37 Replies to “Welcome To WENADA”

  1. WE, the coming propaganda word that will be used to describe all Canadians. The Orwellian label of the Canadian populace in the coming decades. WE will do as WE are told. WE will wear masks, WE will vote liberal, WE will give out country to third world welfare immigrants. WE are screwed.

  2. Logically the First Nations should be the biggest advocates for closed borders or at the least controlled immigration, but of course they are strangely silent on their own eventual cultural extinction.

    All these multicultural wonders will get to keep their own cultural ideals of treating the Natives once they have enough power to vote out Colonial treaties.

    1. The “First Nations” aren’t famed for their forward planning. That’s why they’re poor.

      They get all the benefits of immigration and none of the costs, because few non-Indians are allowed to live on reserve and nobody in his right mind wants to, so the newcomers stay away.

  3. Section 497(1)e,f,g of the Election Act May have been violated if the intent is part of a planned effort to promote a candidate or party.

    The old saying about no honour among thieves may come into play if someone feels they weren’t getting their cut or they think someone is taking too big a cut. A billion in a sole sourced untendered contract can have that effect among thieves and ambitious politicians.
    By the way haven’t heard much from the red dwarf or climate Barbie lately.

  4. When will it be enough? Dang this is frustrating.

    A minority government should collapse under this much corruption.

    The Liberals are smearing the BQ leader now, that should backfire. Jughead is clueless and lecturing clouds or something. The number of liberals in the Conservative Party who are infatuated with Justin should be going down – but when will it be enough?

    If this is not enough, then Wexit and Quebec separatism, and BC can become a province of China…

    1. Nothing will ever be enough. Canadians are so freaking dumb we need to be removed from the gene pool.

    2. …. BC can become a province of China ….

      Heh, no doubt the owners of BC are planning referendum as you read this.

      1. If that happens, expect NE B. C. to quickly separate after that. There aren’t many people in that area who like Prinz Dummkopf because his policies have put them out of work. Hatred for the Trudeaus in that part of the country goes back to when PET was running the show.

  5. The Libranos have rigged just about every aspect of the game.
    This is yet another propaganda arm.
    Before winning the last election they promised +100 million to their natural mouth piece, the CBC.
    Then they decided to just start paying the rest of the outlets.
    Plus you need to add just about every public service union in the country and just about every teacher, professor and place of learning. “Get em when they’re young!”
    We know a firm majority of new Canadians that are coming by the hundreds of thousands every year vote for the bastards.
    The shutdown of opposition voices during elections helps a bit more.
    I really wouldn’t be surprised if the Libranos were in power for the next 50 years.

  6. Are they renting a WE facility for citizenship ceremonies?
    Because the Canadian gov’t cannot possibly have any facilities of their own?
    Just like the Canadian gov’t had no other means of dispersing funds$$ for youth employment? (Hint: Young Canada Works – an entire department already in existence…which has not been mentioned in the MSM reaction to WE being the “only” group capable of administering $900m to produce $500m of grants to young people.)
    If it is a facility rented from WE, I assume the usual “Friends of Liberals” rates apply?

  7. Has the smell of a cult if you ask me.
    Ya got yer Kielburger quotes, Kielburger books, WE Colleges, We villages in Kenya. I didn’t know this but according to their website Kenya is on the cusp of a tourism explosion so they need to train the locals all the ins and outs of the hotel industry. Hmmmm…fair enough.
    A Kielburger Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good can’t be too far away.

    1. They have remedial reading at the U of A. This is for domestic students as well as international who didn’t learn how to read from K to 12 but still were admitted……

      Maybe when the Klingonburgers have taught Kenya to read they might consider coming home and help out at our universities.

      1. They have remedial reading at the U of A.

        Freshman year is effectively what Grade 12 was for me when I was in high school, back when I had to be careful not to step on trilobites while walking along the street.

