When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal

Jonathan Turley with one of the best short summaries I’ve seen to date.

It is astonishing that the media refuses to see what is one of the biggest stories in decades. The Obama administration targeted the campaign of the opposing party based on false evidence. The media covered Obama administration officials ridiculing the suggestions of spying on the Trump campaign and of improper conduct with the Russia investigation. When Attorney General William Barr told the Senate last year that he believed spying did occur, he was lambasted in the media, including by James Comey and others involved in that investigation. The mocking “wow” response of the fired FBI director received extensive coverage.
The new document shows that, in summer 2016, FBI agent Joe Pientka briefed Trump campaign advisers Michael Flynn and Chris Christie over national security issues, standard practice ahead of the election. It had a discussion of Russian interference. But this was different. The document detailing the questions asked by Trump and his aides and their reactions was filed several days after that meeting under Crossfire Hurricane and Crossfire Razor, the FBI investigation of Flynn. The two FBI officials listed who approved the report are Kevin Clinesmith and Peter Strzok.
Strzok is the FBI agent whose violation of FBI rules led Justice Department officials to refer him for possible criminal charges. Strzok did not hide his intense loathing of Trump and famously referenced an “insurance policy” if Trump were to win the election. After FBI officials concluded there was no evidence of any crime by Flynn at the end of 2016, Strzok prevented the closing of the investigation as FBI officials searched for any crime that might be used to charge the incoming national security adviser.
Documents show Comey briefed President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on the investigation shortly before the inauguration of Trump. When Comey admitted the communications between Flynn and Russian officials appeared legitimate, Biden reportedly suggested using the Logan Act, a law widely seen as unconstitutional and never been used to successfully convict a single person, as an alternative charge against Flynn. The memo contradicts eventual claims by Biden that he did not know about the Flynn investigation. Let us detail some proven but mostly unseen facts.

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  1. Jonathon Turley, Democrat, a law professor, was the one who called for Nancy Pelosi’s resignation as Speaker of the House, after she contemptuously ripped the written State of the Union Address in two, which Pres. Trump had just given vocally. Jonathon Turley is ethical.

  2. Not a thing we don’t already know, but having it clear and concise like this, makes it stand out to a lot of the naysayers. My thought is, OK, so what is going to be done about any of those weasels. Obama, Clinton, Biden, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Strzok, Rosensteyn, McCabe, all up to their necks in a conspiracy to bring down the Trump campaign. It’s so blatant and in our faces, and Nothing, Nada, and Zilch, will be done about it. Just proving there is on law for us, and a different one for them. Just the same as the Trudeau and Morneau Laurentian elite club, and none of us can do anything about it, and people will still vote for these turds! Sick and disgusting. Mr Turley, is a Democrat, and yes he is at least truthful and ethical, but how he can continue to be a Democrat, is beyond belief, he doesn’t have to become a Republican, but how he can stomach staying a Democrat is beyond the pale.

  3. Q called it starting in October 2017. Dont diss Q until you have read what he/she/it said back then.

      1. Just because you have had enough it proves nothing. Its all there starting in October 2017. Lots of leftists and globalists are trying to cast doubt on Q because they do not like what he/she/it is saying and because Q is proven to be right over and over again. Do not read what others say about Q. They do not want you to know about Q. Read the Q proofs directly for yourself.

  4. The most pertinent two words contained in that article are “willful blindness”. It describes the stance of all the various tentacles of the institutional left, particularly the incurious media and their court eunuch loyalty to the Evil Party. To the self righteous zealots of the left, the ends always justify the means. These are people without a moral conscience.

    1. “Willful blindness” – when you have full blown TDS, any and all of these shenanigans are not only deemed acceptable, but necessary. They have the luxury of not fearing prosecution and can also count on gleeful support from party faithful.

  5. Yep. They are capable of ANYTHING.

    They must be quaking in their red shoes.

    Peter Strzok has FLIPPED. He doesn’t want to pay the price for treason.

