The Libranos: WE Realty

This thing just gets better and better.

Prime Minister Justice Trudeau’s government awarded the contract to run the $912-million student volunteer program to a foundation that only received charity status last year and whose stated purpose was to “hold real estate,” newly released records show.
Both a government and charity official confirmed the controversial Canada Student Service Grant contract was not with WE Charity, as Trudeau announced.
Rather, the government gave the contract to the WE Charity Foundation, which is a distinct charity with no track record.

As an aside — am I the only one who thinks Trudeau was setting up Kielburger as a political successor?

Update. On, the small matter of a $41,000 oversight.

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  1. A successor?
    Maybe. It takes a corrupt poseur to know one.

    Until a coup is counted on Spendy McBlackface he’ll never leave or be voted out.

  2. A “charity” speculative real estate manipulation operation.

    Yep, these smooth move operators are only helping themselves…

    Corruption and government, a two headed beast howling for your financial disembowelment.

    Why do “WE” elect such complete a*swipes? Well at least this sh*tshow didn’t ever get my vote.


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army

    1. Nor mine. I blame the Canadian press and George Soros for Trudeau’s two election wins, especially the first one. Canadians knew what they had after his first term.

  3. Kate said: “As an aside — am I the only one who thinks Trudeau was setting up Kielburger as a political successor? ”

    The only reason I doubt it is that I don’t believe Shiny Pony is smart enough to think along those lines. The Pony is a surfer, he’ll ride the wave until shore, then jump off and go look for another wave. Because he thinks there will always be another wave.

    -Somebody- does seem to be very interested in seeing the Brothers K do well. Really feels like we live in a banana republic these days. Important Families making all the decisions, elections just a show for the rubes.

    Going to be very interesting when the welfare checks bounce one of these days.

      1. Right? Things that make you wonder…

        When you look at the cast of characters in this WE thing, there are an awful lot of cousins, wives, inlaws etc. involved here. Like they’re a dynasty. The Bourbons, 2020 low-rent version.

        And isn’t is interesting how freaking invisible the CPC weenies are? I make no accusations, but the dog is not barking much that I can see.

        1. Exactly. WE know one CPC “leader” hopeful is tied to WE, WHO else? And while we’re at it WHO is supplying that Chinah “vaccine” for WUFLU in Kan-eh-duh and who else has got their sticky fingers in that pie? Then there is the mask thingy. Our Nenshi has made masks mandatory in Our City today, 6 months after the fact, but the due date on that is only 1st August. This is some kind of “emergency”, is it not? Where’s the friggin’ mask, Nenshi? Still being made in Chinah….delivery next month? What’s your cut on that Fat Buoy?

          “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” ― H.L. Mencken,

        2. We fit all the criteria of a banana republic:

          1) a government selected by about 22% of eligible voters

          2) tenuous or non-existent parliamentary institutions

          3) overlapping membership between elected officials, the civil service and the private sector

          4) a virtually non-existent opposition

          5) a government-financed media

          6) the tacit loyalty of an apathetic and ignorant populace purchased with their own money

        1. “Burner” phones.

          Butts is the brains behind this operation. He is smart. He “resigned” during Lav-Scam to give himself plausible deniability. He gave himself the legal space, separate from the stinking PMO mess. Butts was smart enough to escape the Ontario McGuinty gas-plant debacle before the criminal cases landed, and he is going nowhere near Trudeau, now that the giant sucking sound is becoming overwhelming. He has just started his many plans for remaking Canadian society into a deluded Green-utopia and he is smart enough not to let sock boy drag him down.

    1. The Phantom said, “Really feels like we live in a banana republic these days. ”

      With apologies to banana republics, of course.

  4. These Eastern elites seem more like Oligarchs than political operatives, likely because they have done such a good job of exploiting the results of a well dumbed-down electorate and compliant media. The mainstream is having to follow the lead of the conservative “media” as this thing is now thankfully out of control.

  5. This is all very sketchy and appears to be set up to confuse. Who are the main players in the WE foundation?
    It certainly looks like the Trudeau’s have great interest in all things WE.
    We all have choices as to what charities we want to support, or not and this stuff is going to make us think twice about donating to anything.

    What can possibly go wrong supporting or shilling for a charity, especially high ranking politicians and their families?
    Maybe WE/we are about to find out.

    1. Billy Porno paid back $41k? What’a coincidence. He told us 2 weeks ago he had ‘paid back’ all the money…..

      How far back did he have to go. Was he over 30 days in arrears? 60? 90?” Or is it years – and does it involve expenses incurred by his daughters?

