57 Replies to “The Libranos: It’s A Small World”

  1. I can’t stop laughing…. 🙂 so now the whole Wernick family has bus tire tracks from stem to stern.
    Well hey they say nepotism runs in the family!!!

    If one pulled this kind of monstrously stupid shyte in the financial services business they would have your license in a New York minute; and you would be barred from the industry for life.

    And no one in the entire chain of command said “Oh excuse me but this smells lower than snake feces in a dark cavern!”

    Corruption is a LIEberal value and virtue!

    The Prime DOOFUS is so ethically challenged he would lie the blue out of the sky.

    Yes there is a reason I fly the naval ensign of Canada 1868-1921 next to my Jack Rackham “Jolly Roger” flag
    on my domiciles yardarm.

    Someone should fillet the LIEberal party like smoked salmon on fish drying rack…


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army

    1. And no one in the entire chain of command said “Oh excuse me but this smells lower than snake feces in a dark cavern!”

      Or, as the Chinese might say, “this is bat shit crazy”

    2. Yearrgh

      Blister me bum, I’ve met corsairs of the coast of Siam wit more honesty, by the code, argh.

      Me think it high time we make signal t’ the brethren and set course for a filibuster.
      Or sink me where I stand else.

  2. I see another piece of corruption has cropped up. The libs have awarded a contract for security equipment at 170 embassies, to a state owned Chinese company. No potential problems there eh? I wonder how long it will take for the U.S. to do something about us.

      1. Geez! I feel like Donny (or is it Danny?) from Trailer Park Boys.

        WHAT IN THE F….?!?!?

      2. For a very long time, I’ve been accusing the Liberals as being stupid. I admit now, I was wrong. They’re not stupid; they’re traitorous. No question. They’re the enemy.

      3. Champagne is the corrupt compromised traitor that handed this spy gig to the Chinese Military. The Chinese Military own Champagne and the Liberal Party, quite obviously. When will these Liberal criminals be arrested and charged with treason ? Yeah, I know, never. The level of corruption in this arrogant Liberal Regime is absolutely staggering. They”re going to get away with it all too. Hopefully the US and other former ally’s know that Canada is the enemy. You can’t trust the Chinese and you can”t trust their proxy”s, Canada.

  3. Ottawa, the small town, is the capital of that small Librano world where everybody knows everybody.
    Nepotism, corruption and family dynasties are all normal in the Public Service that serves itself first, foremost and forever, amen.

    1. Ottawa, the town that intelligence forgot but graft comes home to roost.

      Oh you can be sure that some Liberal somewhere is accessing his Swiss bank account.

    1. Yup, the questions were posed:

      “Will there be any conflicts of interest, Prime Minister?”


      “Will you get away with it?”

      “What do you think?”

  4. Corruption feeding on corruption and we continue to vote for it. If an election were held today the Libranos would attain a majority. Keep those cheques coming.

  5. Bill Morneau, “Given the fact that my daughter works for the WE organization in an unrelated branch, I should have recused myself in order to avoid any perception of conflict.”

    Why didn’t PM Trudeau and Finance Minister Morneau recuse themselves from the WE Charity discussion?
    “I have no justification for that. It’s really unfortunate how this has all played out. I hope it doesn’t happen again.” -Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough

    Meanwhile at the PMO: “We’re getting a lot of bad press. Quick, lets spend some money”…. Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau borrow another $19 billion.

    1. Somebody with a good investigative technique needs to find out how big a cash cow school divisions and departments of education across the country have been for this medicine show.

  6. Let me guess, she’s also, by total coincidence, ready to retire, complete with massive taxpayer package?

    This is unbelievable – what a scam. What a bunch of dirt bags.

    1. Not until Oct 2020.
      That’s the 5 year mark when they qualify.

      Right about September expect some GTA MP’s to decide to run in the next Provincial election.

    1. That’s a Conservative party ad if I’ve ever heard one.

      Sadly they don’t have the Trumpian instincts to run it.

