12 Replies to “WE In Your Wallet”

  1. Hey Mayes,

    Now do the Cdn media, the Alberta NDP, & the BQ.
    Last but not least, do the Libranos.

    Also – that’s not a pointy head on Blackie. That’s a yarmulke. He’s working on bastardizing the Jewish culture now.

  2. A billion here, a billion there, wake me up when ur talking real money. It’s just a billion between friends, why all the fuss?

  3. But but but Bev oda $16 orange juice, but but but Duffy housing allowance. That’s more important than a billion dollars solesourced to friends of the pm. 16 is bigger than 1000000000!

    1. Keeping in mind that Duffy was exonerated from all wrong doing. And let’s not forget the terrible scandal where Andrew Scheer sold an insurance policy without having a university degree. Mortal sin!!

      1. I don’t think any sane person considers Duffy innocent …. his claim of a seasonal cottage as his permanent residence was obviously a lie & the defense amounted to Duffy not being properly briefed about lying about his cottage and that everyone else was cheating on the housing benefit …. Duffy is “small town cheap” just like all too many other politicians at the taxpayer trough.

        1. I agree he was cheating. And I agree about the trough. I am just making the point that housing allowances are in the range of thousands of dollars. This WE contract was in the millions. So you would need a thousand Duffys to equal the level of corruption and theft in this one single WE contract. You would need a million Bev Odas. Trudeau can steal in a day what takes the lifetimes of other corrupt politicians to steal.

  4. I am a cartoonist. That one is good…but….I would have placed Blake face McSpendy’s right hand on the right bum cheek of the Whee boy. Just saying…it would have tied the cartoon together. Excuse the cartoon critique.

  5. I received a meme last week with a picture of ole Justin injustice and the words “I break the law so that you don’t have to “. It was also timely and funny.

  6. Today I was talking to my cousin in Ontario. He has never heard the old Saskatchewan saying that we use on cold winter days. ”It’s so cold, the Liberals have their hands in their own pockets.”

    My favorite was my Dad’s joke about socialism.,

    Three young farm boys were walking the sidewalks of their home town on a busy Saturday night when a guy drove by in a Lincoln Continental. The Conservative said, ”Wow! Look at that car! I’m going to work hard, save my money and some day I’ll own a Continental.” The Liberal farm boy said, ”You know fellas, if we whine long enough, the federal government may just send us the money to buy a Lincoln. ” The CCF boy looked at them and frowned. ”You’re both wrong. Someday, the guy who owns that Lincoln will be walking, just like we are now.”

    1. The true definition of the human (?) condition. Boris and Ivan are two poor-as-dirt kulaks in the far-back of Mother Russia – both of them slave on the kolkhoz all day and live in abject poverty in miserable little mud hovels; Ivan has one goat, and Boris doesn’t even have that. One night when Boris is stumbling home in the dark after another 16-hour hoeing session, he trips over a wine bottle. Any wine in it? – he pulls the cork, and a genie pops out.

      “You have freed me from the wine bottle! I’ll grant you one wish – anything you want!”

      Boris ponders for a few minutes, then replies “I wish Ivan’s goat would die.”