Here WE Go

The Kielburger bros testimony has commenced on CPAC.

UPDATE. Poilievre questioning. It’s going badly.

A new admission, extracted from a mostly stupid round robin of bafflegab.

Jesse Brown is tweeting a play by play.

I ask the experts: Does comms training coach men to answer interrogative questions in up talk? Does up talk raise or lower persuasiveness?

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    1. Is there any connection between WE and Jorge de Sorrows? It seems the deputy PMs mum was connected to Jorge de Sorrows but what of these guys? Didn’t Jorge’s outfit get $500,000,000 million contract from the Trudeau government. Is this Charity thing a pattern?

      After this shit show is finished it would be nice to see Greta and her Parents before a committee probing how they in in they influenced any federal or provincial elections.

    1. He has an interesting bio. We was born to an Irish-Canadian mother, but as a baby he was given up by her and fostered by a Franco-Albertan family. He settled in Ontrio, as an MP. He interned as a young man under Stockwell Day and Jason Kenney. He is a tough bird.

      1. After his early days as shouter in the mold of John Baird, when he was plain annoying, he has matured and is now a very effective MP. He was my MP for many years until he moved in 2015 to a safer Conservative seat just south of Ottawa.

  1. I don’t mind Easter as chair. I’ve watched a few of the meetings he chairs, and considering of course that he is partisan, he is pretty consistent. My grudge is the 3 words a minute the witnesses are spouting. Talk about ragging the puck. They are more crooked than a dog’s hind leg–that’s the impression they are giving thus far in my opinion.

    1. Agree, North Bay Trapper.

      The WEE Lads came purposely unprepared but this tactic has not helped them nor will it help the Lie-berals.

      Stick a fork in them, they’re done.

  2. The K brothers are slippery devils. Lots of fireworks with NDP MP Charlie Angus going on now.

  3. So far:
    In the opening statement: they acted like benevolent do gooders.

    In Q&A:

    • they are very polite but seem sneaky and seem to be trying to avoid questions about payments to the Trudeau family.

    • Rachel Wernick called them not Trudeau himself. They ‘never’ spoke to PMJT.

    • Widdle boys dont like confrontational tones from Mr Angus. Starting to swirm?

    • They should wipe the silly grins!

  4. Is the following hypothetical situation a case of income tax fraud?

    An individual in the highest income tax bracket makes a $50,000 contribution to a registered charity. That results in a $20,000 tax credit on his tax return so the net cost of the donation becomes $30,000 (the out-of-pocket cost). Subsequently, the individual accepts a $41,000 tax-free gift from the charity to which he gave the $50,000. The bottom line: the taxpayer paid $30,000 to receive a $41,000 gift. That’s a net benefit of $11,000. And all because the charity took the donation and rewarded the donor with a gift.

    1. Ottawa MJ, Don’t forget the other side of the math. The “individual” got the $20,000 tax credit, and the $41,000 gift, so a total net of $11,000. The “Charity” also ends up with the left over $9,000. Soooo, $11,000 + $9,000 = $20,000, they have literally stolen $20,000 tax dollars, and shared the spoils almost equally. My guess is, that the Charity needed the financial investment cooperation, of the individual, so he got the plus or higher side of the payout.
      Basically, he got a 10% return, and the charity makes money too.

      What a rip off, I’m gonna start my own charity and get some of dat “Free money”.

  5. What ever smarmy excuse is being used, the only thing that’s going to leave a mark is if there is inconsistency between witnesses.

    The Kielburgers have been coached, no doubt there is a team in the room with them now handing them speaking notes. The body language being used by the witnesses has a lot of facial cues that suggest some deception is taking place.
    But again, it means moot unless there is a contradiction between witnesses.
    It all comes down to who tends to be evasive when answering questions and falls back on word salad.

  6. Ew. Smary, Weasley, beta males. man buns, picture socks and jeans from LuLu Lemon. Testosterone level zero. K-burgers

  7. I see the liberal members of the committee are intent on stressing that other party MP’s have appeared at WE events.
    Don’t care.
    The benefits are payment to WE for a crowd of youth for a photo op.

    1. Right!
      On questioning about why Margaret was asked to speak at the silly rallies …
      The bros think we’re stupid…

  8. Watching the Liberal Party members is like watching members of a religious cult. Meanwhile Blackie’s CBC is stating there is no smoking gun. Blackie is wonderful.

  9. That friggin’ Fortin is a typical Franco-supremacist. He’s reasonably fluent in English, yet insists on speaking French and getting it translated. WHICH IS THE SOURCE OF HIS TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. If he just spoke English he’d be fine. Dim-friggin’-bulb.