      He stinks. The noose is starting to tighten and he thinks he can slip out by paying the Klingon brothers back?

      Bill Morneau is a criminal just like his boss. Somebody (everybody) is going to go down over this. This is bigger than the Pacific scandal of John A. MacDonald. The brown manila envelopes are just starting to arrive.

      1. Morneau is too stupid to be a criminal.
        Kind of like Kevin Pollack’s “Phillip Green” character in the Scorsese film “Casino.”

    2. Think about it $41K, thats what 75% of the 2019 annual Canadian family income. Double checks notes, sh1t it’s 2020 I can’t afford notes.

      Morneau claims he did not know that WE had given him $41,000 in wine, meals, accommodation, travel, and other benefits…for fcks sakes how this clueless, out of touch bullshit artist is our minister of finance.

      But the good news is that Toronto will re-elect him. You GTA cats get that that corruption all flows your way. In Canada, there are winners, losers, and then there is Morneau and the Trudeau foundation.

    3. And his Lieberal buddies on Twatter are circling the wagons. Because $41,000 is a “reasonable” oversight.

  6. How many barrels of tar and how many bags of feathers would it take to coat the entire liberal caucus? It’s time.! This bullshit has to stop.

    1. We have so much sandy tar around here (that they hate we own and develop). Anyone have access to feathers?

    2. If you’re waiting for the Kanuckistanian sheeple to form torch and pitchfork crowds, you’ll die of old age first.

  7. Start seriously asking people why they voted for these corrupt thieves.
    After Blackie’s SNC fiasco there was no doubt that he is a corrupt liar.

    Start asking teachers why they are producing morons that vote for this nonsense and corruption.
    Ask them if they still support Blackie’s Liberals after they have been caught stealing from a children’s charity.
    Teachers are all about the children after all.

    Politics follow culture.

    $16.00 < $41,000.00.

  8. Morneau paid back $41K for his family’s travel with WE and wants us to believe he intended to pay it back full cost?
    Seems he’s apologizing for “unknowingly” not doing it sooner….yes,before getting caught!
    If this is the way a finance minister operates his own affairs I say he’s not fit for the job.

    1. Liz, None of em are fit for the current job they hold, but it seems Trudeau and Morneau excel at being unfit. But yeah, a finance minister, mistakenly misremembering about 41 grand…hmmm!

      1. He does have a problem with his memory. After all, he forgot all about a villa in France that he had, didn’t he?

      1. Pity the cops and the judges are all in the Liberals’ back pocket…

        “Crime?- WHAT crime? Corruption? – WHAT corruption? Conflict of interest? – what is that, anyways? Ooh – GUNS GUNS GUNS – gotta go!!!”

    2. Not only that, what was WE doing about his past due account? No charity I know of would allow an accounts receivable of that size to remain unpaid regardless of who it was. Were no “Statements of Account” sent to jog his memory?

      1. The Harper Conservative government gave about $500,000 in grants to WE during their term. Trudeau Liberal’s multiplied that to about $5-million. Make no mistake. WE was already “paid back” by Morneau. Quid pro quo.

        Ad colligenda bona.
        (“to collect the goods”)

    3. He also said in the clip that his wife donated $50k to WE so maybe he looked at it as a way to get a tax deduction for his travelling (get $41k of pleasure and donate $50k to make WE whole and have the taxpayer give him a refund).

      I thought Duffy too.

  9. I won’t doubt such a scenario Kate.
    It’s plausible with this bunch, but there are many plausible outcomes.
    Instead let’s play six degrees of separation.
    How many connections are there between the Kielburgers, Trudeau and Hillary Clinton.
    Hell let’s throw in Epstein for good measure and see what comes up.

    1. NXIVM.

      Big Canadian money people involved there. I’d name the names but I can’t be bothered to look it up. Its all over the place, easy to find.

      Another thing to wonder about.

    2. ALL Foundations and Charities need to make their donor list with amount donated public. FULL Transparency.
      Just like political parties have to publish through Elections Canada.

      The same goes for expenditures, per diems and salaries.
      That is the cost of the Tax Free receipts they want to hand out and tax avoidance….
      It is no longer a Librano slush fund.

  10. It is even worse than it appears if that is even possible. The WE Charity has admitted the contract was with the Foundation, which had no assets, in case something went wrong and the government was going to sue to recover any monies that were allegedly mishandled. How this got through the bureaucrats and committees only supports the case the Public Service knew what its political masters required and delivered.

    1. The bribe came before hand. The $300,000 to the Trudeau family. The “free” Justin Trudeau election ads. No kick-backs required.