  7. Even Chrystia Freeland has said she’s sorry. As far as we know she wasn’t involved with WE so she’s apologizing for her leader and party. Why else is she apologizing?
    Liberals know apologizing is all it takes as well as adding they made a mistake, they will learn from it….yeah, right, until the next time.

      1. “The party is hers.”

        Is she going to win the next election by wearing a smaller dress? Ain’t possible – blubber will start jumping for freedom.

    1. I listened to the “apology”.
      The delivery seemed to be purposely done to enlarge the crisis instead of diminishing it.
      It sounded like something Paul Martin would have said.
      All that was missing was “the fact is” and “this is our number one priority”.

      1. I suspect they are distracting from the real scandal, the billions of infrastructure money that’s missing.

    2. It wasn’t really an apology. It was another “we’re sorry we got caught”, not sorry for what they did!

  8. There was a day and perhaps there still are civil servants with integrity. The mention of embarking on a foolish endeavor like WE would have met vigorous opposition from bureaucrats. They would have advised against it.

    Today the game is different. The civil service has been corrupted. They no longer stand up for people they are supposed to serve.

    1. The “Civil” service has always been Liberal; it was a Liberal creation in the ’60s.

      1. Don’t confuse liberal with an opposition to any political party that historically believes in government only doing what it should. They perceive that as an existential threat to the two things that motivate the civil service, budget and head count.
        A government that continually seeks out problems for their solution (progressive) is mana from heaven for civil servants even if they detest some of the people in the party.

      2. Robert, I know a couple who actually know what they are doing and why. They are needed, one is military and one is involved in procurement. Neither one is a liberal or a socialist. Tough to stand up in such an environment. Imagine being in their positions and saying that if we cut this and do that we just might have more than we budgeted for. Canada, stupid beyond belief.

  9. The phrase “Good enough for government” hangs in the air.
    We are living in interesting times.
    The productive are forbidden to produce.
    The parasites feast on.
    And the foolish are bribed with money borrowed in their name.
    “Leadership” is not just lacking,it is a vacuum,little islands of incompetence clustered together like bubbles.
    Looks like a whole bunch are popping at once.

    Great Theatre.
    For “Good Government” is pure theatre.
    Government,the signalling institutions of Law,Order and commerce..these are Morality Plays,put on by carefully selected(public polls) actors.
    The purpose is vital to civilization,for each new generation brings forth a percentage of fools and bandits who threaten us all.
    Hence the theatre,through the acts of the institutions we persuade these idiots that conforming to the norms is the richest way to enjoy the fruits of Industrial Civilization.
    The most luxurious standard of living mankind has enjoyed in centuries.

    Useless government,as we have lived it,takes away wealth,property and the freedom of productive citizens,for the benefit of these fools and bandits.
    Ultimately devaluing and destroying this luxury we have enjoyed.

    There is no “future” or “Good” that government by Fools and Bandits produces,only decay,ineptitude and chaos..
    What did you expect?
    They are Fools and Bandits.
    We no longer select actors of good character and productive skills.
    We now chose from community activists and graduates of “Political Science”.
    Elections currently are like trying to pick the best turd in the cesspit.

    1. This is what happens when you get a constitution founded on the principle of protecting the state, and not preserving the nation.

      1. A constitution with no property rights or a guarantee of firearms ownership is not a constitution at all, just a set of rules and procedures.This is the result of Canada being created by elite leaders and beaurocrats having meetings instead of free men using force of arms and spilling their blood to forge a nation like in the US.

        1. “This is the result of Canada being created by elite leaders and beaurocrats having meetings instead of free men using force of arms and spilling their blood to forge a nation like in the US.”

          Yet a few days ago there was a story here on SDA about Poland coming within a whisker of electing a government of euro-lefties – and I’d be hard pressed to think of any modern democracy that had shed more blood in the cause of freedom and endured more oppression by foreign tyrants than Poland.