  10. So ‘tupid…
    The Bros are wearing eye make up, silly things.
    To all real men, you don’t need it.
    Haha haha.

  11. They missed their calling, they should’ve become booking agents for the entertainment industry. After this, they might have to open a carpet, lino and hardwood floor outlet, instead.


  12. I couldn’t stomach watching the whole thing but caught some of the exchange with Angus regarding the Holdco. If he slowed down a bit he might have had better followup questions.

    The government wanted the WEE Boys to “take responsibility”. Their response was to stick the contract into a shell company that they happened to have kicking around, apparently unused. This was apparently to dodge the liability issue. Good job with the evaluation!

    I can just imagine any other gov’t contractor being awarded a contract with such requirements and not having any financial background, bonding, security etc.

  13. Notice how Craig (I think. The one on our left.) looks intently at Marc as though he’s making sure his answers follow the script? Only on certain answers.

  14. They should not be interviewing the two brothers together, but rather independently one after the other so they can’t compare notes.

  15. Butts and Telford wrote a lovely script for these two grifter assholes to regurgitate… a preview of the word salad shitshow that Juthtin Turdhole is rehearsing day and night for right now. Butts and Telford are well experienced crooks that know how to bullshit and talk without saying a damn thing. The smirks on the faces of these two con men tells the story, they”re going to get away with their criminality and they know it. Just like Juthtin, lying is fun, breaking ethics codes is fun, breaking the law is fun, its always fun when the laws do not apply. Waste of time… a PR stunt for the LIbranos and their Media to spin. Total waste of time. Lets move on to the next Liberal scandal and the eventual Liberal majority Government that these scandals will lead to.

  16. They were asked how much they’ve been paid in the last three years. They promised to provide documentation on that, but did not answer directly. There isn’t a guy on the planet who doesn’t know, to the nearest hundred bucks, how much they made last year. Simple question, not answered.

  17. So from what I watched one of their favourite answers is: Fake News, Global News got it wrong.

    But if it was only 500 million instead of 900 million then the 30 million up front fee looks even worse.

    And that they are basically Santa Claus and did everything for free.
    AND that they are very happy that you asked that question and they are VERY HAPPY to answer that….except that they never do answer.

    1. 100,000 students to get up to $5000 each. That’s the $500 million.

      The rest is a slush fund for additional spending. Please provide your own brown paper bag.

  18. Yes but the most important thing on Canadian minds is, will the CBC show Great Leader Mohammad Trudeau visiting that muslim family today.

  19. Watching these two weasels, for reasons I can’t explain, reminds me of a fictional episode of Law and Order type show where two self-entitled, Kennedy family type, trust fund frat boys on trial for feeding roofies to a cheerleader, plead their innocense because they already said they were sorry, or the victim just experienced things differently/big misunderstanding, yadda yadda. Something creepy about these two twerps who answer every question with a twisted, gas lighted response. And one other thing….it’s 30° Celsius clear from Vancouver to the mouth of the St. Lawrence River for this week…..they’re both wearing suit jackets, a dress shirt and a black t-shirt, perhaps a Guinea tee, beneath. Is this simply a beta male fashion thing, or does it strike anyone else as odd? Maybe said t-shirts are Superhero costumes like their man crush Justin has been known to sport.

  20. WE Ben Tuk: I suggest the preceding as the official moniker for this scam-dal (Scam plus Scandal).

  21. What’s up with Liberal women MPs like that Annie schmannie? Is the Liberal party an extension of the Bronfman sister’s cult?

  22. Annie Bergeron Oliver’s report for CTV News centres on how wonderful the K brothers are and how they are only in it for the kids. They can’t possibly have done anything wrong.

  23. What the F&&k is wrong with Canadian politicians…How many foolish questions about a Charity profit can they ask… The answer is always NO Profit…. Sad that they don’t know how to find out WHAT & HOW the Brothers used to reward themselves… (It could be they are on the George Soros payroll)…..A waste of time watching unprepared fools dancing with themselves…….

  24. It truly is a waste of time watching this farce play out. Nothing will come out of it beyond useless blather.

  25. I would like to know how and by whom the $8 Billion to foreign students is getting divied out?
    How many foreign students are there?

    Lets say there are 100,000 foreign , that’s $80K each

  26. “…she was reimbursed an additional $167,944 in expenses…”

    Ok how does one incur 168K expense bill for speaking at charity events? That is a lot of expenses.

    1. Colonista, It costs a lot to hire a private plane, a hotel floor, body guards, a Doctor to travel with you, and of course your personal Chef, plus your Limo and driver on standby 24/7, and probably a Gigolo as well. Get with the program man, these are “Legitimate expenses”.