22 Replies to “The WE Show”

  1. This Michelle Douglas ?

    “Michelle Douglas is a Canadian human rights activist who launched a landmark legal challenge in the Federal Court of Canada against the military’s discriminatory policies against LGBT service members. Douglas herself served as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces from 1986 to 1989”

    Perhaps the Killburgers weren’t paying the requisite attention to BLTXXLBBQ whining ?

    Nice to see the progressive rats turning on each other…

    1. Yup. The very same activist of the Qwerty persuasion. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for her testimony. Lefties tend to circle the wagons when one of their ranks falls from grace, at least initially. Funny how so many charities nowadays are nothing but front groups for currying government favor and a means to launder money offshore and for their directors to amass fortunes in real estate and cash. Operating expenditures with huge salaries, travel and benifits to family and friends with very little of said coin actually shaken down to those they profess to support. Charities based on the Clinton Foundation model should certainly raise a few eyebrows. In the Clinton’s case, for every one million dollars donated in their quest to end world wide diarrhea, only $30,000 actually made it to those afflicted.

      1. But can you really blame the Clintons. It’s so expensive to fly to Epstein’s private island every month.

    2. I still figure that those ’emergency pandemic supply warehouses’ are part of this story. Sure as hell those original ones were sold to a liberal friendly weasel, (possibly WE Real Estate) and the new ones were leased at outlandish terms to another lib.

  2. “Who does ‘voluntourism’ actually help? ”

    Easy. The volunteers who get a free vacation to an interesting locale and a chance to virtue signal.

  3. When you catch someone’s hand in your pocket…You have found a thief… That Thief will not redeem themselves, other than hiding their hand better…..Me so sorry I got caught only works with Children.

  4. A few years ago my curiosity was piqued when local schools became involved with the WE charity. I am generally skeptical of any “charity” and thus decided to look further into WE. The Kielburgers in action reminded me of some of the worst fraudulent religious grifters – aka the Bakkers and Herbert & Garner Ted Armstrong. Emotional speeches and always begging for money. I found it sad to see young school children emptying their piggy banks to fund lavish lifestyles with very little of their hard saved money going to the advertised cause. All flash and no substance. Corruption at its finest.

      1. Peanuts scar, just peanuts, hardly worth the cost of a multi million dollar prosecution. Liberal lawyers cashing in on liberal fraud, what could be more lucrative.

        1. Besides, she probably used it for nose candy, so it went for a good cause as far as she’s concerned.

  5. If people want give to charities – fine it is in their rights to do so. The government should not be giving to charities on the tax payers’ behalf. Shining a light on all these opaque charities and NGOs would be interesting in my opinion.

    1. Agree 100%. Since when does the government get to decide which charities are worthy? Oh, wait …..they do that with businesses too. Funneling taxpayer money to friends and donors the Canadian way.

      1. Hudson, you do know what the actual definition of Fascism is? Canada fits it to a T.

    2. NGO’s were set up to be beyond the oversight reach of the Auditor General and of parliament itself. In a perfect world, if the light of day was turned onto the books of these entities there would be significantly more than a handful of prominent politicians (current and former), business leaders, and civic leaders who would be facing serious jail time. That is why we will never know.

      1. I’ve always wondered: If a Non-Government Organization (or, NGO) gets its funding from the government, does not that make them a de-facto government organization? Surely, being an NGO should immediately qualify an organization from getting a single penny of taxpayer funding (I like to remember that the government has no money of its own, only that of the taxpayers)

  6. I watched some of the “testimony” yesterday,on CPAC so not sure what day it really happened on.
    Damn Wayne Easter is a prefect personification of a Liberal Style Creature.
    However the bureaucrats were astonishingly blunt.
    Almost as if the Liberals have managed to offend even the entrenched bureaucrats low standard of ethics and accountability.
    Of course any semi intelligent parasite might recognize that such excesses in corruption can destroy the entire scam, thus what I saw as apparent honesty by these critters may well be nothing but terror.

  7. The SHIT Show of 21st century phoniness, corruption and lies starring Canadian Liberals, who else?
    And the “justice system”?
    Doesn’t exist in Bananada.

  8. Once this is over, I also look forward to the public inquiry into the Trudeau Foundation.

    In terms of corruption, I assume it is to WE as an iceberg is to an ice cube.

    1. “Trudeau foundation public inquiry”, yeah right, don’t hold your breath, we can’t even get a public inquiry on Canada’s worst mass murder in Nova Scotia, cuz it’ll embarrass the RCMP and Trudeau, and will put a damper on his gun control ambitions. I sure hope public pressure is strong enough to force an open inquiry on that item, but again, don’t hold your breath!

  9. I wonder how much Justin Trudeau got paid by WE before he became PM..
    Perhaps about the same as his mom?
    He will be disclosing this, if asked, when he testifies himself.
    We should start a pool…
    My bet is $180,000.

  10. Just for everyone’s information….

    Trudeau will be “testifying” for ONE HOUR on Thursday afternoon. ONE – WHOLE – HOUR. The Liberals compose about 45% of the committee members so Trudeau will be facing about 35 minutes of tough questioning. A FIFTEEN MINUTE break follows that, and then Katie Telford goes for the same 60 minutes/35 actual minutes.

    Expect nothing to come out of that. I’m sure Rosie will have a peachy, wonderful summary on the Thursday night news.

    Our only hope is for one of these grifters, or one of the Brothers K on Tuesday, to say something really stupid. My best guess is that there is a 50/50 chance this whole thing will disappear by the end of this weekend.

  11. Motion…Ammendment…..Motion…..Ammendment…….

    And the beat goes on. Nothing will get resolved, except for the fact that our PM has out right lied several times on this situation and our system of government has no mechanism to deal with a corrupt PM. The Ethnics committee is a joke, the RCMP are a joke and the Conservatives are looking like a joke trying to make something of this. Trudeau has score three own goals on himself and still wins the game. So Sad!