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  1. National Museum of African American History and Culture published some information on what make White Culture Racist. Read it, it is head shaking crazy.



    Sarcasm from Titiana McGrath:

    According to the @NMAAHC, white culture is defined by independence, rational thought, hard work, respect for authority and politeness.

    To emulate black culture we therefore need to be more subservient, irrational, lazy, disrespectful and rude.

    THAT’S how you defeat racism.

    1. – In this case it is, and we should be.

      “You’re RAY-CIIISSSSS!!!”

      “Shut the ____ up, commie.”

  2. Just when we thought we’d heard it all, as the late-night TV infomercials always say, “Wait! There’s more!” Teresa Scam’s connections to the Klingonburgers:


    If Diogenes were alive today, on his quest for an honest man, he’d wander aimlessly if he searched in the federal government and its hangers-on and camp followers.

    1. To your point. When someone asked; “is there a liberal who isn’t involved in this scandal?”. I thought they were being rhetorical.

      1. And here we thought that she was merely an incompetent physician acting on behalf of her Chinese communist masters. It turns out she’s a crook as well.

    2. I just watched that blurb by Gunn.
      No one should be surprised by the antics of ANY Liberal in this Country.
      Institutionalized mafioso IMO.

      But something kinda jumped out at me right in the beginning of her spiel on WE.

      Tham ordered that a Missive Stockpile in Regina of Medical Gloves and N95 type Masks be destroyed as they had “expired”. Excuse me…?? “Expired”..?? apparently this was the “recommendation” of the manufacturer. Uhuh.

      This kind of product when in a sealed box/bag etc….does not EXPIRE. Complete Bullshit.
      Its INERT Material and in New condition & not exposed to the outside environment should last near indefinitely.

      The ONLY reason its “expired’, is that he manufacturer is looking for a Re-Order of product. PERIOD. One wonders how much Backsheesh flew into that Neanderthals hands over this..??

      Given the new sections of the new NAFTA vis a vis CORRUPTION…is it not time for the US or Mexico to initiate something here..?? its not like there is a lack of obvious evidence….

    1. I can see Egypt paying reparations to Israel for the enslavement of the ancient Hebrews. Egypt, then, can sue Israel for a certain matter at the Red Sea, can’t it?

      1. Forget Pharaoh—Israel is still owed $500 billion or so for Jewish property stolen or destroyed by the Nazis, enough to clear Israel’s entire national debt with money left over.

        Of course, nobody in the Gentile world in a position to do anything about it is in a rush to cough up the money no matter how much they made off Hitler during the war. Any Jew who calls them on it is told, “Shut up, Shylock.”

    2. How about the muslim nations of the Mediterranean paying reparations for their slaving raids against white Europeans that went on for over a thousand years. Even some white Americans were captured from their trading ships in the Mediterranean and off the northeast coast of Africa.
      ” slave traders from Tunis, Algiers, and Tripoli alone enslaved 1 million to 1.25 million Europeans in North Africa, from the beginning of the 16th century to the middle of the 18th (these numbers do not include the European people who were enslaved by Morocco and by other raiders and traders of the Mediterranean Sea coast). Roughly 700 Americans were held captive in this region as slaves between 1785 and 1815.”

      1. That should have been “The simple answer IS no.”

        Apparently, from DNA testing, ancient Egypt was 8 to 15 % sub Saharan African. Ethiopia and Somalia are something like 50%.

        I had a discussion with someone who suggested that it was more likely that Jesus was black than blond haired and blue eyed. Wrong! The Bible makes a great effort to point out Ethiopians but doesn’t seem to mention blonds possibly meaning they were common.

        In antiquity the middle east was repeatedly invaded by Indo-European people, many of whom would have been blond. There are bond Greeks and a large blond population in Syria and Iraq, next door to Israel. While certainly not a slam-dunk, I’m guessing there was a 5 – 10 % chance that Jesus looked more European than middle eastern and a 99.99%chance he was not African.

