RIP Herman Cain

A good man.

A better link at Newsmax (h/t Larry);

He was born Dec. 13, 1945, in Memphis, Tennessee, and grew up poor in Atlanta, Georgia, where his father worked three jobs — as a janitor, barber, and chauffeur — while his mother toiled as a domestic worker.
A stellar student who worked hard, Cain graduated from Morehouse College with a mathematics degree in 1967. A year later, he married Gloria Etchison, whom he met when he was a sophomore at Morehouse and she was a freshman at Morris Brown College.
Cain went on to earn a master’s degree in computer science from Purdue University in 1971, and helped develop fire control ballistics for ships and fighter planes for the U.S. Navy.
Next, he joined The Coca-Cola Company as a systems analyst, and after considerable success, moved to Pillsbury.
After serving as regional vice president of Pillsbury’s Burger King, Cain then took on the biggest challenge of his career as president and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, a national chain teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.
In 14 months, he returned Godfather’s to profitability and led his management team to a buyout of the company.

A tribute from a former campaign aid.

18 Replies to “RIP Herman Cain”

  1. Sad news, and Tony “Fake News”king on qr is already trying to tie it to Herman atttending Trumps last rally. These people are sick.

    1. QR (which is now run by Global News) is a hard core Trump hating “news” organization so anything… ANYthing they can use to beat Trump up with they will. All their hosts except Danielle Smith are victims of TDS even their woke sports guy. I used to listen all day but now I only turn it on to hear the first half hour of Danielle’s show then it’s time for Rush.
      I understand Herman Cain is a big part of Larry Elders doc “Uncle Tom” (#1 doc in the world btw, would you know it?) Larry Elder will have a wonderful tribute to his friend today on his show. I’ll be listening.

  2. Bob Daye: “I’ll second that”.
    YES, but you’re seconding Kate not that ‘damned with faint praise’ Detroit News piece.

    Gawd, the scummy mention of the Trump rally and no mention of any other underlying health issues which were probably present.

  3. Herman Cain had stage IV colon cancer. The WuFlu might not have killed him, were he in good health otherwise.

  4. When we moved to Atlanta 20 years ago I was something of a liberal. Soon after arriving I tuned into Hermain Cain and Neal Boortz. Both really gave me food for thought. Mr Cain will be much missed.

  5. Herman Cain, another honorable man gone. Damn it I am getting old. Seems like everyday another generational peer is gone.

  6. It’s very sad to see this staunch conservative voice of reason, wit, and humor, and very genial man pass on. He will be missed by our conservative community, thankfully, his contributions to the cause will live on.
    Rest in peace Mr Cain!

  7. Herman Cain was a very wise gentleman. I enjoyed his appearances on FOX News. RIP Sir.

    As in the case with Mr Cain and others:

    It is unethical how they attribute most deaths due to China Virus when the cause of someone’s death is really due to a co-morbidity situation. I recently read that WhuFlu/China virus should not be called “Covid-19” anymore because that term was changed. Apologies, can’t recall where this info came from. Anyone hear this? Obviously, Covid is still what it’s called. Perhaps it’s the “19” that has been dropped.

  8. Herman Cain lived through poverty to achieve success not just for himself but for thousands of others by creating jobs. This was a task that lifted those out of poverty and send them on their way to achieve the American Dream.

    John Lewis, on the other hand, started on a virtuous path to fight racism but quickly lost his way when he arrived in Washington, DC. Racism was bad then, and according to BLM is even worse now.
    I would like to know why we are celebrating a man who has achieved so little.

    I’d also like to compare their net worth statements.

  9. Sad news. As I recall Herman Cain delivered one of the best conservative platforms as a presidential candidate.

  10. How true KS. We have lost one of the pillars of common sense and decency when we need all we have. He will be sincerely missed. He was the voice of reason in the wilderness.

    Yes, it was lewis all the time on tv this morning. He started in the civil rights movement standing next to MLK, Jr. He moved so far left that King broke with him. He died a racist and a bigot. Buh Bye.

  11. Herman Cain is the only political figure that I would have liked to have a beer with. He had genial good humour, a razor sharp wit and an uncommonly large amount of common sense. I mourn his passing.