35 Replies to “Who Had “Supreme Court Vacancy” For August?”

  1. She’s not resigning yet. Using the Lenin model (stuffed and mounted), she’ll still be influencing the court for another 60 years. And voting as the Democrats want.

    Unless there’s something illegal about anamatronic judges who can be trusted to follow the Progressive line?

  2. My thinking is that she kept quiet on this as long as she possibly could, to prevent a Trump SCOTUS nomination in an election cycle, just like the Republicans stalled the Obama SCOTUS nomination in his last year in office. The hope being that if Trump loses in November, the Democrat side will get another lefty on the bench. There is a whole pile of poop riding on this November election, beer and popcorn indeed!
    SCOTUS judges are not only showing their political leanings these days, they are deliberately using them to their political preference as well. Tit for tat I guess, the last one that left, (name escapes) had conservative leanings and allowed Trump to nominate and elevate Cavanaugh!

  3. Even if a vacancy occurred, Trump would not be able to replace her with a presumably more conservative judge before the election.

    1. Not sure about that.
      Even the Trump hating Republican Senators (all) aren’t blinded by their detestation of Trump enough to misunderstand that a Trump loss means another Ginsberg from the new Democrat President.
      They will pull out all stops if Ginsberg departs in good time, I believe. Even a couple of months will be enough.

  4. Die, you old bitch.

    Yes, there is a fate waiting for you below far worse than death.

    Know that the longer you keep the demons waiting, the more frustrated they will get, and the worse it will be, forever.

    And it will be for nothing. President Trump will win.


    Because the God of Israel you have spent your entire life defying to spite the goyim is the One God, Ruth. And He always gets His way.

    The Jewish nation, those who fear and are loyal to their God, hate you too, and will rejoice when you become the plaything of the demons for all eternity.

    1. Perhaps this superstitious nonsense is better off over at Conservative Tree House where they lap it up?

      1. Hey Bill, I’ve heard it called a lot of things over the years, but I truthfully never heard it called “superstitious nonsense” before. I’ve been an atheist my entire life, but I’m not rabid about it, and I try to respect others that do have beliefs other than my own. However, I am particularly vexed by the antisemitism that seems pervasive, and the Islamic opposition to the Jewish peoples right to exist.
        It’s not Islamaphobic, as my animosity is based on rational thinking, not on irrational “superstitious nonsense”. I don’t care about moderates of that cult, but the fundamentalists need to be put down. If they stuck to their own group, I could find that acceptable, but besides wanting to eradicate a whole people, they also want to force their views on the rest of the world, whether they like it or not, and that royally pisses me off!

        Santayana’s Ghost, is perhaps a fan of the Jewish religion, or perhaps he’s just stirring the pot to get a reaction out of SDA peeps. Also, I’m definitely not a fan of RBG, but I don’t “Hate” her, and simply wish she would retire and open her position to a replacement. The last one was a three ring circus with bells on, and this one will be just as entertaining.

        If we have a front row seat to the decaying west and the slow death of our Sodom and Gomorrah existence, we might as well enjoy it with some beer and popcorn.

        1. Gerry, gratuitous “respect” of evidence free irrationality and “tolerance” of failed cultural values whose outcomes destroy maybe good for you, bad for me.
          Your “respect” lets them operate as if their belief in gods and demons should run my world.

          If you want to narrow this down to Islam, I don’t know where to start in a few words. Enough to say there is only one Islam.
          If your don’t understand that this is the Islam of the literal Koran that declares that any muslim who believes otherwise is an apostate and should be murdered along with all infidels, homosexuals, Jews and difficult women, I can’t help you.
          Ask any one of your “moderate” muslims if they reject the hundreds of instructions in the Koran and Haddith to murder those groups, they will not reject any instruction in the Koran. That would make them apostate.
          We import people as immigrants who will not publicly reject instructions from their religious life guide to murder us, no matter that they belong to the local Rotary Club.

          With kindness, “ we have a front row seat to the decaying West” because no-one in politics, education or the media will defend it, people like you ensure our kids turn out as culturally grovelling, guilty, self loathing, compliant, under confident thumb suckers. It’s all over, you won.
          I look on with wry amusement from a trout stream somewhere.

    1. RoO: that is funny. Kate needs to add emojies. On second thought we don’t want an SDA version of Facebook.

  5. The woman should have been removed years ago. No one that ill can possibly be able to make rational decisions about the Constitution or any law relating the the document. I am old and sure as hell would not want to try and decide a constitutional case period. I am damn sure I am Ruthies mental equal at any point in time but would retire before putting my country in peril with a foolish, disease addled decision. I guess ideology trumps all.

  6. The irony of course is that the Obama team tried to get her to step down…but she was so sure of a Hillary victory she declined.
    Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

  7. She will likely hold on through New Years Day.

    If she doesn’t, and they need a fast replacement, President Trump may want to nominate Senator Ted Cruz. Both sides want him out of the US Senate, and his Presidential Primary campaign should have shook out all the skeletons from his closets.

    This will also eliminate a potential President Pence contender in 2024.

