14 Replies to “July 16, 2020: Reader Tips”

  1. Yea….I think I’ll pass on whiskey…For some strange reason it has a tendency to grow Eagle Feathers in my hair. Weird huh..??
    Beer, Cab Sauv’s, Grand Marnier and the best (reasonably priced), Tequila in Canada; Espalon…my preferred poisons.


    1. So what do you call your mix of Beer, Cab Sauv, and Grand Marnier? How much of each in that cocktail?

      Merlot with a half a shot of Fireball whiskey, instant spiced wine.

  2. Ha….a Couple of Lethbridge cops demoted for doing what I believe aught to be SOP,
    Constant surveillance and investigation into the NDP. Your local arm of the Global Communist party. The Same Marxist garbage who are still after Ezra for a book he wrote…

    This is of course is also the same Police Department that needed a SWAT type response to a 19 yr old girl in a Star Wars outfit who was carrying a plastic toy and working for a pizza joint.


    1. I hope they throw the book at these two rogue cops. I’m no ndp fan but this kind of crap should not be allowed to happen.

  3. And more push for Mandatory this n that….OWG, you are right – there are NO conservatives and for that matter very few Libertarians left in this country.

    Here another so called “Public Health Official” calling for (obliquely mind you), Mandatory Vaccinations.

    There are far far too many proto NAZI’s in this country and given half a chance, they’d go full on National Socialism replete with Kamps etc.


  4. Breitbart reports that Joe Biden called Arizona an important city in the 2020 election.

  5. Well this was to be expected. The dirty tricks squad of the Liberal Party is fomenting scandals in the other parties. The Bloc leader has been accused of sexual misconduct and Blackie’s CBC is gleefully spreading the story. Blackie’s lapdog NDP leader is calling for an investigation and a Liberal cabinet minister is pushing the story. And the bought and paid for media is spreading stories about scandals in the Green Party.

    1. OJ

      Whata coincidence. The libranos plant a story that takes the heat off themselves.

      This is a standard librano tactic.

  6. L-Indian Army to Acquire 72,000 Sig Sauer 716 Assault Rifles
    by Peter Suciu

    The Indian Army is doubling down on its order of SIG 715 model rifles, chambered in 7.62mm NATO. After announcing a deal last year to purchase 72,400 rifles made by New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer, this week India has announced it would purchase another 72,000.

    This comes as the country continues to face off with China, and the original batch is already distributed to units throughout the sub-continent including the Indian Army’s Northern Command…