Ask Your Leftist Friends Why They’re Racist Towards Latinos

Goya Foods: A Buycott destroys the Boycott:

Unfortunately for all of these people who apparently object to a Hispanic businessman making his own decisions and walking away from the Leftist Racial Plantation to do as he damn well pleases for his company — all of this has backfired.

On the spot, a “Buycott” campaign to support Goya sprang up. And Goya sales, per CEO Unanue, “quadrupled.” (And a personal note: as a regular Goya customer myself, I have made a point to stock up. I love Goya!) Indeed, a friend of mine reported that she was at her local Giant and went to stock up on Goya goods to support the Buycott. She found a store clerk busy restocking the Goya shelves. When the clerk realized my friend was stocking up on Goya herself, she asked what was going on as my friend was the third person to do this. The situation explained — which the clerk had been unaware of — she said now she understood why the store’s Goya products were flying off the shelves.

18 Replies to “Ask Your Leftist Friends Why They’re Racist Towards Latinos”

  1. I’ve never bought their products before. Are they sold in Canada? I’m going for groceries today.

    1. For me, the term leftist friends is a contradiction.

      An old mate of mine, who I met while I was a freshman undergraduate, eventually turned into a hard-core leftist. I soon cut ties with him. I can’t be friends with anyone who is friendly to me in person and then refers to me as a neo-fascist behind my back.

  2. Quadrupled?

    Let’s hear the pollsters explain again how Biden is going to win by 15 points. People don’t lie with their wallets.

    The left, by the way, see the wretched of the earth only as a means to the end of destroying “capitalism,” aka Western civilization and the Jewish and Christian faiths. Karl Marx was big on emancipation of the American blacks (rather than their deportation to Africa) for precisely this reason.

    Maybe they like screwing trafficked “Latina” girls behind the very large backs of their feminist overseers. They don’t actually like Latin American Indians. It’s just that after the revolution, when the last white working man in America has died or fled, someone will have to do the drudge work, and our betters have no intention of doing it themselves.

  3. They used to have the stupidest tag line – “Goya – Oh Boya” which I for some reason found particularly annoying, so I never bought their products. Not anymore!

  4. We already had a pantry stocked with Goya products. Good food, reasonable prices. We take a can of black beans and smash with a fork. The best ever refried beans without all the lard. Not that lard is always a bad thing.

    The CEO’s problem is that he and his company are generous and giving to anyone with a need. He gives to level headed conservatives as well as left-wing wackos. In the dims eyes, anything he does is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

  5. The more the Left (Liberals/Democrats) attempt to intimidate, threaten and bully those that aren’t already working on their plantations the more of us they will unwittingly unite. At the moment in Canada we are being ‘ruled’ by a small cadre of people that have indoctrinated 40% of the population that ‘work’ on the plantation. This cadre are so deathly afraid that because they have not attained the threshold of 51% of the population they are pulling all of the stops to attain their ultimate goal. Threats, intimidation, bullying, force have all been used before to attain an end goal of total domination, eg. National Socialism. The boycott, divest, and sanction ideology coupled with threat and intimidation that is being attempted by the left today fail to understand that Martin Niemollar’s message still resonates with a large segment of the population, and that segment is growing, much to the consternation of the cadre. We cannot, will not allow the left to use their terminology and hypocrisy, their double standard, their threats, intimidations and their misuse of force to subjugate us. Little by little, incident by incident, battle by battle we have to start winning this war because war by any other name is what it is, and survival of our Western culture is our ultimate goal.

  6. Latino isn’t a race. Spanish people have nothing in common with the Aztecs. In the US both these peoples are considered “Latino”. It’s a totally fake identity.

    1. In the US Hispanic people are some kind of protected retard. In Canada, they are people. We have different protected retards.

    2. There is a marked divide between Spanish and Mexican.

      Descendants of the Spanish are deeply insulated if you refer to them a Mexican’s.

  7. If you like “Aunt Jemima” products stock up now that they’re on sale at Metro. Looks like a stock clearance to me. After this sale I doubt the products will be available. Don’t know if “Uncle Ben” is under similar cancellation.