  6. So. Again. Who will even be arrested, let alone tried or convicted?
    More red meat! Oh boy!! How about a flag burning amendment? That’ll keep the base quiet.
    And we say the minorities are being played by the democrats. Our guys turned out to be assholes too….

  7. The media doesn’t refuse to see.

    The media refuses to write about what they see very clearly.

  8. Leading up to the 2016 election I was concerned that the Obama administration would somehow engineer a massive social construct to call a suspension of the constitution and cancel the election. The polls all showed that Hillary was a shoe in just prior to election night. But something happened and Trump won, enter a massive panic attack on the Democrat party and a hastily cobbled plan to nullify the incoming administration, and we have the Russian conspiracy and all that entailed. Now the Trump administration turned the American economy around on a dime and things were coming up roses for Americans. The Democrats were looking for anything to pin on the Trump administration and George Floyd happened. All of a sudden the Chicago organizer pulled all of the stops and the BLM/Antifa movement charged to the fore. These movements were already sitting offstage in 2016 but the Democrats didn’t think that they had to be activated at that time. Now in desperation the Democrat organizers have put out the call and we can see the results. Riots, threats, intimidation, personal attacks, the push for mail-in ballots, the game plan for the Democrats couldn’t be more visible. The fly in the ointment for the Democrats is the total corruption that has been uncovered. That the Republicans are loathe to commit to the executions that are required in this case of attempted usurpation of power may result in the decline of the greatest ideology in history. Inaction in this instance is a bigger crime by far than the attempted coup.

  9. Biden doesn’t know anything, which is true.. He is the Daffy Duck side kick to GOFFY (Jug ears).. They just let the Administration do what ever Comey & Lynch wanted……The defense will be that Obama was aware & approved the spying….Both are Dumb as tree Stumps

    The WA State lawsuit against Trumps Muslim travel Ban was a conspiracy of DOJ (Sally Yates) and the Ninth Circuit…. If the DOJ had not defended (allowed Judgement to Stand) and the SCOTUS had not Overturned the Ninth Circuit…Trump would have been Impeached for his words during the Campaign… Mueller had everything ready to GO ….. Sally Yates & the DA of WASH State need to be charged with the conspiracy of treason…..

  10. BTW: Daffy Duck is re-doing the 2016 Democrat Strategy.. Starting with Trump coming down the Escalator.. I guess they think doubling down by the same Hillary Crew will work for Daffy Duck….It is be Ground Hog day until Nov,,,, Nothing New.. Resist & Obstruct the Deplorables

  11. If it’s a flip by Strzok may I be the first to offer my condolences to his family on Pete’s impending suicide. Time, place and method TBD. I’m gonna go big and suggest that it won’t be a couple of .22 HP’s in the back of his head.

  12. The US Logan ACT is a lesson for all Statists. They can’t help themselves. Go away. Anyone can talk to anyone. If you believe that’s to criminally conspire, prove it.

    To paraphrase Ben Franklin ‘No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the Legislature is in session’.

  13. The Logan Act does not apply to incoming administration officials, if it applies at all given it’s a vestigial remnant of past centuries.

    That Biden and others brought it up, aided and abetted a false investigation, proves they’re irredeemably corrupt, and must be held accountable, by voters and law enforcement, the latter cannot happen without the former.

    Democrats are desperate to keep this out of the mainstream, so they will try to control political ads, ensure no debates with uncomfortable questions, and finally they must have a mail in election.

    Joe Biden’s career of corruption needs to see the light of day. This Trump faux investigation was cover for Ukraine, Russia.

  14. The looming tragedy for the USA is when the perps and Institutions have their corruption and criminality revealed for all to see the media will ignore and obfuscate the crimes committed against US society.
    Then, when the DoJ gaslighting won’t do any more, they’ll prosecute their peers on some lesser charges relating to process misdemeanors. Co-operative Judges then take a plea and the boys who took one for the team are out at some Democrat think tank in a jiffy.
    I wish it were otherwise.