upstate NY who have a close relationship with 11 bears. The largest is a big 1,400 lb, 9′ tall teddy bear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J184FmCiuLk

    Speaking of the internet, and maybe settled science, “We Have Ploonets. We Have Moonmoons. Now Hold Onto Your Hats For… Blanets”
    Blanet is the name Japanese scientists have given for (so far theoretical) planets that orbit black holes. “Around a supermassive black hole clocking in at 1 million solar masses, blanets (can form quickly). The farther they are from the black hole, the bigger they grow. …at around 13 light-years from the black hole, blanets could range between 20 and 3,000 Earth masses, which is right at the upper limit for planetary mass as we know it. For a black hole at 10 million solar masses, this mass can easily tip over into brown dwarf territory:”


  3. Why is it that a part of me wanted to see that bear swat those idiots, finish the food, then get back into the trees.

  4. Despite everything, he’s a magnificent animal, but I don’t think one would want to play “fetch” with him.

  5. Ya but can they take him for car rides and does he drink beer like Bailley does?


    My dog, Smokey, just passed away peacefully in his sleep and I’m looking for a new animal friend but I don’t think I’d take either one of these animal characters.
    Their food bills look to be a little high.

  6. Drake Khahili
    10 months ago
    “Very dangerous and dumb. You always see this where they are happy and everything but it’s only a matter of time then they will loose control and hurt you. Yes, they might be tamed but THEY ARE STILL RUSSIANS. Run Bear, before it’s too late.”

    1. GAHHHHH!
      My wife is RUSSIAN, Canadian born, but both parents came from RUSSIA!
      With this revelation, how am I supposed to sleep peacefully tonight???