          And if not this fall, then in another four years even the US will succumb to the same socialist stupidities and corruptions that plague the Western World.

  10. Amazing what these so called journalists can dig up if they actually try.They are still as useless teats on a fish though .However it’s a start

  11. Did you know that the Titanic is under 12,600 feet of water? After the first couple hundred feet does it really matter? The ship is still sunk and there is no one alive.
    That, my friends, is Canada. It is 12,600 feet under a sea of corruption, theft and graft and going deeper. But! Does that really matter? It certainly doesn’t matter to the recipients of the graft and corruption; the east. Those have been bought off by the government cornucopia of handouts. So what if Le Dauphin is a stumbling corrupt buffoon! Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!
    I can assure you (and I am hopeful) for a massive trudeau re-election. Perhaps proving once and for all that Canada is not even a serious country and those that believe in freedom, democracy, integrity and fairness will form a New Dominion on the North American continent

    Perhaps when those that pay for all graft are gone, maybe the east will wake up and can have a great big cup of reality.

    1. Chris, Venezuela will be our financial and political lot. Damn good thing I am old because if I acted on the reality we face I would be in jail and others would have ceased to exist. Unless of course someone shot me for being pissed off.

  12. Billions in taxpayers money to the pimped Canadian media and an independent minimalist blog has the information two weeks ahead of them.
    No wonder they are dependent on the government teat.
    They are incompetent fools.

  13. White privilege exists only in public sector. Whole family dynasties run this country, and they know how to take care of each other.

    1. Not quite true. “White Privilege” is true in the sense that when one tries something and fails, and loses the associated work and investment, they will not try the same thing again the same way. They may buckle down, learn from mistakes, and have a redo from a stronger position, but they are not likely to make the same mistake twice because, dammit, it hurts.

      Those who never face the consequences of failure do not learn from them. They are less prepared for those who have tried, and lost, and don’t want to lose again. “White Privilege” means one is a survivor of Darwinism. Is more fit. Is leaner. Is faster to learn and adapt. Becomes better.

      Those who are “favoured” fall into the trap that has hit Canadian cheese producers. Once acknowledged as among the worlds best, they now need federal subsidy protection because their overpriced wares have been protected for too long, and can no longer compete in the place where they used to be the masters.

      1. Where I grew up, in northwestern BC, this usually took the form of a reserve-run business that would (with government grants) buy all new equipment. They would then run the business in a mostly successful fashion (they know how to drive a truck, and run a chainsaw, and the many other skills that are needed for logging) but would often have a fatal flaw in bidding/pricing, or maintenance, or time management (when compared to the competition). The business would fail in 1 to 2 years.

        1 or 2 years later the same people would apply for another grant, and start again, the same way. No changes in the business plan. It would fail again. They did not need to learn, their cup runneth over. They were favoured, so never needed to learn from their mistakes. They had the freedom to fail without (or with much less) cost.

        Those who lived off-reserve didn’t get this “benefit”. They tended to be Canadians. Same rules, rights, debts, responsibilities as everyone else. And they made damn good friends.

        (sorry for the long post Kate, this struck a nerve.)

  14. ” … a full two weeks after we noticed her at SDA ..”

    Hey, considering that they’d have to get approval to run with that info from a multitude of party bed-wetters, that’s lightning speed for this crop of Conservatives.

    Also, .it didn’t come from an MP or minister … just a backbench Senator who can easily be declared renegade if turdo’s lapdog media yelps “Not fair”.

  15. It takes two minutes of reading Rachel Wernick’s Twitter to see why she gladly fell on her sword.
    Study and talk about “policy” .
    Conventions about “policy” , meetings about ” policy”and “agency” even actual interuptive dance about “policy”.

    What a horrible life she lead.

  16. I was born in Chicago and raised near it, so I’m used to hearing this sort of thing. I didn’t expect that I’d
    be hearing it about the Canadian government, though.