        One thing to pint out about the Ethiopian eunuch is that he was an Ethiopian eunuch, although in this case an envoy of the Queen of Ethiopia. Despite thousands of years of black slavery, the Arabian Peninsula, other than in the south managed to maintain a “relatively” light complexion. How? Unlike American sale owner who bred slaves, the Arabs castrated their male slaves and killed black babies born to female slaves. The middle east therefore never had a significant permanent black population.

        1. BLM says ancient Egyptians were black, so based on BLM’s own statement, they can pay reparations.

    3. One would have thought that the advent of the welfare state would be reparations enough. Decades of welfare payments should count for something.

  3. I got back from yet another estate settlement trip to the house I inherited.

    Things are slowly getting back to normal at the Edmonton Airport. The security is behaving like the Gestapo once again. Law-abiding citizens are regarded as the bad guys.

    1. If only Parliament’s Question Period was so lively. It might make watching its proceedings worthwhile. Prinz Dummkopf could start it off by elbowing a female MP.

      We do have a Parliament, don’t we….?

      1. We have a Parliament building with a House of Commons but nothing important or useful ever happens there, so I guess the point is moot.

  4. Ok, you’ve heard about the $19.5 million that was going to be paid to WE to manage the $900 million federal program for students?

    You know the Trudeau plan to pay 100,000 students up to $5000 each for ‘volunteering’.

    100,000 students x $5000 = $500 million.

    Question: who gets the remaining $400 million?

  5. My wife has noticed that there has been a change in the availability of some items.
    She just finally got a bag of Robin Hood flour which was not around for months.
    This explains some of it.


    The interesting point is that it is not going back to normal any time soon, particularly with the unfriendly world weather pattern we seemed to be locked into at the moment.
    The last thing WestCan farmers need right now is an early winter.

    1. Rocky – your wife is right. Our grocery list contains permanent items we look for every time. Diced tinned tomatoes without all the added flavourings have been in short supply for some time. Tinned beets disappeared (use them in a soup). Flour – took awhile to finally get some and noticed big bags in rather anonymous packaging as Robin Hood ran out of their signature yellow ones. Meat seems to have stabilized, though chicken can be interesting.

      Part of the problem is that the sudden switch to “everyone at home” from the normal routine of eating out on a semi-regular basis meant the producers were heavy on the “industrial” cuts (cafeterias, restaurants, etc.) and light on the “residential” cuts (smaller portions, different cuts, etc.) and it’s taken some time to adjust. And the tin shortage is from the same reason: the “industrial” large bottles and jugs of various items aren’t in demand where family portions in small tins are. Am also noticing odd shortages in frozen goods.

  6. A Week or so ago, i showed that the RCMP essentially had no interest in going after the money launders in Vancouver, a world leader in money laundering.
    I also wondered how big the units were that they had in Toronto and Montreal, also well known laundering cities.
    And huuuuge Liberal party supporting cities, where the Liberals concentrate almost exclusively on during elections.
    Here’s the answer.


    This is absolutely bizarre to say the least. Even the ex RCMP people say it is wrong.
    Has the RCMP become so corrupt and such a toady of the Liberal party that they refuse to chase the money launderers because they will/may lead to the Liberal party?
    There is more than one picture of Trudeau2 with unsavory people at Liberal party gatherings in BC.

    It is definitely time for a new govt department called CORRUPTIONS CANADA.

    1. The rcmp is in difficulty doing core policing. They have a critical shortage of staff to go along with poor basic training.

      Their commercial crime unit has been totally inadequate. When was the last time they got a conviction for money laundering or stock market fraud? They don’t have people trained in these disciples.

      By their own admission the rcmp model as presently constituted is unsustainable. It needs to abandon the fiction of municipal policing and be remolded into a national bureau of investigation that DOES NOT sit at the cabinet level.

      1. The retard Jason Kenney funded 300 positions in Alberta to fight rural crime and trusted the RCMP to manage it. What did they do? They hired 150 people or so in Edmonton and Calgary to run the program. To translate – they pissed it away. It was a perfect opportunity to build on Alberta Sheriffs by getting into criminal investigation.