      Cui bono. (“as a benefit to whom”).
      Definition: Suggests that the perpetrator(s) of a crime can often be found by investigating those who would have benefited financially from the crime, even if it is not immediately obvious.

  11. Just came out that the Morneau’s travelled with WE to Kenya and other places and Morneau just cut them a cheque to repay $41,000 in expenses just before he was questioned by committee about WE.

    This has the stink of a mid summer two week old deer kill!

  12. as to Klingonburger being set up for leader, The Bronfmans have positioned Mz Barney thunder thighs for that spot.

  13. It was totally reprehensible to hear PMJT blame the civil service for his crimes.

    Now we get this latest nonsensense.
    They must resign.

    1. Ever hear the old saying that when two of your enemies get in a pissing match, don’t take a side?

      Miss Kate usually employs the tag line about staying out of it.

      In this case I hope it becomes a war of attrition between the cabinet and the bureaucracy, neither is a friend of conservatives.

    2. It was totally reprehensible to hear PMJT blame the civil service for his crimes.

      I agree with him. No civil servant should ever allow Dear Leader to be caught. (sarcasm = off)

  14. Any other contractor is required to having bonding to bid on a contract, so how does this deal get done without bidding, without bonding, with a Foundation that has no staff, no track record, and is just a shell. This breaks every rule. Canadians have been dumbed down to retards by our failing school systems and distracted by worthless, useless non-existed social issues.

  15. Here is a link from “opencorporates”, where I punch in the term WE to WE Foundation:

    The ME to WE foundation operates in the U.S., and is a charity that sells goods and services to the WE Charity branches in the U.S. Charity laws are different south of the border, and unlike in Canada, charities or foundations can sell goods and services to other charities. In Canada, the Kielburger-run WE to ME Inc. can sell goods and services to WE Charity.

    But notice that there is a PRIVATE company — a private ME to WE company in the list. It is based in Delaware. The only officer listed is Paracorp Incorporated. Googling this company, what they do is act as a resident person, to do all the legal paperwork for this shell company. Note that the X thingy next to the name says that this firm is a controlling firm — presumably of the other foundations listed in the link.

    I will be passing this on to investigative journalists.

    1. WE Canada: 145 Berkeley Street, Toronto, ON………just south off Queen St East. Go see them about a donation. Right across the street from Domino’s. Take the Queen St east streetcar.

  16. Succession?

    More likely throwing damaging information and throwing the Kielburgers under the bus.

    Succession is only for Trudeaus and Kims. The Century 21 Brothers are being smothered with these facts that just happen to come to light.

  17. And Andy 2 Per Cent is beholden to whom? He’s “small town cheap” in comparison.

  18. What NO connection to the CBC!!!! Not possible… Need names of “ALL” Producers such that a search of their involvement in WE or ME….. COVER is expensive


  19. Paying back $41k for meals and things – we obviously travel in a different class if these were just incidentals.
    The very act of paying money back will also get him trouble with the LPC – returning money is a bad precedent for a liberal
    WRT your headline “am I the only one who thinks Trudeau was setting up Kielburger as a political successor?” or was Trudeau setting up a cushy post politics career in charity – that is if this Prime Minister for Life gig ever fell through
    A well done to Pierre Poilievre and Charlie Angus for their digging

  20. Keilburger as turdo’s successor?

    Why not! I mean, he certainly seems to have the requisite ethical defect that urban Canadians seem to find so attractive. Plus, he’s demonstrated that when it comes to spending taxdollars, he can piss them away on far loftier things than health care. And .most women and metrosexual males would likely get that OMGIWMP feeling if they could get near him.

    So absolutely. He certainly seems to have what it takes!

  21. Just heard the CTV talking head say this

    “But there’s more”

    Seems this thing is further reaching than even I thought. It may have caught up with Telford.
    This keeps up much longer someone is going to have to resign.

    1. This keeps up much longer someone is going to have to resign.

      In Canada nowadays? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

    2. “This keeps up much longer someone is going to have to resign”

      I’m betting it will be one of the Klingonburgers. Along with an apology for not fully informing turdo la doo about the intricacies of WE.

      1. The Brothers have violated their bank covenants, their charities’ boards have all resigned, they have millions of bank debt due in about six weeks. The entire purpose of this government “program” was to save the Brothers’ charity from oblivion. They are already toast. The only question is whether they will be good Liberals and go down quietly (sure to land comfortably in a few months (Senator Keilburger, Ambassador Keilburger)) or will they they take someone down with them at their committee testimony.