    1. Cruz’s choice would be LEE (Utah), but that would be a mistake.(9th circuit connection).. I think you need someone familiar with the SDNY ( Mob Crime family) That would be the Former Governor of NJ… Cristy, or the vengeance of Flynn……Could be Ruddy he is a former Fed Prosecutor… We need someone who will shakeup the comatose SCOTUS….RBG was an Marxist asshole and you replace her with another equal asshole from the right….

  8. Liver cancer; there is not much in the way of “therapy” for dealing with it.

    I have lost a grandmother and a couple of friends to it; neither of them were drinkers. One friend was an ex-pat Canadian geo-chemist who was sanguine to the end in his mid Fifties. He could and did go toe to toe with the medical types when it came to chemistry and took great interest in the Chemo concoctions they tried on him. Nothing worked, but he went; wise-cracking and dueling with the medicos to the end. When he was diagnosed, he insisted on seeing the biopsy report. The “cancer” cells in his liver were “skin” cells. The conclusion was that he had scratched a melanoma, releasing “feral” skin cells into the blood stream. These lodged in his liver and being “cancer” cells and thus “immortal’, they took up residence with a vengeance. Cancer cells have no “off-switch” that causes “tired” cells to break down for “recycling”, unlike normal ones.

    Two ways it gets you: Once your liver function falls below a certain level, there is no coming back. The other way is interesting: as the liver enlarges, it starts to intrude into space normally required for movement of the diaphragm. This restricts oxygen uptake. Furthermore, this pressure can extend to causing pressure on the heart, disrupting circulation. Between poor ventilation and a constantly over-stressed heart, things get grim fairly quickly, especially if you are over fifty-five.

    1. Good. It sounds like a truly awful way to die. May Ruth drink that poisoned cup to the dregs.

      And may she live to see President Trump returned to office with a thumping victory, granted by good Americans sick of being treated like children or fetal alcohol imbeciles by the likes of Ruth Bader.

  9. The Demons will keep her pumped up with adrenochrome until the election…..

    Seriously though, there’s no time to nominate and confirm a new Justice before the election, cocaine Mitch doesn’t move fast.

    Besides, the Demons have promised to impeach judges cuz Republican.

    1. You’re so right, not least because we have our own version of Bader Meinhof Ginsberg. She is Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella and, fortunately for Canada, she will turn 75 next July 1. Of course, this government will be beating the bushes for another leftist activist to replace her.

      “Rosalie Abella, appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada in 2004 from the Ontario Court of Appeal. According to LEAF’s documents, Abella was a financial contributor to LEAF. Abella has made a number of disgraceful decisions based on her ideology, not the law. She arbitrarily determined in 1998 that a homosexual couple were spouses under the Income Tax Act, even though the Act stated specifically that a spouse was defined as a member of the opposite sex. She made this ruling despite a previous ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada (later reversed) that defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. In 1995, she reduced the age of consent for homosexual youth from 18 to 14 years of age, arguing that the higher age of consent discriminated against homosexual youth, denying them their sexual orientation. Abella failed to comprehend in that case that the purpose of setting the age of consent at 18 years was to protect minors from exploitation by way of prosecuting the adults involved with them sexually. In 2015, she also declared that public service employees, including those in essential services, had a constitutional right to strike. This meant police officers, firefighters, airport traffic controllers, and healthcare workers cannot be ordered back to work. This decision was a triumph of her ideology, superseding public safety and common sense.”

  10. It’s not a recurrence. She’s had cancer continuously and it’s just a matter of detection. Hope the old bitch dies tonight. I don’t wish death on many but she has condemned perhaps millions of unborn to their death and deserves to burn in hell for eternity.

    1. “Hope the old bitch dies tonight. I don’t wish death on many but she has condemned perhaps millions of unborn to their death and deserves to burn in hell for eternity.”

      Yes, and no ‘perhaps’ about it. Time past she faced judgement and was replaced by a better judge.

  11. The First Android Judge must be breaking down.
    A ruthless Supreme Court will be a thing of beauty.
    The flesh and blood critter passed decades ago,this demonPossessed Hulk has sailed on,encouraged and applauded by our Progressive Comrades.
    The Demon Rat Party is well named.

  12. Lung, Pancreatic, and now Liver Cancer? Ruth Baader-Meinhoff Ginsberg is not long for this world. The Republican
    Senate screwed the pooch when they used the nuclear option to deny Ojugears his SCOTUS appointment because
    they believed that in an election year, the incoming administration should make the replacement. I voted for Trump
    primarily to see that he (and not Felonia von Pantsuit) should fill that seat. When Kennedy retired that would have
    given Hitlary Klingon two pick-ups and altered the balance. The biggest problem with your brothers to the South
    is judicial activism. Hillary would have packed the court in such a way as to create a one-party state that might have
    lasted forever!

    I do not see a brain-addled Alzheimer’s victim beating President Trump in November, but anything can happen. One
    saving grace is the temper tantrum by the radical left. The American people (even inner-city minorities,) are not too
    happy about the violence. In the late sixties, the American people elected Nixon in two presidential landslides Reagan
    twice as governor of California because they were sick of seeing riots and violent protests. Let us hope history repeats
    itself and that some of this wears off on our bothers to the North!