28 Replies to “Mouse, Meet Cat”

  1. There is no such thing as bad press. Trump won 2016 by keeping himself on the front page. Repeat in 2020. Trump derangement syndrome is going to win him another election. The Democrats and liberal press are going loony again in 2020.

  2. Democrats thought they were going to win calling him a pussy grabber. The bigger half of the American people thought, “at least he’s not gay.”

  3. Betting markets—where people put their money where their mouths are—give President Trump a 37% chance of re-election, better than 2016 where he had only 20%.

    Anybody convinced that the President cannot be re-elected and wants to get rich only has to bet against him.

    It doesn’t look like many hacks have been tempted to try wining their Introduction to Coding tuition fees betting on Senile Joe.

    I would not recommend that the president seriously consider resigning until his betting-market odds of re-election dip below five percent and remain there. Even then I would think twice.

  4. President says stupid things.
    Media covers those stupid things because that is their job.
    That somehow turns the president moron into a ‘genius’ who manipulates the media?

    If case you hadn’t noticed Biden loves it when Trump steals the media attention because Trump always reminds people why they don’t want another 4 years with Trump in charge. Biden wins by default since he is the only alternative and he gets to keep his mouth shut.

    But but Trump is playing the media….
    He can’t actually be the big narcissistic moron that he “pretends” to be. Can he?

    1. “If case you hadn’t noticed Biden loves it when Trump steals the media attention”

      I doubt Biden knows what month it is or where he left his toy choo-choo.

    2. He forced them to not delay the election which was the goal. No states can muck around and make it a different day or some other crap now.

    3. Got your attention, eh Timmy!
      Poor Mr. Biden – couldn’t find his ass with both hands and a flashlight. And now he’s gone n’ went and misplaced his flashlight.
      He knows not where he is, nor how he got there and he is supposed to pick the leader of the free world, yours and mine Timmy?
      Enjoy the decline that you are a part of.

    4. Gawd you never Trumpers are such effing retards. You just don’t get it. Trump is smarter than you by an order of magnitude. Admit it. Since you’re a natural pussy you just can’t handle Trump refusing to grab you.

    5. “…..people why they don’t want another 4 years with Trump in charge.”

      Apparently the guy that wrote that dreams that he talks to masses of people and they tell him that.

      Then he wakes up and finds his hands in a toilet for some reason……

  5. They just can’t seem to catch on. Just like Charlie Brown and Lucy playing with the football.

    1. I wonder if “Black Lives Matter only if they vote Democrat” will be the next angst based group?

  6. Trump’s enemies keep taking him literally but not seriously. Big mistake. On another note:

    While driving around on chores this Saturday PM, I was listening to NEWS1310 on the AM. There was a repeat (hey, it is Saturday) of a radio magazine show and it was discussing Q-Anon. How it has ballooned since the Wuhoo shutdown and now is firmaly established internationally. Not bad for a Larp I’d say 😉 pretty good for the largest psy-op in history 🙂

    I wonder at the appeal to non-US people of Q-Anon, but it does promote thinking for yourself and standing together against nearly satanic global forces of corruption and socialism. Pretty revolutionary these days, I’d say. WWG1WGA or WiggaWagga in speech.

    1. The best 4chan larp in history. Even better than having us intelligence agencies take the pee pee tape fan fiction post as real. Btw Rick Wilson is the dumbest person in the world.

  7. Nothing matters if mail in voting becomes common. It’s an open gate for fraud.
    It’s what the Democrats are good at.
    I predict the Don will win no State where widespread mail voting exists.

    1. “Nothing matters if mail in voting becomes common. It’s an open gate for fraud. It’s what the Democrats are good at.”

      Yes. U.S. Postal Workers are Unionists too.
      In the U.S., postal workers are represented by the National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO, National Postal Mail Handlers Union – NPMHU, the National Association of Rural Letter Carriers and the American Postal Workers Union, part of the AFL-CIO.
      What could possibly go wrong?

      1. Yeah, the Don will, as usual, appoint the nearest Never Trumper as recommended by Jared to be the postal vote czar.

  8. Last week I was in the presence of someone who embarked on an epic anti-Trump rant. He blamed Trump for the covid mess in the states and numerous other problems. He even went so far as to express amazement that Trump had not yet been assassinated since, in his opinion, many good presidents had previously met that fate. At this point I asked him to consider the alternative of Joe Biden. The TDS sufferer offered a blank look and no answer. He didn’t even know who Joe Biden was. God how I detest the stupid and uninformed.

    1. Did you point and laugh? I’ve sometimes found that that can be more effective than a proper fact-based argument.