UK Bars Huawei From Supplying 5G Network

The Great Leap Outa There;

the UK government has just announced a landmark decision to block Huawei parts from being used throughout its 5G infrastructure in a major win for the Trump Administration as it bids to exclude Huawei from lucrative western markets, due to national security concerns.
Starting Dec. 31, Huawei will be barred from providing new equipment to British networks. Additionally, Johnson’s National Security Council agreed Tuesday that all existing Huawei equipment must also be stripped from 5G networks by 2027. That’s a slower timeline than some national security-conscious Tories had demanded. The NSC reportedly concluded, according to the FT, that the latest round of sanctions out of Washington demonstrated that Huawei’s products truly cannot be trusted to be used in the UK’s telecoms infrastructure due to the extreme risk they will be compromised by Beijing. Since the US rules will stop Huawei from using US-made chips, the UK concluded that this would heighten the risk of spying as Huawei will now need to use more chips made in China.
Additionally, the UK’s full-fiber broadband operators will be given two years to “transition” away from the purchase of Huawei equipment, while BoJo urges them not to purchase any new Huawei kit.

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  1. Wah-way phones are really cheap from SakTel. I suppose the union has instructed the soldiers to push socialism full HAM (hard azz motherfracker). Strange how the Saskatchewan Party has no problem with Huawei either. Brad Wall has no problem with them. Zoom has no problem taking “encryption” keys from the Chinese government. …

    1. The most recent Huawei phones have been delisted by Google, which means they can’t run the official Android App Store.

  2. The UK government is clearly being racist. It can’t be because Huawei is effectively an arm of the Chinese communist party.

  3. There is a disconnect between the govt. and the crowns in Sask. Premier Wall, when first elected,should have fired every deputy minister and their assistants. Replaced every head of crowns and their entourage.Moe has that job ahead and will be remiss if he does not. The Sask party does not realize how much damage these people have done and the wrong roads they have advocated. One case in point,wind generators at Moosomin,instead of purchasing base energy hydro from Manitoba.

    1. ThAT GOES DITTO for Kenney.

      Yet Alberta is still saddled with some 80,000 Publicly paid TROUGH feeding GARBAGE hired by Notely….oh…? well, ok, he froze their salaries. My My..such an Outward & blatant show of Strength…./sarc

      Ralph is choking on his last beer..

    2. “The Sask party does not realize how much damage these people have done and the wrong roads they have advocated.”

      Are you willing to accept the possibility, that the Sask Party, may simply not be on the side you think it is on? Since you are not willing to withdraw your vote, why should they deliver on anything they “promise”? That could cost them a vote from someone who may actually withdraw their support.

      Maybe get a blister on their thumb. They get their “base” for nothing, and their pensions for free.

  4. Meanwhile in Canada, Telus buys Nokia and Ericsson 4G gear then swaps it out using Huawei equipment in its place to be used in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, denying a Globe report that the gov’t insisted it not be used in the nation’s capital.

    1. I know, that’s why I think they (Trudeau) are lying to us about Chian’s involvement in 5G and how far it has gtten. Meanwhile I have a ZTE hub from Telus which I am afraid of but it is the only reliable internet we can get.

      1. Hey, it does not matter what you are on, every keystroke , even the ones I am currently doing are recorded. Think not is to not think.

  5. As OK wrote, the Chicoms are PO’d.
    For them, money is power, not luxury or comfort or ease or education for girls or superfast trains or food, but power.
    They need cash to expand and control.
    They need cash to reclaim #1 status.
    They need cash for their military to grow and become more powerful.
    They’ve seen near exponential growth and realized many accomplishments that 25 years ago didn’t seem attainable for 75 or a hundred years and that with a lot of luck.
    Getting cock-blocked this close (in their opinions) to the poon has got to be infuriating.

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