11 Replies to “Come Back, Pizzagate!”

  1. Alternatively, the assassin was a lawyer who had previous cases before the Judge and had nothing to do with Epstein at all.
    The conclusion jumping is understandable though Ghis’s heart attack won’t be a shock. She should be able to plea to nothing…she must have the goods on Bill and some others. A smart woman like our Ghis might well have her own video insurance policy.

  2. https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/suspect-in-shooting-of-federal-judge-esther-salass-family-died-of-apparent-suicide-reports-say/

    Roy Den Hollander was a supporter of President Trump, a stalwart anti-feminist and men’s rights activist, and the perfect fall guy for Deep Staters trying to cover their tracks. Lost a case in front of Salas, was dying of cancer, had nothing to lose. So of course it was him, right? Case closed.

    We’ll probably find out who really targeted Judge Salas and her family the day we find out who killed Seth Rich.

    1. The FBI is investigating…………..in a somewhat related story, Farmer Brown has sent a red fox to determine how one chicken was killed and another wounded while supposedly safe inside the chicken coop.

  3. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Having said that if you have terminal cancer and some government hack pissed you off …… what are the other hacks going to do? ….. Arrest you?

  4. I’m not a conspiracy enthusiast by any means, but this cigar is starting to look like a face full of dick.

  5. Search closer to Obama and Clintons! It is so nice to see them accruing more and more counts for their future trial. Some just cannot stop digging.

  6. Funny thing that FedEx uses the limited seating on their aircraft fleet to transport US government operatives quietly around the world with weapons and who knows what in diplomatic luggage.

    Not saying it’s related but just saying.