16 Replies to ““Can we negotiate a ceasefire?””

  1. Let me understand … so some “vulnerable” black wall of a mom … was abandoned by the white wall of moms? That “vulnerable” black girl didn’t get a ride home after demonstrating for the cameras? She’s butt hurt cause she got ditched by the two mommies she wanted to have a threesome with?

    Yes … I need the commercial sized bucket of popcorn for this lesbo-melodrama. Err, black lesbo melodrama. Moms via turkeybasters, if at all.

  2. I CAN’T BREATHE, I CAN’T BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because I’m laffing so bloody hard!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Zealots always overreach, turn on each other and that’s when the violence truly explodes, when body counts soar.

    1. Happens virtually all the time – it’s the “holier than thou” syndrome in action. The only sad thing about it is that the mass media go to such incredible lengths to make sure nobody ever hears about it. Can’t go against the all-powerful narrative now, can we?

  4. Holy Fuuk! Somebody should build bleachers to watch portland implode. That’s entertainment!

    1. Unfortunately, we’re not quite at the point where America’s finest are officially deputised to summarily execute leftists and thugs on the spot on behalf of decent people.

      What was needed in Portland were a few good men armed with fully automatic machine guns and authorized to shoot to kill.

  5. It’s July, I’m pretty sure it’s hot in Ohio, so HEY! I know, let’s all wear toques?!? The one gent is wearing a knit skull cap probably assembled by his granny’s sewing circle. Okay you’re bald, I accepted my fate and moved on. My wife lies and tells me it makes me look sexy. Headphones make your hair look dumb, got it, it’s COVID everyone’s hair sucks, if you have some.

    I bet their heads smell worse than my mask after I’ve been standing for what seems an age of man in aisle 73 at Truduckistan Tyre while a senior gent chooses a double pack of sink washers. (Sorry for assuming your gender oldster but your Legion pin makes makes me believe you’re not confused about gender… your benefits, sure, but not your gender). My mistake for choosing the garlic ranch before my trip in to respectfully socially distance as the continents move. I don’t dare help with washer selection, rather I agonize that the duct tape arrows are pointing opposite my cart’s bearing. Have you ever tried to turn a cart in the plumbing supplies aisle?

    Oh yeah, justice prevails, two thumbs up. Portland surrenders but the cause will never die (until Nov 4). Raised fist, takes a knee, moves to the next town down the line.