        The whole problem with the RCMP is they hire Saskatchewan farm boys with limited intelligence, send them to Iqaluit to beat Eskimo heads for a few years and then train them in commercial crime where they haven’t one effing clue where to start. Get out of the municipal policing business and hire people with professional degrees and with no degrees in Masturbation Studies. Pretend they’re the FBI but with shorter dicks.

    1. If anyone saw last night’s edition of The Global’s National News with Dawna Friesen they would’ve had an earful about this story. Of all the networks they were the one to beat. Reporter Mike Armstrong gave all the salacious details.

      Granny and Gramps must’ve choked on their dinner and parents would’ve been too red-faced and wouldn’t have had time to send the kids out of the room.

      To boot, likely the newsroom would’ve been blasted with phone calls and e-mails afterwards with complaints about the nature of the pornographic report.

      The secondary story, by comparison, is how the other networks and the Montreal Gazette whitewashed this story. This confirms that one ought to take the news with a grain of salt.

      Sorry, I can’t go there anymore than this, you’ll set me on fire, for I too, am whitewashing this post. Hit me.

  7. Here we go for another round of insanity.


    These people can make up their wish list all they want but it does not address the basic problem with Canada’s system of govt.
    The PM is an actual DICTATOR between elections because there is no check or balance on their power.
    That is what the triple E senate was supposed to solve when Preston Manning went to Ottawa.
    And he was laughed out of the building by the Libcomms.
    As Trudeau2 said, Quebec PMs have ran Canada for 40 of the last 50 yrs.
    And as the population shows, they only went from 6.3 mil to 8.4 mil in 40 yrs, while WestCan went from 6.3 mil to 12 mil over the same time. And Quebec collected over $200 bil from WestCan for their ‘hard work’.
    BTW, Quebec is twice the size of France and sits on one the richest mineral resource areas in the world.
    Why would they need any subsidy?

    That’s exactly why only Western Canada independence will solve the problem.

  8. I see our government civil servant Patty Hajdu was busy doing something she said we were not supposed to do. She was flying back and forth from Ottawa to Thunder Bay while we were supposed to stay home and not visit our families. Flying single in a government jet. Those liberals sure a a fine example of honesty and integrity.

  9. I think it is time for a new T-Shirt. I SURVIVED THE WHUWHO FLU, along with 7.8 billion others.

      1. I was just looking at your info on t-shirts. I personally have been known to be wind powered. I am going to try and get some of mine printed up.

  10. 30,000 sq foot mansion on the Scarborough Bluffs owned by a Klingon uncle. Recently purchased. Maybe there is a link. It was originally developed by some crazy crook who got shut down. I believe it is at the bottom of Warden ave. Lilley, this on your radar?

  11. Funny how when Blackie and his ministers visit factories around the country that produce masks, etc., the media thinks its wonderful. But when Hitler Doug Ford is doing the same thing its crass politics and evil.

    1. “Arab Spring?”

      Obama’s gift to the world was a million dead Arabs. He really was a worthless piece of dung.

      1. Scar
        Yea….that and the fact it took a BLACK President to bring SLAVERY back to Libya.

        But hey…”he was the greatest president evah”
        Race Baiting – Islamic ass kissing POS in my opinion.

  12. Because people who never had slaves having to pay reparations to people who never were slaves makes so much sense. Meanwhile, there are thousands of people in sub-Saharan and northern Africa right now this minute who are actual slaves, and slaves being sold in Libya, but hey, nothing to see here folks, it may distract from narrative.

    1. Not one of my ancestors ever owned slaves. My wife’s ancestor owned hundreds of slaves, but in Jamaica. At one time most of our ancestors were slaves (specifically serfs..) A lot of white people have black slave ancestors and most black Americans have a degree of white ancestry. It would take Heinrich Himmler and his cronies to label everyone correctly. Back in the 1600s, in Massachusetts, Indians murdered my direct ancestors, a married couple. I am still waiting for compensation on that one.

  13. How long will it be before people like Tam, Henry Hinshaw etc have to account for the advice they gave.

    On their recommendation entire economies were shuttered. Hospitals we emptied, patients requiring critical treatment were denied life saving procedures.

