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Featured comment from Chris;

The Federal Liberals and the BC NDP government are still ignoring the elected Wet’suwet’en leaders and siding with the radical hereditory “chiefs” in their quest to derail gas pipelines.
They are NOT, however, ignoring their own friends, in the process

“(Former NDP MP Nathan) Cullen is being paid $250 an hour by the province up to a maximum of $2,000 per day, (BC NDP Minister of Indigenous Relations Scott) Fraser told the house, adding: “His rates are at a reasonable average.”
To date, Cullen has been paid $87,805 in fees and $2,593 in expenses, the ministry told Rob Shaw of The Vancouver Sun.
The New Democrats also recruited another federal New Democrat, former MP Murray Rankin, to lend a helping hand with the Wet’suwet’en. Since he resigned his federal seat in June of last year, he has been paid $122,278.87 in fees and $6,696.73 in expenses.

So to recap: a $220,000 payout to two former federal New Democrats and the elected chiefs still remain opposed to the process.”

And that’s why Reader Tips was created — so that others can do my work for me.

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  1. At this point, it’s hard to even remember a point in time at the start of this year when roads were blocked, ports shut, and fires set on major rail lines, effectively bringing Canada’s economy to its knees. This went on for weeks until the feds finally got up on their hind legs and conjured up some consultation processes which largely ended the disrupt.

    Then somebody had to go and eat a bat …

  2. The process of transferring sovereignty from the Federal and Provincial Crown to the Indians is making progress but it is on Indian time which will ensure the lawyers and other white pimps will extract maximum rents from the future serfs of the deranged dominion.

  3. In related whiny indian news, Big Chief Pam of the famous Ryerson University tribe was on Blackie’s CBC this morning explaining that police are murdering indians all over Canada and of course Canadians are racist bastards.

  4. “And that’s why Reader Tips was created — so that others can do my work for me.”
    Got any fence that needs whitewashing, Tom?

    The Canadian federal government’s main reason for existence is to steal your hard-earned money and give it some POS. Of course they take their cut and make sure their friends and family get a piece of the pie.
    The We Were Here First Nations’ Grievance Industry of Northern North America won’t ever stop asking for more.

    1. I would like to see Canadians get productive creating real wealth from developing natural resources, farming, or manufacturing something. “Strip Mining” the tax payers and borrowing from our “slave masters” is getting old. Do we really need a federal government? I would also rather see the provinces manage their own affairs. Big government just means big corruption. Is it time for change?

  5. The old we were here first does not nor ever has worked for me. No one younger than I was here before me.

  6. “Hereditary chiefs control them.”

    But it doesn’t matter that the claimed hereditary chiefs are men when the band is matriarchal and they are supposed to be women.

  7. There is a gigantic cottage industry that has been built up around so-called “First Nations”. It is a cabal of lawyers, activists and other parasites feeding off the situation….of course, when you have a cottage industry, the LAST thing you want to do is solve anything. And it’s ALL paid for by taxpayers. Every bloody cent. And it should surprise no one that the NDP, Liberals and Greens are up to their eyeballs in it feeding out of the trough.

  8. Canada where democracy goes to die.
    Only in Can Ahh Duh could the feelings of unspecified Hereditary Chiefs,override,with the good will of the parliament,the democratic voice of the Band..
    I get so confused here,the Natives are now for democracy and accountability and the Government,Media and Courts are all demanding Hereditary rules…
    Is this to prolong the reign of Emperor Justine the Turd?
    Where being naked,stunned and oblivious is the new normal?
    For one must be a “True Liberal” not to see how naked and ugly their Emperor really is.
    Only our bought and paid for Presstitutes can spend hours of fine print on how beautiful the Emperors New Clothes are,weeping over the fine weave and glorious colours..
    That only they can see.

    The West must FLEE,our Eastern comrades are insane.
    They see things that are not.
    They believe many impossible things.
    They impose their delusion upon us by force of the demographic.
    Sleep walking to oblivion,while insisting they are really woke.

    Every bus has an emergency exit door.
    Use it.

  9. Well, the pipeline is being built whether the Wetsuwetn like it or not. Load after load of pipe is rolling through their communities, huge camps are being built in Kitimat and along the pipeline route and millions of dollars worth of pipeline equipment has arrived at the local Caterpillar dealer. I think they will build the pipeline around the disputed territory if they have to. Too much money is at stake now.

    1. Credit goes to the Vancouver Sun journalist who dug this info up. There are a few journalists remaining in Canada willing to uncover ugly stuff on governments of any stripe. I am only one of many messengers.