17 Replies to “The “W” Word”

  1. What’s that sound? It’s the crunching of the moderate left being ground up in the meat grinder of cultural Marxism. Today, it’s just their careers gone, tomorrow they build camps with ovens……

    The US is blessed with the Second Amendment and it should come into play when they run out of their own.

  2. It’s never about “equality” … it’s about “getting even”. Which means black supremacy. Affirmative action? Bullshit! There shouldn’t be ANY white students at ANY college … right?

  3. Struggle session; the buy in to the communist party/revolution. When you join the mob, when you make that first accusation against your first Kulak, you are invested in “the cause”. Also known as “cancel culture”.

    “I was not sure till we stoned that first land owner/propertyist/burn-loot-murder-phobe/police-officer to death; now I am convinced of the justness of this cause.”

    It’s always a surprise when your turn comes around. No one ever sees it coming. Ask all the guys who were photoshopped out of pictures with Stalin. Oh wait, you can’t.

  4. I hate every single bastard that hates me, color notwithstanding. Kate, looks like American spellings are now the predominate spelling of words.

  5. When are the BLM ‘peaceful protesters’ going to start torching art galleries and museums?
    That Mona Lisa gal has a racist smirk on her face.

    You will never convince a liberal by arguing against their insanity.
    Encourage them to go over the cliff like the mindless lemmings that they are.
    Aim their ‘peacefully protesting mob’ at the art galleries.
    Whitey lives there…

    And of course when I say aim their ‘peacefully protesting mob’ at the art the galleries that means tell them NOT to target them.

  6. Not that I’m a patron of the arts or anything, just a simple country boy who “don’t know art but I know what I like”, BUT if you eliminated ALL the white artists throughout history,what would you have left? From Da Vinci to Dali,they’re all white. I’m sure other cultures developed their works as well, and I’m sure much of it is brilliant, but as I said, I know what I like.

    Next do we expunge the works of all white composers and musicians? There have been a few of those over the centuries, or was Amadeus actually Austrian-African?

    This movement has gone from absurd to insane in a very short time. perhaps we DO need a bloody revolution to save civilization.

    1. I suspect that only a civil war will stop these demonic crazies and I suspect it will require a take no prisoners war.

  7. I really don’t understand genetics and all this DNA stuff. So here’s a question for our resident scientists:

    How can so many people be white but obviously have yellow genes?

  8. “Kneel!”
    And he does.

    He’s not even grease on the skids in their movement.
    Nice legacy.

  9. That guy’s a racist? When I was growing up in rural Oklahoma they had real racists. People that had an axe handle behind the seat in their pickup. People that started every conversation with a put down of some minority. People that violently believed in segregation. People that knew how to set “accidental” fires. These people in californication will have no idea what hit them when the real racists come to count coup. And they will come. Count on it.

  10. Hehe Who circulated the petition? The Assistant Curator of Painting and Sculpture?

  11. A self loathing Beta male curator then, deserves what he gets.
    Do these thumb suckers not realise that all they have to do is standfast, make the public Institution sack them then scarify the Institution through the Courts? There is no contractual arrangement on earth that will allow those words to get you fired.
    There must be some non neo-marxist legal funds out there, maybe ask Ezra for advice.

  12. There are paralells in history that predict what will happen next.

    Saddam Hussein’s Very Public Purge


    None of those that were taken out were ever heard of again.
    If you think it can’t happen, get some beer and popcorn kick back and watch.
    Watch the socialists/fascists and see where it will end.

    The dicktators (sic) like to show the world that they mean business.

    Been there, seen that.

  13. he shouId have said he wouId continue to by art from GAY White guys……it is san francisco after aII.