    3. Gerry Butts will sacrifice himself for another $300k severance package to be rehired in a month or two.

  22. An insightful article from a former federal civil servant:

    “The civil service has been neither neutral nor non-partisan for decades. Nor is it likely to have left a paper trail of its involvement in the WE contract.

    Let’s start with non-partisan. The civil service has been a source of both talent and strategic help for the Liberal party for nearly a century.”

    1. For the historical roots of this cozy relationship, also see “The Government Party: Organizing and Financing the Liberal Party of Canada 1930-1958.”

  23. Sniff, sniff, is that the stench of ponzi scam? We’s business model doesn’t make much sense but then I’m not an elitist liberal hoe. Ad scam seems like peanuts compared to the WEmess.

  24. In defence of the airhead, he knows not whereof he is doing.
    The fault lies with the butthead.
    And other than that some 70% of canadian LIV’s will vote for him to stay as primeminister of this country.

    Morneau is just another airhead. If his father did not have a contract with the federal govenment, Morneau would be an environ-mental engineer picking bottles.

  25. Yup. No shortage of rats.

    Too bad the only cats on the opposition benches are either squatting in their litter boxes or sleeping with the rodents.

  26. I guess that was the point of my question(s). This does NOT seem to be a simple “oopsie” missing accounting transaction between a patron and a charity. Normal patrons would be expected to pay their freight and if they didn’t, they would be notified about a past due account and expected to cover their debt.

  27. $16.00<$41,000.00.
    Or is it?
    That 16 dollar glass of orange juice created a bigger stir amongst the pimped out Canadian media than a Liberal stealing 41 thousand dollars from the children ‘s charity.
    But then the woman drinking the orange juice wasn't voting to hand the pimped media billions more of our tax dollars.
    The guy stealing $41,000.00 from the children did vote to hand the pimped media billions of our tax dollars.

    Ask Liberal voters about that media math problem.
    Ask them if $16.00 is more than $41,000.00.

    1. “Ask them is $16.00 more than $41,000” Stan, of course it is silly, you forgot to factor in the inflation!

  28. I’m not letting Prime Minister No-show off the hook for a second just because he’s a low IQ corrupt coward. Despite all his missing leadership qualities, I bet he could tell you +/- $100 exactly how much money is in the TRUDEAU family FOUNDATION.
    With 2 narcissistic parents, the Trudeau children live in ultra luxurious but empty souled surroundings. Whatever elite schools they get back to post virus, their classmates all know that their dad is a crook. SNC, the WE growing stench, luxury Island vacay, and hiding out from any form of work. Taxpayers are the biggest victims of Trudopian money flinging. Canadians are too squishy and not as angry as they need to be at these parasites.

    1. Not if the Canadian “media” deploy their typical, “rigorous,” professional standards to the case. We’ll be lucky if this lasts into August. They’ll cover Trudeau’s committee appearance, then say “Oh well,” then move on to NHL hockey.

  29. That a few of you keep referring to a “16 dollar glass of orange juice” is proof the Liberals are winning. It was a small pitcher, suitable for a few people to share, and was delivered to a meeting. Bev Oda was a poor choice to be a Minister, but facts DO matter.

    1. “Sometimes for a Finance Minister math is hard: $41,000 = 2,562 glasses of 2012 vintage Savoy Hotel Orange Juice.”
      (Charles Adler, via Twitter)

      Maybe Morneau forgot his WE invoice in his forgotten French Villa?

    2. Paul,

      Can you provide a link saying it was a pitcher? Would love to have that in my back pocket.

  30. To paraphrase Mark Twain: The Trudeau Liberals – the best government that money can buy!

    1. “Well he is pretty stupid…there is that”
      Well I don’t think he’s pretty, but he’s definitely stupid!

  31. $41K ? Pffft.

    We’re entitled to our entitlements!
    — Bill Morneau, Libranostra Capo

  32. An interesting juxtaposition:
    Dec 2017 is when Morneau goes on his luxury WE vacation to Ecuador, and we are told that he didn’t make arrangements to pay for this and thought the trip might be complimentary
    Dec 2017 just so happens to be the same month the Trudeau/Aga Khan conflict of interest report came out.

    How could Morneau NOT realize accepting a $41000 trip was a no no at the time?

  33. I think Billie Porno already paid about 60k toward the trip. He just forgot about the other 41k he owed since 2017 for ‘expenses’.

    He also personally gave WE 100k (for a tax receipt). Then he arranged 3 million of taxpayers money for WE and, oh yeah I almost forgot, We hired his daughter…..

    Conflict? What conflict?