71 Replies to “Trudeau Testifies On WE”

  1. Trudeau and NDP Charlie Angus are going into a tough argument now. Trudeau is like the K brothers — slick, glib and ragging the puck.

  2. Public service’s fault. Morneau’s fault. Dintno nuffin.
    Angus is really grilling him. Dintno getting very indignant.

  3. It is up to cabinet, not public service to make decisions. Con? MP Barrett? asks which minister in cabinet should be fired.

      1. This should not come as a surprise, he’s given evasive SJW-lite non-answers to every question he’s been asked this term, even the puffball CBC questions.

        “Are those socks magenta, beloved Prime Minister TRUDEAU? Your multi-millions of adoring Canadian fans really want to know!”

        “Err, umm, well, of course I’ve always had the greatest respect for the colour magenta, and I love all colours separately and equally, and I’ve always shown that I’m very fond of a completely co-equal and diverse palette of……”

  4. Ask him for proof he sent it back to public service on May 8. That’s his whole defence. Ask for the memo, email, transcript, meeting minutes, something that proves he “pushed back”. If he can’t produce, it’s a lie. Oppo members on this committee are weak, PP and Angus included.

    1. He sent it back to the public service with instructions.
      What instructions?
      To make sure they where the only ones the contract could be sole sourced to.
      It was like the time he asked Judy about the deferred prosecution agreement for SNC.
      And he really wanted that too.

  5. Wonderful display of Liberal MPs kissing Blackie’s ass, and taking up the time with meaningless points of order.

  6. Oh Geeze, they have a whiny indian Liberal MP on now to support Big Chief Gay Eagle With No Balls. I guess its now racist against indians to question No Balls about WE.

  7. Just as I thought, it’s the standard Liberal explanation: “Sure, we may have cut a few corners, but our intentions were so pure. After all, we were doing it all for you, the little people, due to our deep and heartfelt concern for you during these parlous times.” Translation: “Nothing to see here folks, just the usual backhander to friends of the Party, and Ethics is still a county in Ontario.” BTW, if any of the Liberal MPs lobbing the softball questions to Zoolander are your MP, please remember this disgusting performance the next election. My reaction: I thought Zoolander was the unfortunate combination of his mother’s brains and his father’s arrogance. After watching his gormless testimony, I’m condensing that opinion to just one word: douchebag.

  8. Bedlam. Chair’s power went out. Polievre said he was therefore in charge. Everyone chiming in. Crazy.
    Chair is back.

    1. Trey Gowdy was all hat no cattle…where are his scalps?
      As a committee chair?

    1. Some peon will take the fall for this. Our PM is untouchable. Because he can do no wrong. Therefore, he has no guilt.

      That is how the sophistry works.

      1. We have a tyranny of apathy in Canada. Corruption is an accepted and built-in part of our political culture.

      2. “That is how sophistry works”,
        I thought “sophistry” was a WE backgrounder on Turdo’s wife.

  9. Waste of time watching that gong show. Trudeau looks like he needs a good scrub, that hair and beard reminds me of a Baboon’s bum and what’s coming out of his mouth is pure crap.

    1. I didn’t watch it because I can’t stand to watch the little p***k speak for more than 20 seconds.

  10. Asked many times, the PM didn’t know how much money his family was paid from WE Charity. Poilievre continued to ask repeatedly, “how much” over and over and Trudeau started to swivel in his chair, nodding his head left to right, when he was nervous, still not answering the question, despite admitting that he read the Ethics Act.

    1. I’m betting this Filthy Communist son of Castro knows Precisely how much and from whence he gets his geld…every stinking penny.
      Bet on it

      I was hoping someone would try to trip up this Asshole…
      Still wearing your Ankle Bracelet Justin..?
      YES or NO.??

      1. Me too, Steakdude — about the ankle bracelet.

        Of course he knows how much money they got. He has always paid his mother’s bills. She admitted so in her book.

        The next scandal is going to be or better be about the leg jewelry. We can’t forget this video. He has some ‘splainin’ to do.

  11. MP Fortin’s exchange:
    Justin:I was not in conflict of interest.
    Why did you apologize?
    Because of the perception I was in conflict of interest.

  12. Paid “volunteerism” hahahahaha….I volunteer for free but in service of my community, my kids, my wife and to participate in being a good citizen. This fool of a PM is absolutely corrupt, absolutely stupid and supremely arrogant…if the people of Canada continue to vote for this guy all continues to be lost!

  13. MP Frasier closed out questions with a massage to justins ego and an opportunity to extol the virtues of the youth program that won’t happen now because of mean spirited critics.
    Boo hoo
    Useless exercise as far as I can tell.