    These people have zero knowledge of how an economy works. Their advice is no more relevant than my dogs when it comes to commerce.

    They will not be satisfied as long as one person tests positive. It will not be good enough.

    I know I’m letting the politicians off the hook here because ultimately it’s their call but to have a bureaucratic wield the kind of power these people do is unconscionable. They need to be held to account for the destruction their decisions have wrought.

    1. Well said. Trudeau needs to fall on his sword.

      Sars was a pandemic, the economy didn’t stop. These mental case governments have shot themselves in the foot and they are taking us down with them.

      Even worse, is that the ignorant young people don’t know what is really going on. They will pay for their ignorance, eventually.

      1. During this past trip to my house, I met someone who lost his job thanks to the phony-baloney plague and is now trying to make a living auctioning stuff on the Internet. One of my neighbours was laid off from her job, which, I assume was because of Teresa Scam’s declaration that if we don’t do as she says, there’d be dead bodies in the streets.

        Thanks a lot…. for nothing….. Dear Leader.

    2. There are more than a few SDA’ers who want to eat the peanuts out of the shit dropped by people like Bonnie Henry in BC.
      Every one of these fans should be double-tapped.
      Not one of the Plandemic Pros has taken an ounce of responsibility for any type of hardship let alone death they have caused by “flattening the curve”.
      Accounting only happens when You disagree with the SOB’s.

    3. They will never be held accountable. I do think politicians are largely to blame, because they are responsible for balancing health risk and the economy. Ask a health person what is needed, and they will tend to be overly cautious. That’s their job, and they can’t risk making a mistake, but politicians should be balancing health professionals opinions with other advice — including economic advice, small business organizations, schools, etc. Everyone has a stake in these decisions. I think politicians have abdicated their responsibility.

    1. That’s how crazy this thing has become.

      These health officials have whipped up emotions to the point that healthy people living in their own homes will soon be required to be masked.

      People have lost all sense.

      1. Wait till Tham decides that the Chicom Vaccine must be mandatory….
        It will definitely be: Over my dead body….

      2. Passing through both the Edmonton and Calgary airports during the past few days, I noticed just about everyone was running around wearing a silly mask. I was one of the few rebels who didn’t put one on until absolutely necessary.

        With this wide-spread compliance with the government malarkey, I fear that western independence will only be the dream of a few dedicated people.

    2. This is totally and absolutely false comment. While a lack of face mask may have started the situation, looks like stupidity took it to an extreme level.

      It started with a face mask not being worn, service being refused and the man assaulted the store clerk.
      Vehicle chase called off by police due to dangerous situations, car plate ID’d.
      Officers visit residence and things go downhill. Semi-auto rifle and possibly a pistol retrieved at the scene, outside the residence.

      1. They could have stopped at any time. He was killed for not wearing a face mask. The cops escalated it to that point.

        1. When you assault somebody, you’re going to get a visit from the police. Wasn’t about the mask, it was about the assault.

          Or are you a follower of the BLM crap and don’t believe you should be held responsible for your actions?

          1. People are responsible for their actions but at any time the cops could have asked themselves how badly they wanted to kill someone for refusing to wear a mask or the equally trivial crime of trespass. Simple assault is even one that cops often don’t spend time on as there are usually conflicting stories. Did a clerk block him, touch him, or push him? It was all so unnecessary. They recovered guns at the scene. Close to 100% of the farms around me have guns so they will always recover guns.

          2. The use of Deadly force is never a solution, those that think the Police MUST be called and respond are dead wrong….

            RCMP history “The MAD Trapper” was the result of RCMP abuse of Power without probable Cause..

            “No mask” doesn’t meet any definition… and the police should never respond. The police need a Supreme Court Order before getting involved in Social Justice….

  14. Forget for a while, all the crap happening in the world and just go out and look at the night sky..
    There are many celestial events happening right now. Just the other day, all the planets in our solar system were visible in the night sky all at once, with Jupiter and Saturn at their closest point to earth! There is also aurora activity, even though the sun is in minimum, The phenomenon known as STEVE was also out. Noctilucent clouds also making appearances.
    Not to forget the wonderful comet NEOWISE, making a 6800 year orbital trek past us. Supposed to be the closest to earth on July 22, the tail is getting longer and starting to split.