  8. Perhaps we misunderstand.
    That sign “W.E” in the background is fully legit,Western Exit has been proudly promoted by Justine’s crew since before their 2015 election victory.
    That is what gained them their first majority and allowed them their 2019 minority.
    Nothing to do with Justine’s creepy little friends ripping off children and do-gooders,nor their involvement in moving large amounts of taxpayers funds into certain pockets..
    Perfectly OK,they are pushing the West out and our Eastern Comrades vote for this with great gusto..
    All that prevents an Independent,resource rich and fairly cohesive Western Nation,is the timid woodland creatures that inhabit the West.
    We are not wanted,We are not respected and we will be robbed,raped and rolled until we leave..
    Enough Already?

    We have been told,repeatedly how much our eastern comrades despise us,how evil we are and how “UnCanadian” we be.
    Why do we keep hanging around?
    Westerners are behaving like the insecure woman who hangs around a low life drunk,wife beater and pimp..
    And I once thought we had some self respect..


  9. How many other groups like WE are out there, quietly siphoning off the taxpayers’ dollars? Why has the media been so uncurious for the years of its operation? How long will Canadians continue to tolerate this corruption?

    1. I assume your closing question is rhetorical.

      And if it isn’t, allow me to refer you to old white guy’s comments above.

    2. “How long will Canadians continue to tolerate this corruption?”

      Just till forever.

      The Anthropocene is over. Canada has entered the age of androgynous invertebrates.

      I’d give it a name, but I dont know how to say nutless jellyfish in Latin.

      1. “Jellyfish are members of the phylum Cnidaria. There are more than 100 kinds, each with its own Latin name. So there is no single Latin name for jellyfish.”

    3. How long will Canadians continue to tolerate this corruption?

      Canadians love corruption, which is why the Libranos are, to quote that poofter Craig Oliver, “the natural governing party”.

  10. This whole thing is disgusting and yet so quintessentially Liberal. I’ve said it before but it bares repeating. If you voted for Trudeau and the rest of these Liberal Cunts “KILL YOUR FUCKING SELF!”

    1. From the twit comments:

      “Question: what does a prime minister have to do to get himself in real trouble?”

      Well, in the good old days before the $600 million press integrity buyout I used to think it would take the corroborated testimony of a nonconsentng underaged sheep.

      1. More than years ago, the CBC Radio program Sunday Morning ran a short documentary about the Texas Senate. One of the people interviewed mentioned one way that a state senator could be punted out of office. He had to be caught in bed with a live man or a dead woman.

  11. Why would they? Whats the difference between lefty loser ‘journalism’ propagada poo flinging job and a job at a lefty poo flinging advocacy racket? Same same, except the income stream and job security is secure leaching off the tax slaves vs dreaded private sector leftpapers.

  12. ‘we’ or is it really ‘oui’?
    ‘oui’ to the rot,
    ‘oui’ to lieberalism,
    ‘oui’ to the graft, bribery, brown paper bags,
    ‘oui’ to all things TURDoo 2.0

  13. also, how much longer before these news stories NEVER see the light of day?
    and when they do the mandarins in the ethics committee give them ALL a pass?
    we ARE headed for TURD(oo 2.0) woild status and all that goes with it.

  14. and continuing,
    put yer hand up if yer disappointed the gate crasher failed in his mission.

  15. still mor(neau),
    and do tell what WHAT is the *absolute worst* gonna happen after the ethics ‘investigation’?
    a fine of a couple hundred bucks and . . . . and . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    because losing the election is NOT in the cards, on the books, over the horizon, a distinct possibility etc etc.
    instead the hard core lieberals will be sure and come out in their lemming numbers out of hatred for mckay.

    oh ya, once again an EXCEPTIONAL opportunity to TURF the TURD will be missed thanks to pinch face mckay.

  16. And another Liberal piggy cried, “WE! WE! WE!” all the way home from the pork barrel.
    There’s the title for the next WE scandal exposed Kate.