  14. Opposition gets 44 minutes of questioning. Polievre wastes 11minutes trying to get Trudeau to say a dollar amount (for the CPC to use in a future campaign ad.) Angus (NDP) so long-winded that he only gets 5 total questions.

    Way to go Pierre. Trudeau is now in his cottage laughing his ass off.

    1. Even Rosie on the CBC (at 4:35pm EDT – just after the committee finished) is tougher on Trudeau than any of the opposition.

  15. Insider info. When Trudeau arrived he forgot his ID. The commissionaire wouldn’t let him in. Trudeau said you know I’m the PM, right. The commissionaire stated he didn’t follow politics so wasn’t sure. He said maybe Trudeau could do or say something that would make him sure. He said Glen Weir came one day without ID, so he took a kid’s golf set and with one shot bounced a ball around the room which then went into a coffee cup. The commissionaire was sure he was Mike Weir and let him go in. Another time Wayne Gretzky showed up without ID, but he took a six inch souvenir stick and plastic puck, which he bounced off the walls until it came to rest under a plate on the floor. The commissionaire then asked Trudeau if he could demonstrate who we was in a similar way, to which the PM responded, umm no, I don’t think, so, I don’t know what to say, actually I haven’t got a clue.

    The commissionaire said that was good enough, now he was sure he was Trudeau, and let him in.

  16. Since Trudeau has never answered even one question posed to him, why start now? Poilievre’s attack was simple and to the point. That is the most you can get without going Guantanamo.

  17. Anyone who still votes for the Liberal Party of Canada at this point is part of TWANLOC, someone about whose life and welfare I couldn’t give two shytes.

    1. What that says about those who vote CPC thinking they’re “conservative” but are #LibCons???

  18. The game plan seems to be to defend the program and deflect from the real problem of conflict of interest by several elected people in awarding the huge sole-source contract to WE.

    Katie Telford on the lukewarm seat now. She’s less irritating than PM but I don’t find her any more believable than him.

  19. Not hopeful this is going to produce anything unless a new development occurs in the coming days that contradicts testimony.
    At the rate things are going that should occur by tomorrow morning.

  20. I thought the line about how he didn’t apologize for doing anything wrong, he just apologized for creating the perception he’d done something wrong was particularly slimy. Also according to him, the ethics standards says money to his mother and his brother doesn’t count. That just creates the perception that something is unethical when it technically isn’t I guess.

  21. MP Fortin going after Telford hard on conflict of interest finally.
    Telford just seems to respond re Sophie’s speaking engagements. Fortin frustrated with translation delays.

    NDP Peter? Julian asks that there be better cooperation with Ethics Com than there was with SNC Lavalin. He goes on to try to get Telford to state that there was conflict of interest with Morneau and Trudeau in dealings with We She insists there was just “perception”.

  22. More from Trudeau’s presentation:

    • WE was best way to go to deliver the goods on time.
    • It’s all the pandemic’s fault.
    • He should’ve recused himself, he said.
    • Didn’t answer question whether he would fire anyone
    • Nor whether he ought to quit either!
    • No, he didn’t know the Keilburger Bros “broke the covenant” with their bank by establishing the Real Estate arm of their ‘business.’ *
    • He squirmed in his chair a lot, nodded head left to right often and only relaxed a little when a Liberal questioned him.
    • Pierre Poilievre is definitely his enemy who gets under his skin.

    *Watch “Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer speaks with reporters – July 30, 2020”
    (link is bad news to have come out today)

    He’d likely rather read his new book, behind on shelf. (see link below)
    Re: the book that PMJT or someone is currently ‘working’ on reading:
    “The Body” by Bill Bryson | Book Review

    On scale 0 to 10 this PM is a big “0”

    1. Well we did learn something.

      The “pushback” was when sock monkey told someone to make sure WE is the only one that can take this contract.

      Context is important.

      Someone is being prepared to take the fall to invoke a plausible deniability defence.

      Now as you are all waiting for the next show to drop I’m predicting the next scandal will arrive next month ….. which is a couple of days away.

  23. I`m sorry we got caught; it ruined the lives of countless young Canadian youths who will now have to get a summer job and stop moping around being bored rather than learn to thank the Liberal part; for this I am truly sorry. It was the right thing to do but political hacks want to mess up everything I do.

  24. Canadian law prohibits cabinet ministers and their families from accepting free trips and or travel.

    Yet today Mr Trudeau said the ethics commissioner signed off on Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau’s free trip to London, paid for by WE.

    Trudeau, Morneau, and the Ethics Commissioner must resign.