    A wonderful Facebook page (this is what it’s designed for) exists to showcase people’s images of the night sky wonders, check it out, I’m sure there are other regional pages, similar…


    Keep looking up!

    1. We are worried what they call sailors when our ships are old rust buckets pat the ends of their useful lives? Makes no sense.

    2. So, if one of them falls over the side, what would be the gender-neutral term for “man overboard”? I can see a court-martial filed by the individual in question, accusing crewmates for “mis-gendering” someone. (“And your charge, sailor?” “They called out ‘man overboard’. I identify as non-binary.”)

      That would mean that the history of the RCN, going back to the days of Horatio Nelson, will have to be “cleansed”. “England expects each man to do his duty” must forever be expunged.

      Oh, and one can no longer be a master of a ship or even a master seaman.

      1. How the Royal Navy motivated sailors to never lose. Admiral John Bing was executed on the deck of his ship for failing to take up the fight with the enemy. His crime was abandoning Minorca to the French. Losing was allowed. Not fighting was a capital crime.


      2. Man overboard? Ever been to sea, Billy? You go over the side at 15 knots, you’re gonna hit pretty hard. Probably knock your self out cold. If you go over midships, more than likely the prop chop for you. Then you succumb to hypothermia/drown face down by the time the ship turns/stops to search for you/launch a boat and crew. It takes a while to stop a ship at 15 knots, even a crash stop to launch. Temperature in the Gulf of St Lawrence is 15 F ….if you’re lucky. Some Tronna bouy found that out the hard way on a ship I sailed on. You’ll be lucky someone sees you go over the side and luckier still if they find you after.

        1. I’m sure you’re right, but SJWs don’t particularly care about facts. It’s going to have to be something like “person who identifies as male overboard” from now on.

    3. I thought the Navy ran on, ‘rum sodemy and the lash’…..

      Guess things have changed.

  15. Forget about the current deficit figure. Blackie just gave 19 billion dollars to the provinces.

  16. If only a Canadian politician had the guts to say what so many Canadians are thinking. From the White House daily email (with parentheticals added) :

    “Americans (Canadians) don’t need Washington (Ottawa) to create more white-collar jobs for central planners. They need a government that operates efficiently, effectively, and inexpensively to protect citizens while creating jobs for workers across the country.”

  17. How can you not be enraged when you read about these white Irish “settlers” coming to Canada, having barely escaped a British government-sanctioned famine, and then contracting typhus on the “cramped and unhygienic” ships transporting them to Canada? What right did they have to come to Canada? They should have stayed home and starved to death.

    “During the 1847 “year of sorrow,” 98,500 Irish men, women and children set out for Canada, a country of two million people, on sailing ships fitted out for the transatlantic lumber trade. The cramped and unhygienic conditions on board these ships vectored the rapid spread of typhus, for which there was no known cure. The loss of life at sea amounted to about 20 per cent. They are buried in communal graves in Quebec and Ontario that are the largest known in the Americas.”


    Sarcasm off.

  18. The Bong – “C’mon guys I said sorry. I took responsibility. Can’t we just move on?”

    Us- “We’ll move on when you resign.”

    When was the last time a cabinet minister was forced to take the high jump? John Fraser in the Muldoon government? He was Fisheries Minister during tunegate. He got caught lying but so did Muldoon

    Mulrooney claimed in a US newspaper that immediately upon learning of the scandal he fired Fraser. It was actually 6 days later.

    Fraser never made it back into cabinet but he became a successful speaker of the house.

  19. Today is the 75th anniversary of the Trinity test, which was the first successful detonation of a nuclear device. Dr. Robert Oppenheimer (who led the research on the “Gadget”, as it was called) was reminded of the passage from the Bhagavad-Gita, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

  20. “They could have stopped at any time. He was killed for not wearing a face mask. The cops escalated it to that point.”

    Yep, just like you my son hated the cops.That is until he needed to call them for help.