  25. The only true thing he said was they weren’t capable of managing a 900 million dollar program. So this is round one. There is a another 349 billion their spent they weren’t capable of managing . That is only if you believe their typically understated projections. Anyone who expected direct answers was a fool. Liars never answer directly . Corrupt liars ,liars socks on fire It’s a garentee every mainstream sound bite will be Liberals explanations of how they were just helping and the terrible opposition destroyed it playing politics.

  26. MPs are demanding names of staff members who developed the program. Telford is very reluctant to give names. WE was told they could start work on May 5 but PM said the program wasn’t approved til after that (May 22) by cabinet. I’m confused.

  27. Telford makes me sick. The amount of power in the PMO – no matter which group of SOB’s is in there – is anti-democratic.

  28. PM announced program Apr 22 but no one knew who was going to administer it. Nothing was nailed down but it was important to let Canadians be informed about what was coming says Telford.
    Telford says we can have faith in this government because it cares enough to give all these programs to the people. And the Gov’t has been SO transparent.

    1. ” it cares enough to give all these programs to the people” —
      As opposed to what? What does that even mean? Is there a possibility of establishing programs paid for by he taxpayer that are not in fact made available? These people are crazy. They seem yo believe their own bafflegab.

  29. Peter Julian asks if the RCMP have been contacted. Ans: no

    Eliz May says Justin thought Can Service Corp was going to deliver the program and no one told him it would be WE. He didn’t know til May 8. I need emojis, lol

  30. Thank you for watching!!!

    It amazes me that people watch this stuff.
    It’s flat out masochism.

    1. Yes thanks for the summary. I would rather have a root canal without freezing than watch and listen to the Spawn. His arrogance is only matched by his ignorance.

    2. You’re welcome. Too hot to do anything like work today.
      AG Bill Barr’s inquisition Tues. was easier to watch, but I wasn’t trying to report on it .

      Motions now have been made for more names and memos from PMO. Lib MPs now calling this a witch hunt!! And won’t support motions for names. They don’t want any more revelations to come out says Ndp Mp Julian. Motion is carried thanks to minority status of Gov’t. Over and out.

    3. It’s Prime Minister Schulz: I KNOW NUZTHING!!!
      Ze snivel serpents know NUZTHING!!!
      Und ze Keel Haulers know NUZTHING!!!


      Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
      Army Group “True North”
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army

  31. WE was going to be the youth brainwashing progrom for the lieberal party……. welcome to venezuala/canuckstan….. with overwatch by the CCP…… we are done…. everyone is owned by the government thanks to the virus handouts….

  32. “It was bad, but then again, we deserve it. We elected these people.“

    And you can’t say you weren’t warned. Just as bad south of the border.

  33. I honestly can’t believe that Trudeau is practically even with the cpc at this point. Once Mackay is elected leader it’ll drop 20 points at least.

  34. Heard on the news Trudeau knew it was sensitive, involving his family (no shit sherlock) so had Cabinet “approve” expenditures.

    We all know the Trudeau cabinet is free to speak their mind and refuse unethical and illegal conduct.

    Just ask Judy Wilson Raybould and Jane Philipot. Trudeau was fine with them contradicting him.

    Who do they think they fooling. The voters, of course. Trudeau probably thinks he’s home and dry now.

    The only good news is that might compel him to call his snap election to get away from scandal, giant deficits and tax attacks on wealth, capital and income. If you own a rental suite in your primary residence, CRA has already painted a target on it.

    1. The Libs have suspended Parliament, have had free reign to hand out hundreds of billions to favoured voter groups, and the CPC has no leader. Yet the Libs are only 3-5% ahead in national polls, and trailing the Bloc badly in Quebec. There will be no election any time soon. The opposition doesn’t get a chance to bring them down before the end of October 2020 at the earliest.

  35. “Matt Gurney summarizes: It was bad, but then again, we deserve it. We elected these people.”

    Who is WE, Matt Gurney? I sure as shit don’t deserve it and didn’t elect these Assholes. These Assholes were elected by people like you.
    I did everything I possibly could do to ensure that Zoolander didn’t get elected.

  36. Peak arrogant twat at his drama best. Sickening. I could only stand to hear an excerpt wherein his lisped retort was a combination of butt hurt teenager arrogance coupled with seeming ignorance which thinly disguises his evil knowingness. The black in his soul is deep.

  37. PM WEasel proved once again he has nothing but contempt for the Parliament of Canada. He really thinks all this is just one big joke.

  38. All I could focus on was his left eyebrow slipping further down his forehead. Justin pays all his mother’s bills so he would or should now how much she got from WE.